Blackstages are made possible by the Blackrace organization which uses the same equipment that is
used at their legal streetraces, timing, starting tree and result filing. 100 Crowns and you're away!

Good buddy Per Moe also raced his SS and we were only one tenth of a second apart
on laps of typically 39 seconds.

Magnus Wilck had a good run with his Camaro with an LT1 that sounded just fine!

There are moments.

Yes, swaybars and a differential would have helped. I remember how it was =) SS is stiff now with
the new roll cage. Sometimes you need only 3 wheels to get around...

...actually you don't get more than three wheels to use.

"And then I had to turn to the left...but car was still on its way to the right..." Race photographer Patrik
Jakobsson from and Per Moe listen to how to drive Autocross with a spool in the
rear end - and no sliding. A bit of sliding would be perfect but it too often becomes a whole spin around.

It isn't always easy with a Corvette either! Lars Hjälm had to work hard! On the way home to Vargön
the transmission gave up and he had to call for a tow truck. I've been there myself Lars, don't give up!

Per Moe doing it in style!

Istwan Csiszar doing it in BMW-style. He drove his M3 to total 4th quickest time.

Oops! Yes, I miss my ABS as well. Most of all.

An 8 year old co-driver laughing and shouting from start to finish. Two happy guys in there!
Click this picture to see a big version.

Replicas of the infamous Lotus Super Seven (designed by Colin Chapman and produced 1957-72) are
feeling just at home at a parking lot Autocross like this! Two of these were just dominating while the
other two were touchable, just a second ahead of the Impala...

...while "Raggarpelle" Hedén was just a second behind the Impala! People laughed to the
sturdy ol' Volvo 240 but Pelle laughed even more and he wasn't last either. Good driver!

Quickest of the "normal cars" was this Honda S2000 wheeled by Carl-Johan Bergh.

All of these drivers came for the same simple reason: FUN! We want to see more cars at these events!
And yes, it's really for small light cars but don't tell our Impalas that because they want to play!

Axel, like any kid his age, would of course be proud of his daddy whatever the results. And he was very
happy and excited for going along in the car around the track. See you at the next "Black Stage"

A lot of more nice pictures taken by Patrik Jakobsson at this event can be found here:

A short film from this hullabaloo.
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You can also find it here:

When we actually won a cone race on icy asphalt with our
too heavy and too big 4-door Impala SS here!