Not a soul in sight. So let's make some tests. Robert's G-tech was the instrument that monitored our
short acceleration bursts. Robert even sat with me in the Impala when doing the runs. Not that much
extra weight, but still. I believe that Robert wanted to ride in the car because it was so cold outside...
I wanted to sort everything out because in less than a week there's a 1/8 mile race which
possibly is the last chance of the year to get a timeslip on the car?

Coldness is no problem if you've got warm friends! Sören "Bilfixarn" Fjellstedt (far left, behind his 1965 Pontiac Catalina)
brought hot coffee and Sandra Krokström brought a cake and her brother Tony. Robert is the guy who is freezing the
most. "Nova" and "Navaho" get warm from the hot 355 motor. Quite a warm memory.

Burger King