OK, let the fight begin! Judge: ZZ Top

Actually I think the sound in the Impala SS was not that bad, but not that good either. At least it
sounded a lot better than it should regarding the speakers' Magneto El Microscopico.

It was over in Round 1 with a knockout! However, it was bantam vs. heavy weight.

These Pioneers are circa 5 pounds (2.5 Kilos) each! And you need two. Wrong way to go? Yes but no.
Note how I have covered all holes from the trunk with taped bits of aluminium, of safety reason.

If you got a fuelcell in the trunk like me, you need to make a pair of covers to
replace the speakers with - to pass inspection at races. Speakers are not famous
for stopping fuels or fires. I forgot to bring this pair of aluminium covers
when going to Santa Pod in England to race - and I didn't pass!
My wife Agneta and I made two new ones in 30 minutes.

And here is 10 more pounds ( 5 Kilos).

The best place I could find was underneath here.

Johan Graneström's hobby is car sound design and he was very helpful and picked my kit.
"Trollet's" hobby is Johan Graneström.

This device starts the Kicker as soon
as an "on"-signal comes from the radio.
The best place to find that signal is
the cable to the antenna-motor
which starts automaticly when the
radio is turned on.

But for a reason no one of can figure
out, the antenna-motor has only
voltage of 6 V.
That's why this device was made.

Do not ask me more about this, OK?

Just do it!