MOSES 355 ci
Old Testament 1996 - 2002

The stocker is a fine piece to begin with.

REBUILDING it to the better

Going hard on NITROUS!

JESUS 396 ci
New Testament 2003 -

Late Lennart "Bagarn" Bergqvist, my mentor and builder of Jeezus.

Stroker 396 built by a Swedish raggare at Autoshop in Orlando Florida!

Yes, it's true - SUPERCHARGERS make giggling boys out of hard men

Big INTERCOOLER is effective

SMART things

Changing to a bigger CRANK

New Victor "E" INTAKE

Jeezus tucked in.

This picture comes from the Impala SS racer Jeff Green who has converted
a Donovan aluminium block to LT1. Click it to see a bigger picture.