Preparation of the burnout box.

It was like riding a big cloud! No ticks or squeeks or pops or clunks or other strange sounds or fires or
anything else that could happen...and always used to do! Just up and away! OK, the ProCharger screams
as usual, especially terrible on idle. Main point: It has never ever felt this powerful - yet solid and confident!

Sign of the times! Tall Jonas kneeling to be seen in my rear view mirror, because suddenly there's a roll
cage in the car where the rear window crossbar is a little in the way for a perfect rear view.
When backing up from one of the burnouts I got an SMS on my phone from "Junior", an Audi Quattro
racer in a garage blocks away: "It sounds good"

We have more power than before - but we now also have perfectly working 4-link! That meant that I
couldn't do the burnouts like before (it's in my brain, I don't dare to floor the pedal like before!)
The car pressed the slicks to the (bad) ground and it just pushed the 2 ton Impala SS forward, even on
the brakes! So the burnouts became quick starts more or less. Once I dared to floor it and 1-2-3 gears
came within a second in standning but it still went away! After a while (when we've painted enough
rubber) we also used Trackbite to minimize spin...but dripping water from the leaking
cap on the water tank stopped it...(a new is on it's way from Autoshop, thanks Birgitta! =)

...and when opening the hood we had other surpises! Hm, now we have to think a little. And we think that
we may already have the solution on the wearing belt?

All in all it was a very good day with the car! It sounded and behaved very very
powerful and thanks to the
tougher ignition curve it had a respons of an electric motor. Chassie worked excellent! Brakes too.
Everything is just perfect for a drive to England and Santa Pod.

See for yourselves if you don't believe?
You'll find it here: