Karl Ellwein

And the winner is....Once again! Karl Ellwein is a KILLER at bracket races! And you see
his ET on the window - that's natural aspirated! No nitrous, no blower. When I bought my
Impala SS in 2000 I began to search the internet and found the Impala SS Forum where I
quickly realized that Karl was The Man to ask things! His website is a place to find answers
to many of your questions. And I thought I was the perfect driver until I read his tips for
Bracket Racers. Since then I've bothered him around the clock with SS-questions about
everything and he is always being helpful! I think Karl Ellwein is one of the best
Ambassadors of the Impala SS Racing community! I owe him more than one!

Karl's own favourite picture (from another victory of course) with his friend Bob Adams'
children. Bob was the man who got Karl into racing. I see a lot of other Impalas in
the background. Karl is the power behind an Impala SS series racing at numerous tracks
throughout the East of U.S.A. This pic is from 2003 Drag Day at ATCO New Jersey.
Left to right, Crew Chief Patrick "Grumpy" Adams with his very 1st Quick 8 Champion
Trophy. Behind Patrick is the Team Safety Officer Reese "Smokey" Adams (hearing
protection on). And in front of Uncle Karl is his Team Manager "Jungle Alexandra"
Adams...with a shirt that says, "When I grow up I'm driving a Chevy. LOOK OUT!"
The fact that both Karl and his Impala SS are green is because
he works at a nuclear facility...