Kenneth Feldthusen

Kenneth Feldthusen has been around for a long time and has an enormous experience
of American cars - and dragracing is his speciality! He is the guy I call for brain massage
when in status quo, in any matter, and he can put you back on track again. He doesn't
just say the answer to the problem to make it easy for you - he lets you answer yourself
by giving a series of questions that you have to think about. I would say that you actually
get smarter by just talking to Kenneth. I guess it's the former teacher in him that comes
alive? He's not a partnumbers guy, he attacks every matter out of a physical standpoint.
And he is very kind and helps many people. Here he's working on my gears.

Maniac!! Kenneth Feldthusen set the World Record in AA Altered in 2001 with a 6.78 in
this violent ride that he and his team's built themselves! Especially popular in England
where they seem to love these scary altereds. Kenneth is always in the top in the
Competition Eliminator of Europe! Cup Winner and more.
Kenneth Feldthusen is also the front man behind the success of Blackrace - first legally
approved streetracing in Sweden! He convinced both the Community and the Police of
Gothenburg to open up and test it - that resulted in a total success and the illegal
streetracing disappeared! Blackrace is now growing rapidly, invited by
the police and the communities all over Sweden who want to follow the good
idea and its results from Gothenburg.
Kenneth was also the front man to get a big dragrace to Gothenburg - by talking to the
helicopter division (which probably also made them smarter...) and convincing them to
let us play at their airfield once a year. A success of course.

New colors... engine...and class...

...and new Records!

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