Thore Axelsson

Thore Axelsson has been around for a long time in the community of Dragracing and
American cars in Gothenburg. He's the clutch man in Patrick Wikströms OFAB Pro Mod
team. He is working in a very big machineshop so he is sometimes our special angel
with tricky machine jobs. This is from a series of pics showing how to fabricate
a steel support for the aluminium ProCharger crank pulley. One of many things he
has helped me with. Take a look here.

And he is always building on his street '70 Mustang with a Natural Aspirated
Jack Roush 351 Cleveland with 600+ hp.

How about this orange Attack? He calls his Mustang Sally.

Insides of the doors...

Plus bumper...

And girls, Thore is single at the moment...