Vesa "Ben Dover" Ollila

A picture of Vesa Ollila from his rasta period. (Yes, it was a result of betting!). Vesa is
a jack of many automotive trades. He has built, raced and killed cars since his early
teens. Must have owned hundreds of cars over the years. One speciality is the art of
over-revving! And he still kills cars. Likes to hammer on junk cars but makes 'em go like
lightening - until they explode! Play and laugh! All the time.
It may sound strange but Vesa is very professional when it comes down to engines,
head work, turbo engineering, carbs - you name it. Has worked at world class Trollspeed.
I was happy when he had time to renovate my stock iron heads for the Moses 355,
among other things.

In 2007 Vesa stepped up to a Impala 62, 4-door hard top! It is an untouched Texas car and has 283 and
Powerglide, AC and tinted windows. The look of Vesa? Well, they seem to play banjo also in Texas...

The first thing he did was to hang fuzzie dices in the rear view mirror,
Mexico blankets, a little lowering
and 18" wheels...

- And it wouldn't feel bad with a turbo, says Vesa who has a lot of things lying around...

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