Thomas Öhman

Thomas Öhman in Umeå. One of the very few in my old hometown that I still have contact with. He's
possibly the biggest fan of Blackout Full Size Racing! Always calling and cheering.

In the summer of 2008 when we had a Tour in Norrland he really backed us up in all possible ways!
Not only here when first fixed green dealer plates and transported Karl's Impala from the train to the truck,
with the happy kids Erik Axrot and Axel. We were also invited to stay at his and Marita's place with our
caravan and all when we arrived in Umeå on the tour. (Link to Tour page here when that is finished).

Here I'm driving Blackout aboard the luxury transport truck to Piteå, in courtesy of Thomas Ohman...

...and the NSA Companies. Thomas organized and transported our Impalas on their huge truck/trailer!

Of course he let the boys go with him to Piteå. No wonder he's so popular! This is his daily work place.
And he even bought a new battery to my Impala! But he hasn't seen a single run with the car yet!
Picture on top shows when he was at Mantorp in 2007 and it was rained off as long he was present!

In the reports from Piteå and Fällfors in 2008 you'll see more of him, and that he just wasn't present
the days when Blackout was running! Don't give up Thomas, then I won't.

Thomas had a fully chromed moped and he had a 1962 Thunderbird and then he built a Nova for drag
racing back in the end 70's - "Trespasser" We're trying to find pictures of it! More on Thomas here later!