Part 3 of 3


MONDAY September 10

"Wait dad, I think I heard something....No, it was nothing. We're good to go!"

First we needed to transform it to a street car again. We borrowed Patrick's pit. Unhook the blower belt,
unhook the Anti Roll Bar, turn fuel cranes and change wheels. During this work the growing strong wind
almost blew away Patrick's marquise so all of us had to hang onto it! Even Pro Stocker Eero Knihtilä
and one of his crew came running and had to hang in. That was close!

Vintage layers of Mickey Thompson, Hoosier and Bridgestone.

Jet Girl Helen of Team Firestorm honked the horn when she left the building in their new camper which
among many features
had a cocktail table! Dave Cherret was safe in the back seat and ready to go!

Manor Road to Hall Avenue. Since we no longer had any 3rd gear, Overdrive or the lock up, we
decided to take the small roads to London. So I chose "Bicycle" on the GPS and we indeed got the
small roads! Agneta loved it and I can't say that I didn't like it either.

We didn't need to stop once because of overheating or anything. It was steady beneath 100 centigrade
in both water and oil. We stopped only to stretch our legs and listen to England and breathe it in. and silver...two breakfast snacks on the run...GRRR...

Agneta, now we must be close to the Emmerdale Farm, don't you think?

Another time.

Axel said; "I think it sounds better and better!" I had also heard it and finally had to stop. Yes, the nuts
and bolts on the passenger side header collector were gone or loose. A 15 minute fix.

It was a lovely drive in the sun. And sometimes I had to rev it full on 2nd gear just to enjoy it even more.

London appeared through the windshield after some 5 hours! The closer we got to the big city and
the roads grew, the more I had to floor it (and roll) to follow the rhythm. And did I say thank you God
for giving us the GPS?! We're on the way to Carla and Rick's in Kidbrooke in south of London.

This is Carla and Rick's beautiful home! Nice couple! They invited us to both park the Impala here
and stay over!

The Heaven & Hell garage! The Impala was secure thanks to the watch cat Pontiac, also called Poncho.
But we reluctantly had to say no thanks to staying over, because...

...we already had decided and promised Axel the adventure of staying at a Hotel after the gypsy week
on transport ferries and in the caravan at the race. That is a promise of a lot of play in lifts,
TV zapping,
endless baths and large buffet breakfasts and more. We found Ibis in Wembley, north of London.

TUESDAY September 11

In the morning sun we saw Wembley Stadium from our room! Beware Axel! Football. Never go close to
it, it's dangerous... And after the short stay here we regretted that we hadn't stayed at Carla and Rick's
instead. Also Axel thought so, much because they had a cat! I called Carla and asked if their offer
still was valid and if she could bring us in again for the rest of the stay, and she did! Thanks!

The center of European Drag Racing Communication - Water Lane in Purfleet, Essex - we had an
appointment with General Andy "Tog" Rogers. We just loved Bessy - the Greyhound
that wouldn't run so Tog and Mrs Tog (Kay) thought she was interesting and brought her into their
family. But Bessy was a busy dog allright.

Tog took us to a lunch at a very special place. Fish'n'chips deLuxe! Harry Ramsden's, a restaurant chain
with an old history in the UK. Oh yes, it was the very best fish'n'chips by far we've ever had!
But we miss the flavor of the classic newspaper wrap?

Tog had a "Spotted Dick" for dessert. It was a terrific place. I wonder when it will show up in Sweden?

We stuffed all our bags and things at Carla and Rick's and then walked to the Kidbrook train station
for going into London. It was clear that Kidbrook was the station of the "Heaven & Hell Racing Team"

It's now a £ 500 fine for feeding the doves at Trafalgar Square! So I just looked like I had something.
Cruel but cheap. Lord Nelson still on his column much looking like the Santa Pod starter Lord Marshall.

Hamley's toys in 7 levels! Another promise to Axel. After all it's our vacation.

An overwhelming place. Axel was everywhere. Also Agneta thought it was a fun place. Me too.

Think about it. You can play with everything as much as you want. We where here until they closed...

Carnaby Street. Kids like Axel are forbidden to enter a pub, even when holding hands with parents who
just walk in'n'out to order beer. And the pubs are now smoke free even in the UK. Indoors at least.

At Hamley's Axel bought a synthetic balloon kit which could be altered a lot. It really smelled like hell,
like it should be forbidden for kids like Axel... We did have some support of the GPS in "Walk"-mode.

These two pictures form a motion picture quiz: We're looking for an action film hero?
A very neat Aston Martin DB9 parked outside a fine Italian restaurant where Axel devoured octopus, one
of his favourite treats. Axel behave, Pesto is all over your face! (But wait, let me take a photo first...!)

A ride in a real London Taxi is a must. Not much has happened with them in 20 years!
And they can still turn on a coin.

London Eye was closed when we arrived (I'm actually pretty glad for that, looks real scary)

The walk back to Charing Cross train station was on this train bridge.

