Tommy "Aga" Olsson

My very goodygoody friend Tommy "Aga" Olsson's huge Lincoln streetracer! Possibly the largest of them all!
This is what he works on when not being involved in the crew of Patrick Wikström's Camaro,
the Quickest and Fastest Pro Mod in Europe.
This Great White Lincoln will be ready for some action in spring 2004. Beware all small cars! (That is ALL cars)

Motor is almost not tested. Tommy finished the Lincoln too late in 2003, because he was apparently
helping a guy with a black fullsize Chevrolet with some urgent and important TIG-weldings. Hm.
Tommy has perhaps driven the Lincoln for a half a mile just on the parking lot of his work at AGA and
from that experience he decided that he wanted MORE! So motor came out again real quick....

Tommy is big and strong as his engine! Now the 466 ci will grow to 521 545 557 650 678 698!
with a whole new concept based on Jon Kaase Racing Engines. "No meaning in holding back now!" says Tommy.

Luxury meets racing. We like that!

This guy is serious.

May 15 - 2007


This is not a Photoshop trick image! It's an actual photo from
underneath Tommy's Lincoln Mark V. For once he didn't work
on Patrick's OFAB Thriller Camaro. And he didn't work with
with the facilities in the garage. He did work on his Lincoln!

January 27 - 2008

We are also impressed by his King Demon 1095 cfm which Queen
Birgitta of Autoshop ordered from Barry Grant a year ago! The line
is long. It's a pro street set up on this one so Tommy can cruise
the streets in his "The Great White" Lincoln Continental Mark V.
- Macho! said Mr Al Holt.

May 12 - 2008

Tommy Aga shocked everybody! Suddenly - after some 24 years
apart - the engine was back in his Lincoln Mark V! This Kaase-
inspired Ford 467 will pump out something like 850 HP with a 225 HP
NOS Fogger. Heads ported by late Grottis, large stainless valves,
Kaase designed Comp Cam, Eagle H con rods and lots of other
Ford mumbo jumbo. We are many people who are looking forward
to seeing this spaceship on its premiere flight! It's been years...
Who's this thin guy anyway?

June 20 - 2008 - Midsummer

Tommy's Ford engine dressed by flowers. It's already a tradition to
celebrate Midsummer with a party in TBDGIT.

December 4 - 2008

Tommy's Lincoln headers

Look at the space Tommy has in the engine bay of his giant 1978
Lincoln Continental Mark V streetracer. He could layout the
2 1/8" primaries "easily" (yes, I know, it's NEVER easy!). Short and
straight backwards from the Super Cobra Jet-heads on the 467 Ford.
Good work!

On the driver's side it was tighter due to the steering box so Tommy
has halted his project and is thinking about a conversion to a rack &
pinion system. It was fun too see Tommy work on his Great White
again and I hope to join in the TBDGIT for some headers work on my
own. Haven't had a minute over for my hobby the last months...

More to come...