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December 31

Ahead of its time!

Ahead of its time! Happy New 1952 - when the strong horses came to the cottage!
These happy farmers are with great satisfaction using Ferguson - The Grålle System
Facts in Swedish. English here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ferguso_T20

Click the picture to get a bigger one!

December 25

Another Tomte visited, taller and thinner.

Click the picture to get a bigger one, to see how Tomten has changed over the years...

Family tree 2014

This was the result of this years tough competition within our family. Again, no winner was selected. Everybody won and we got to
see how the other family members were doing. Now we were even more spread around mid-Sweden. Click for a big picture.

December 24

Poor times require a snug cottage

With the letter's speed, moderate Cheerful Celebrations are wished from Anders, Agneta
and Axel at Gertorp simple homestead in Essunga in the year of grace 2014.

December 21

Dave Buckland's 70's
100 pics from the UK drag strips

Finally this fantastic archive is released! Thank's Dave Buckland for the opportunity! We are still
looking for more info on these vehicles and the drivers, so if you have something to tell us please
email me at anders.envall (at) vingaland.se Thanks!
Please find your way into the >Galleries and >Dave Buckland's 70's to enjoy!

Family tree 2013

This is the result of last year's family competition, where everybody wins. Our families are spread over Sweden so we collect pictures of
all our christmas trees and make one common christmas card. It's our way to keep in contact over Christmas.

June 12

Jeezus goes to King Karl

Finally I could send Jeezus to King Karl for some gym training. Jeezus got a window seat. However the actual transport was funny
according to DHL, Jeezus went back and forth a couple of times before he came close to Maryland and Karl.
The price of the transport stayed at about USD 1.000 anyway.

The price was calculated on the weight rather than the space. This is what a smallblock Chevy with steel rods weighs without the intake,
but including pallet and plywood box. 160 kg = 352 lb.

A tip from King Karl, make an extra board to make the floor more sturdy. I glued and screwed. Pallet is a 1/2 pallet from Rajapack
and cost SEK 1300 - cirka USD 170 and is shipped to you as a kit.

May 10

Time machine

We found an old cottage for sale an hour north of Gothenburg, in Essunga county, close to Nossebro. No folks have been living here
since the mid 60's. Only swallows live here in the barn. Of course this took a lot of work time this summer...

It was Love at first hinge creak. Agneta have had an unmet need to work on a house on the countryside!

A walk right into 1800's! But it can be from the late 1700's as well according to the old model of the stove. Nobody knows for sure.
But be careful with your head, the ceiling is at only 180 cm / 5.9 ft.

Axel was happy that he got the responsibility for the barn!

April 19

Öhman goes to Jönköping

Thomas Öhman flew from Umeå to Gothenburg so we could drive to the big annual easter show - Bilsport Custom Show in Jönköping.
And the show already began in Bollebygd where we met these fine young people in their - legal - Chevy Biscayne rat.
More about the actual show in the future.

The interior work have been as thorough as the exterior.

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