Jonas Alholt

Yes! Another welder in my collection!

A nice fun guy Jonas Alholt. Engine engineer at Volvo in daytime and
at planet Melmac in the evenings. Guru in many issues, like welding.

Since it's well known that he's an extremely good TIG-welder I got Jonas
Alholt to TIG-weld the new front bar to my roll cage, just to make sure
that I could visit his garage and see his extreme twinturbo 289 Mustang.

Look at this masterpiece!! Click it to see a biggie!
Much more to be found on his website.

Jonas is a definite man and handles his knowledge in a very accurate way. I met him because he had
4-wheel scales and knew how to use them. He helped me balancing the Impala SS and finding a good
basic starting point. Even if he's very straight in business he's very funny and you can see that when
you visit
his half English-half Swedish website and with a whole lot of fun pictures and doings:
Melmac Racing

Just go in there and you'll understand! One of my inspirational sites!

And now look what he's done!