Klas Insulán

Klas is a professional composer and musician who I met in my work when I needed original made music for my film
productions. And he still produces original music scores for Dockhouse Film & TV. Better than ever, still in evolution.
He is one of the most talented people I have ever met. When I began racing Klas and his girlfriend Ann-Sofie
Herlogsson thought it was a ball just to hang in for a couple of races to see what it was all about. That resulted in
the song "Blackout Team" which he wrote and performed just for us -
after the Mora race in 2001! Now you can hear
it here at this site. This picture was taken in a desert in Oregon in 1999 when we filmed for a production
called "Dreamcatcher" which was made for the Volvo XC70 Crosscountry launch. Klas both made the
music and starred in that film.