Per Moe

Per Moe is the pioneer of the Impala SS on our West Coast of Sweden. He bought his
96 BBB in Maryland in 1997 when he and his family lived over there. Brought the car
to Sweden and started to search Sweden for Impala SS from 94-96. Found 50 cars.
Today it's over 200 Impala SS in Sweden! And Per's Impala is the second quickest and
fastest of them all. I called Per for questions and questions and questions when I
bought mine in May 2000. After a while, when he knew me a little better, I could
borrow his thick B-Body service manuals (lower picture).
But I rather have him in my car like this so he can fix things while telling the stories
from the USA. Here he mounts the "flash-to-pass" from Naisso Superstore.
This function was not standard in the Impala SS.