On the way to Gardermoen in Norway, we found a leak from the trans oil cooler lines. We didn't get so
far away so Alex could fix it on his driveyard. Then the battery-light started to blink, the alternator was
going down! And that of course ruined the whole race to!

This time TWO 1996 Impala SS racers! Good friend Per Moe couldn't resist going to Gardermoen since he's native from
just around the corner. He stays with his parents when racing here. His SS is in a like new condition and he bought it
in 1997 when he lived in Maryland USA. Per hurries slowly regarding tuning and rebuilding his car.

One clean SS and one not so clean SS hehe. Best performance so far for Per (clean) is a respectful 13.24 @
102 mph
at this very race. A little 75 hp nitrous shot in his stock 350 did it, with only 750 psi in the bottle! Per actually had the
quickest SS with stock 3.08 gears on the Dynamic Top ET List until Mike "Da Bambinator" Bambic took over.

NOS 70 jet can have an affect on your lifeline. But we run a serious racing gasoline made in Sweden, AG 108 RON.
And the MSD Digital 6 box was set to retard the timing 7 full degrees when nitrous was activated.

I wanted to better my 12.57 @ 105 mph badly to climb the Top ET List a little before the winter and get a better position
than Number 47. It would be perfectly possible with this last version of stock motor with a pretty hot cam and things
but then we didn't calculate about the risks of a broken damn...GGG&@£)(?!*GAAAH!!!...alternator!

Alexander Palmér is a hell of a mechanic but the alternator was too much trouble for anyone. Norwegian
pan pizza is among the largest and tastiest in the world. And most expensive. Sören Fjellstedt seems
to like every moment of everything. He's truly a good Blackout Hangaround.

September 16 had the autumn's first cold evening, so we bar-b-qued outside but had the dinner inside
the cosy nordic cabin. Clockwise from Axel; Susanne, Alex, Sören "Fixar'n", Rickard "Hawkeye",
Tony, Melinda, Sandra and Agneta.

When the Eliminations started it became very hectic to get BLACKOUT ready. Or even to start it!
It didn't help a lot that I survived to the Semi Final either (pure luck). Tony Krokström and
Sören "Bilfixarn" helped out.

The last electric breakdown at the race was when the battery emptied in the Semi Final burnout! The electronic 4L60E
gearbox started to slip, NOS solenoids didn't open to power up the burnout and injectors just burped and motor died.
If this happens during a run Serious Shit Can Happen both with gearbox and motor. But this is not a happy scene
either, to be pushed off the track...for the second time! This was a race where I didn't get one single good run.
And that's a shame because this track is among the very best in Europe.

Change of battery between our Impalas all the way home. Every 45 minutes we had to stop and swap, that's how long a
charged battery lasts in an SS with a broken alternator.

Well, the alternator went into service.