First race in our hometown Gothenburg ever! Thanks to the military helicopter division that opened the gate to their half
of Säve Airfield. It was a crowded huge success and the military just loved it! But maybe it was a little too warm?

My friends know they're always welcome to join The Blackout Team and use our place as a hide out, café
meeting point and headquarters. They also know that
then they're expected to help us with something
Setting up the dang tent as an example as shown here by "Trollet" and "Copo-Anders".
The street wheels have to come off first, they're perfect anchors for the tent.

First run of season 12.97. Hmm? At least 0.3 seconds are gone since last year! Hm..
It must be the hot weather?

Asking the genie in the buzzing box. In a minute I knew more about the weather than I could understand. A weather station
is especially smart to have when you're Bracketracing and want to learn how the weather will affect your ET so you can
choose as close Dial In as possible. It's also smart to take notes because at the end of day you don't remember a thing.
And you always lose the timeslips or if there's a good timeslip you wear it out...
don't you?

Kenneth Feldthusen was there. No one can miss him at a race! Also the man who achieved the deal with the military!

A different kind of wheeliebar. Axel repeats on his tractor everything we do with the Impala, using the same tools...
...hammer, tape and corkscrew.

Mark Williams carbon fiber drive shaft. The strongest there is. Made for high torque high weight. Another concern was
the quite long Center-to-Center length of 55.11" (1400 mm) which an Impala SS have with the rearend moved 3/4"
backwards. Had it ordered for the new engine torque but I thought I might as well start to use it.
Weight: 18,7 lb (8.5 kg) An expensive beauty, but cheaper than two in aluminium...

"-Coffee? -Yes please, black as a moonless night!" That is my favourite line from Agent Cooper in Twin Peaks who
is so positive regarding hot black coffee "and damn good too!" We use it regarding the Blackout SS of course.

It was a very hot August weekend and Axel had no problem to get his
dad to put his head in the icebox.

OK, let's go again...second qualifying run.

"POFF!...kling-kling-kling...." In the burnout nitrous killed No 6 piston.

"Bostic is out of the race, Bostic is out of the race!!"

(More of this at the tech pages when they're done!)

Stock pistons from 1996 have had an extreme duty of maybe 100 nitrous runs!
Can't complain. It was time.
Thanks buddies for all the fun and good work!
Time to change things in the stock LT1 engine...

Kenneth Feldthusen used all tricks in the bag in renovating the engine. And Autoshop
sent a much funnier camshaft by express. However, the only pistons I quickly could
get hold of in Sweden in time for the next race in Norway was a set of - Badger...