Armed to my teeth! That little bottle in the far corner comes with the NOS #5176 kit but it just delivers an
optimized 900 psi pressure and nitrous for one burnout and one quartermile run. On the next run the pressure
will drop too fast and therefore not deliver full power to the finish line. So I bring it more like a reserve and
ballast. I rely on the 15 lbs bottles with HiFlo-valves which give four runs, then they're half full. And Roger
Johansson of our local Mölndals Speedshop lend out the boxed 15 lbs bottles (with Super HiFlo valves) so
I just don't get stranded. So this is an artillery for a total of 17 quartermile runs including the burnouts.

I don't have a purge system, I activate the nitrous in burnout to let out the non-liquid nitrous. And it is
funnier to make the burnouts as well. Those 12.5 x 28" M/T DOT's are difficult to spin on trackbite
without the support of the horsepower in the blue bottle! I'm arming the nitrous with a switch inside the
coinbox to the left on the dash and then it is activated by a microswitch on the throttlebody.
Works just perfect every time.

Perfect NGK TR6 plugs on nitrous. Green tip, flamed porcelain and sooty ring. My good old friend Dale
Vaznaian was happy to see this picture in his email. Dale and Mike Thermos are the two pioneers
who founded NOS - Nitrous Oxide Systems - in southern California. Digital cameras and Email are
wonderful inventions! The only problem with the plugs is that it takes almost 2 hours for two sober men
to change all eight! And we usually need to bring in a petite girl with tiny arms to get that # 6 plug.
(Also because we need a coffee brake...)

After the 12.81 ET at the last race in Stockholm we became confused over my series of 13.2 sec runs!
It was just about enough to kill this Typhoon stocker but it was of course not all right for the SS.

I felt that it wasn't running on all eight so we decided to check all plugs. Since this Power Street Finals
was running until midnight on Saturday we had the time. During our work we found this wire on plug # 7
(which of course was the last one we checked!) It had burned through laying against a header pipe and
made a short circuit. When fixed we went down to the start on this ice cold evening and had a ball!
Got 12.71 and 12.65 and 12.57 with left wheelies!!! It was a fantastic night! A real Blackout Night!

Watch it here on this 5.3 MB video!!!

Reaction Time: 0.013 seconds
60 foot: 1.653 sec
1/8: 7.925 @
84.57 mph
1/4: 12.574 @ 105.37 mph

Sunday rained out - but this race payed off anyway!

A new set of spark plug wires.