This was a dang cold October evening - about 40 F (5 C). People didn't talk too much.
One advantage with legal streetraces - beside all the obvious ones - is that we can buy
a hot dog and a hot cup of coffee in the pit. Black as a moonless night, of course!

I was pretty tense when meeting SycloneRobert for the first time. Since I have a quite long car
reaction time I staged very shallow and took a chance for a holeshot and "rolling start" but it
went red even before the tree started to count down! He. And Robert did exactly the same!
No time for either one. Hehe. But he was first at the end. He hm.

Double Trouble is Twoo Much!

Nightlight is right for streetrace. But difficult to work in, as Per Moe discovered under the hood
of his 1996 Impala SS with a 75 hp shot of nitrous. Or maybe he just warmed his hands?

Tony Krokström from Uddevalla had the longest drive distance with 45 miles (70 km). But his
pro street-built 1966 Chevelle BB had no traction at all. Big handling problems...

Can you spot the happy man? This cold strip of former asphalt but now brushed small
stones didn't have any traction at all for a heavy SS. Now in the cold worse than ever.
Motor was running well but I spun at all speeds. Placed me on a 6th spot on the list
of 76 racers with an octoberish 8.546 @ 88.8 mph (143 kmh). Per Moe squeezed by
to a 5th place with a less spinning 8.543 @ 82.6 mph (133 kmh).
Quickest? A black 4 Wheel Drive Syclone with a mayish 7.26 @ 99.4 mph (160 kmh).

A hot cup of chocolate with Axel.