Ed Gordon

Ed Gordon used to be both a street racer and a drag racer back in those Miami days. Worked for
Crane Industries before he came to Autoshop. He's very experienced and very accurate.
And of course you need to be that when working with 2005 Engine Master Lennart "Bagarn" Bergqvist,
who also claims that Ed's work is the foundation for a winning engine.

Part of Ed Gordon's everyday environment, Autoshop taken from the dyno room door. Here they build
the best engines in the world - if you wish? Click pic to see a BIG version of my 4 picture stitch!


Ed helped Team Blackout when we were over with our Impala SS during "Dyno Days". Here he is
working with crank clearance in one of Titan's 3 L Toyota six cylinder engines. Autoshop builds
two such shortblocks a week for neighbour Titan, World's Quickest and Fastest.

Autoshop ad which points to where the success for a racer begins.