Axel had also bought two typical London vehicles to bring back to school where he should have a
presentation of his vacation in London for the class. But when waiting for the train home at Charing
Cross he decided he couldn't wait that long to test them...

WEDNESDAY September 12

Good morning in the warm sunshine, with coffee. Feels fine. Their neighbour grows wine.

Both Carla and Rick were already gone for their work so we started to investigate. Ripping the carpets off
the floor and checking behind the shelves. Yes, it was a home of drag racers. Not many porcelain vases
on display, too many trophies take the space... We love that picture on Carla doing a burnout while
Rick is monitoring the situation.

Check out their website We also found the Tatfink (Carl Burton) original
comic art describing what happened at European Finals in 2006, with Carla's typical Italian accent.
Click it to see a larger one.

I can see clearly now! Looked more difficult than it was actually.

Quick lunch at London Bridge Station before entering the tombs of The London Dungeon. -Bless you!

The worst demo of an Anti Roll Bar I've ever seen! And the installation to the right reminds me
very much of a 4L80E transmission with transbrake.

"This is what can happen if you don't do your homework" =)

We thought we handled the London Dungeon just fine without getting scared once - except for the last
feature, when they got all of us good! I won't reveal here what happened if you haven't been there yet.

We saw a lot of things during a nice walk on the south of River Thames, like HMS Belfast that was on
duty in World War II, but we didn't mention the war!

Rainforest Café. Fun for kids and drinks for parents.

In Sweden you can't even think about approaching a bar's exit with a beer in your hand.

Here we tried to get in already in 1984 to celebrate our win in Gary's Doorslammer Nationals. But the
Ritz dress code didn't approve of "Bagarn", Birgitta, Mia, Öhman and me. =) The touring was endless.

Harrod's - the luxury shopping place. It's entertaining just to walk around and have a look. They say you
can get everything here, "even an elephant, but then you may have to wait a day or two"
We visited the toy's level of course, and found it to be as big as Hamley's 7-store, or even bigger!?

THURSDAY September 13
Last day

Last day we decided to take a walk from Carla and Rick's in the nice surroundings. No trains, no London
down town. We had a very important historic place as our goal...the Royal Observatory in Greenwich!

Center of Transit Circle. Latitude 51° 28' 38" North. Longitude 0° 00' 00" (perfect light!) This clock is
constantly updating to be right all the time, I think it was a thousand of a second every second? I guess
it's why it didn't even show in this picture with a normal quick exposure? Then I had to do as everyone
else, stand on the magic meridian and have my picture taken. This is Tourist 1A, and enjoying it.

An interesting wall with a 24 hours clock which never changes to summertime/wintertime or anything.
Benchmarks of a british yard, feet and inches. How much does it differ due to temperature changes?

I'm 9 and a half years old now and I want to roll downhill in this soft grass OK? Sure Axel, mum and
dad will sit back here and enjoy the view of London.

And look what's following the creeks of the River Thames, like a parade for us. Five Merlins. They had
a serious impact on all of us bystanders.

Last chance to supply different good stuff from the everyday Tesco store to bring home to the still
restricted country of Sweden. I bought some goodies to Hawkeye here but I guess it'll never reach him...

Then back in it again! A long tunnel like the Dartford Tunnel is always making me more nervous for that
not awaited breakdown more than anything else.

New feature for this adventure trip. We had to roll over a disinfectant mat and also got our wheels and
wheelwells sprayed - it was for killing any eventual Mad Cow Disease bacteria. Parked beside Swedish
Air Force felt secure. They had been to an air show in England and these trucks are the mobile
control centers for the Swedish super plane JAS 39 Gripen - a SAAB with a Volvo engine...

Leaving Tilbury Docks of London in the sunset. Another 36 hours of travelling to look forward to...

Good thing to bring the lap top to watch DVD's. First night was calm...

FRIDAY September 14
Will we survive?

Breakfast for all needs. The Polish Chef communicated with us. Nice Racing trousers too!

An interesting visit at the enormous Captain's bridge... Axel! Where are you? Don't touch anything!

See, what a wonderful relaxing trip!

Then the sea started to move already in the afternoon...

15° does not sound much but it is on a boat - with a total swing of 30°! Couldn't stop thinking of the poor
Vikings - these misunderstood, always complained about, young, nice merchants from Scandinavia -
who traveled the same waters some 1000 years ago in their longboats just to make the business grow
between the countries! They would just have loved to sit on a moving chair. Poor ancestors!

SATURDAY September 15

The Älvsborg Fortress in Gothenburg! Ah! That must mean that we are alive! Oh sorry 'bout that!

Almost unbelievable. Home at the TBDGIT after a two month...?, two week adventure trip in UK.
Thanks for reading!

Would we do it again? Yes, absolutely! Again and again.
WIthout any hesitation, only with a better transmission.
See you in 2008!