Dale Vaznaian

Dale Vaznaian in Huntington Beach, California, has been a good friend ever since we met
first time in the early 80's. Then I wrote an article for Bilsport Magazine about this "new
chemical way" to get hundreds of horsepower. In 1978, Dale and Mike Thermos co-founded
NOS - Nitrous Oxide Systems Inc.- soon to become the industry leader. They both came
out of dragracing, Mike /Funny Car and Dale /Dragster.
They engineered their systems to be safe - priority one.
I still have had contact with Dale over the years, even after I ended my racing with the NOS-
powered Whiplash Camaro. We actually made a couple of NOS-videos in the late 80's.
When I bought the Impala SS and got beat I of course had to call Dale and have a good cry
so I could get on that juice again. Now I've ended the nitrous use again but still have a good
contact with Dale. He is much more than nitrous to me.
And he doesn't even work at NOS anymore ever since Holley bought the business.

Dale is doing other interesting things and some of his hobbies are flying, a '32 roadster
and speeding at Bonneville. He's up to rebuild his 1985 Thunderbird, now with a Ford
Cobra 32 valve engine to hit the Salt Flats again! Last time it had the "D" Fuel Coupe
record for awhile at 227 mph (365 kmh).

Dale's own words:
"The motor was 292 inches 10:1 compression with a single four barrel, made 405 horsepower.
When we tried a 120 horsepower nitrous system on it made 560 horsepower. Best power came
at 7500 rpm. When the car got sideways the hood would pull the hinges out about eight inches.
It was a blast to drive for five miles with your pedal to the metal".

In the top picture Dale is leaning on the Swedish Wheels Magazine Bonneville racer which made
207 mph (333 kmh) but had problems and should do much more.

April 12 - 2006

Dale sent a picture of his new ride! A Ford GT with (the Swedish Lysholm-blown) 5.4L DOHC V8 engine with 550
horsepower and 500 lb.-ft. of torque! Isn't it already enough to be living in southern California? Nah, congratulations Dale,
we're not envious at all! Just cruise there up and down under the ugly palm trees in the too warm weather and fill that
lousy poor excuse for tank up for pocket money and laugh and look good and wave to all the stupid gorgeous girls
(50% Swedish anyway) at the Sunset Boulevard or at other LaLa-places. Don't think of us Swedes...at least we have
yellow split pea soup!

Every Thursday. Plus mustard...Mmh!
www.food as good as the Ford GT.com

May 20 - 2006

Dale Vaznaian again! As you saw quite recently my friend from southern California had just recieved his
Ford GT! Since that wasn't enough to slap our faces with, he sends pics from his Deuce project!
"Hello Sweden!" Damn Dale! He says I could now come over and cruise with him to The Beer Garden!
Ha, like we didn't have beer over here!?

Engine is a little Dodge hemi. Started life as a 270, but Dale found out he could cut down a 325 Dodge
crank to fit. It is now a 312 and it makes 320 hp on the dyno. Mmmm...

Is that the much talked about warm California sun streaming into the garage?....whatever....
if you're really hungry - you can go here.

Eh...do you have more cars Dale?