Tony Döbrösi

Suddenly he was under the car...

I first met Tony when he visited the garage and just hung around and
chilled. Coffee, stories and laughs, and he handed me tools when I was
under the Impala. And sometimes he brought his bright kids Rickard and
Therese. Tony came back more and more often. After a while he didn't
hand me any tools no more - I found myself handing him the tools!
And he began to bring his favourite turqouise garage sweater and worked
the SS like it was a NASCAR pit stop! I thought "There is a God".
It was only natural to ask him to join our race crew as well.
He's called "Tony Tight" because his body reaches everywhere in the
car, like the # 6 spark plug - from above! He is really acrobatic.
And very good company!

His daily work is in the metal shop at AGA Cryo in Gothenburg and
he is also a wonderful painting artist in his spare time.