Blackrace is gathering a good blend of old and new school. Henrik Ludvigsson A-Ford Roadster replica 7,90 @ 98 mph -
Robert Johansson Volvo 850 9,618 @ 86 mph - Ola Sundvall Audi Quattro 2.2 8,65 @ 86 mph - Sven-Arne Svensson
1971 Chevrolet Chevelle BB 7,85 @ 97 mph - Erik Szanto Subaru Impreza 4WD 8,16 @ 86 mph
and the FBI.

Began with an empty engine block on wednesday evening and here we are raceready on friday evening!
It was hours
of hard evening work with The Blackout NASCAR Mechanic Support Group - a special force
that helps out when they have the opportunity and the motivation is right. I think it was a very quick
assembly for a modern complex street car like the Impala SS that has much electronics and stuff.

Nevertheless, it didn't work perfectly. We came to the race directly from the garage and still had a troll
under the hood. It was a "tjoff och poff" entry as we say in Sweden. Ignition? Fuel? PCM? Nitrous?
And this dark environment is not the place to work under hood either.

Analyze this! Anders "Nova" Forsberg always has filmed my launches so we can study it and adjust the
chassis to the better. When the Impala was kind enough to let us start its motor I got me a weak
8.66 @ 88 mph (142 kmh) on the 1/8 mile and ended 10th on the list of 74 racers.

Need to find that troll under the hood.
A close check on all wiring, vacuum hoses and things.
The last race of the year will be in 14 days.