Oops! First removal of the rearend became a surprise! I measured the flange-to-flange and found it to be 33 mm less wide
than the book says! It was a Caprice 9C1 (police) rear end! A result of some fuzzy business in the early history of the car.
Lucky me, because I could fit 12.5 x 28 MT DOT's inside the wheel wells with 10" wide wheels with 5.5" backspace.
It hadn't been possible with a stock rear end and my wheels.

This is what I could find out. But the dimensions on "Caprice Wagon" is for the 9C1 model! Thanks ed Runnion.

After a nice shower the housing was taken care of El Miffo. It became like brand new!

I decided to order the Moser axles. Actually I think there are no other after market
brands that offers 30 splines. Also a fairly good price. I had no problem with the stock
ones but you never know you know...