The making of a smart adjustable Instant Center mount.

Building the brackets in cardboard first.

Not a straight line to be found. Except the vertical alignment.

One night the cardboard transforms to 5 mm high quality Domex steel!
What would I do without Hasse Boström - The Laserman?

Snug fit.

Hard MIG welding.

The Metco IC-kit was good as a template for making my own brackets. I bought this
kit but I wasn't informed that this kit ONLY fits the Metco control arm kit! ARRRGH!

Now some boring grinding.

Time to bend, to fold the wings to the OEM bracket for a complete weld. Do not tremble!!


The principle. It improves the rear end reaction.

Center of Gravity calculations and illustrations in courtesy of George Debski, Cadwiz.

My friend Ola had Arvidsson to install my kit while the rearend still in the car. However, you can't
have the rear swaybar still installed when control arm in lower Race-position, the swaybar
would touch the ground. Or a more funny way to see it - the rear tires may never touch the ground!
And then you lose.