"POFF! -kling-kling-kling"
Alternator was fixed and best timing with new camshaft was found and the car was
stronger than ever before. Until nitrous - again - took out the pistons, the Badger ones
which was the only set that I could get in time for the earlier race in Norway.

(More of this at the tech pages when they're done!)

These Badger potatoes...eh...pistons, didn't last more than 8 nitrous runs! But this time I could get a set
of serious Speed Pro's (right) from Autoshop by air. Then back to Kenneth Feldthusen's garage again.

"Hey Kenneth! Guess what happened...!?" We had to do it all over again. He just shook his head.
This time the pistons are .030" so we moved up to 355 cubic inches. Thanks again Kenneth!

We just did this two weeks ago! All the work with the balancing and stuff. Kenneth isn't only a motor wiz,
he also has top class instruments and equipment. These Speed Pro's were some 50 gram (1.80 oz)
heavier than the Badger's so we had to remove quite a bit from each piston to keep the weight.

Always a scary moment. "Glow - plopp!" Will it happen all eight times? Yes, this time too!

Extra Prima 355 ci LT1 motor! But now time is tight! I got the bare block from the Walléns machinist on
wednesday evening - on friday evening the race is on! Blackrace - Legal streetracing. Thank you buddies
that helped me to be ready for the race - Kenneth, Nova, Alex, Sören, Per, Tommy and Anders!
We were like a NASCAR team in a LeMans endurance race!