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December 31

We wi
sh you All a
ppy New Year!

The last day of 2011 started out
as a silent beautiful day and changed
to the opposite at midnight! Quite a spectacle! Every year.
Here follows our traditional report, remember that this site is made for
all our families as much as for Impala SS fanatics...

Agneta always make a special New Year's dinner and this time I
co-operated on the entree with that Pata Negra I bought in Bilbao
(please scroll down to December 12-15).

The right feeling with the kerosene lamp, our christmas gift to Agneta.

It was no big party this
year, only our family.

Main course of the evening, Saddle of Venison! Wild!

The fantastic dessert, Cr
ème brûlée. The raspberries tasted summer!

December 30

Bargain days

The intermediate days between Christmas and New Year are
course filled with bargains if you cope with the information war
and the rush. I went out to get a Samsung 46" LED for
5990 SEK
but was entranced by this Andersson 42" LCD 3D for 4990 SEK!

Axel didn't wait a minute to test his Xbox game control o
n it. The
PS3 is with the other TV in the basement.
Then we connected the
PS3 to this to be able to run
our first 3D film on Bluray - Harry Potter
and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 and 2. Great!

But then we found out that Axel's game Gran Tursimo 5 is in 3D!


The Best Christmas Tree!

At last! A real Christmas tree for the Christmas celebration, too!
It's a...Christmas tree!
This is at home at Norwegian Jimmy Granlund who runs mid-8's
in his Ford Mustang 1995 Funnycar in Top Sportsman.
His Facebook
Granlunds Racing Fan Club (Facebook)


December 27

Blowin' around the block!

It should be snowing on December 27 and it should be ice cold too!
Instead I took the Blackout SS for a spin in the sun, since I turned
the car in the garage anyway. I want to have the front end on the
deep side when working on the engine this winter.

New family champ!

There he stands in his knobby Gran Canaria hat and calls home to
say he won over me in rental go carts for the first
time - fair and
square! As I predicted below here on November 13...
He was quicker on the lap 41.907 to 41.926! Also on the average!
But colleague "Fobbe" was quickest of us all with a 41.474!
(I need to lose weight for many reasons).
Congratulations Axel! It was fun to train you all these years!

Now I shall train myself...

New onboard computer

The one to the left have done a strong achievement since the rather
expensive installment as the "first lap top in Sweden" at Dockhouse
Film & TV. When thrown
away I picked it up to use for the FAST,
TCI/TCU and the MSD ignition in the SS. But now it can't even
be started anymore (mechanical).
The new one to the right is much less expensive with 2990 SEK!
And it is much lighter. Not to mention all the technical capacity
which should be of another dimension after 16 years development!
And the size of the screen is a selling point I have learned, and of
course I want a big screen! But I have also learned that "they"
talk very little about the height of the screen
(in blue). The new
lap top screen is almost an inch lower! Well, it can of course
work anyway, but be aware if it's critical for you.
Now I shall call the Computer Museum...

December 25

The Christmas message we sent out from my work Vingaland.

Dear all, our Christmas gift for 2011 is a donation to Unicef.
We will provide 1500 school kids with basic school supplies
in places where it is needed.
Merry Christmas! / Vingaland

That is our gift, but here is our card. Click it if you want a bigger one.

Watch the TV-show "Eldsjälsgalan" in Swedish TV4 Thursday
December 29 between 20-22 because Vingaland again have
produced the short films and stories shown during the programme.
Anders Haraldsson (the man in black in picture above) was the
director for these films. See them, enjoy them!
The bearded guy on the bottom is Fobbe who produced this
Christmas card.

Christmas report 2011

Agneta worked a long time with the Christmas main course - Duck!
Only problem is that we in Sweden have a tradition since 1960 (!) of
watching Donald Duck & Friends
"From All of Us to All of You"
christmas special on TV every
Christmas, 3 PM channel SVT1.
Typicly the most popular show every year in Swedish TV!
So this could be more barbarian than she thought...

"If you do
n't like duck, you are rather stuck"
But we loved him, Donald was terrific!
Beside this main course we
also had the christmas ham, meatballs, pickled he
rring and all the
traditional stuff over
all the other days. Of course. Don't worry!

We are happy to present
our popular annual Tomte collection - 10th year anniversary!
This year the Tomte was very effective. And what was most surprising was that Axel
planned the whole thing with us beforehand! He said:
"Suddenly I say 'I'll go to my friends' 'cause I think this thing with going to buy the
paper is boring, then I rush into the garage to change clothes and grab the sack,
rush out in the street and chill myself and my hands, then grand dad upstairs
shout to you 'He's here! He's here!' Then Tomten will come and sit down here,
and you say 'Welcome Tomten' and shake his hand and note how cold he is..."
Actually, he was now directing the whole event. It worked.

The best thing that ever happened! Axel has been talking about a
real guitar for so long. And has been satisfied with the game Guitar
Hero. But now he got a Fender "start package" with Squire
products which sounds at least as much as a Stratocaster
and from morning to evening too...

...and Agneta even had to help in with his Lego Technic in the
Christmas morning so Axel could play his guitar.

Axel's loud approach in his training with the electric guitar also helped
me to go out to the garage and continue to work with the SS.

December 24

God Jul!

We're so happy that Axel love
to serve breakfasts in the bed.
Year around, not everyday of course but no special occasions are needed.
Take care!

December 21

A hectic year for Vingaland Film. (I'm sure you have noted just that
on my lack of presence here on www.blackout.nu)
We couldn't have done it without good help from other filmers,
editors, animators, musicians...
And we felt that we wanted to throw them this Christmas Party...

Here is almost half the team in a gathering for appetizers at our office
downtown. You must quickly go through the traditional "glögg"
(mulled wine) to have the fine wine or beer.

At the Estrad restaurant we had the best Christmas Smorgasbord
in years presented by the proud chef. It was a fantastic 5-dish setting
and you could of course gormandize as much as you wanted on
every step. A very few of us came as long as to the final
Confect & Candy table...I didn't even take a photo of it...

It was fun fun fun fun for all to meet without having to work hard.

Suddenly we also had a very sharp illusionist on our hand! Oh my my!

Our staff Carl-Johan Wolmesjö always keen on the traditional photo
session with an candelabra on the Christmas smorgasbord. It started
years ago in the Dockhouse era. Here in the bar Incontro.

Some of us went on into the night with some bar-hopping. I hadn't
been out in the city like this since last year's Christmas Party!
At Jameson's Pub we got into the Darts and as I remember it I won
it but Vingaland's John Petersson says he won it. Yes, I know,
I may have been too close to the dartboard when filming with my
iPhone. Note that incoming dart on the left, speed blur...

December 17

Anton & Natta married

Agneta's first son - and Axel's big brother - Anton Bagger married to
Natalia Pedraza Burian and they had a fabulous wedding dinner!
His sister Frida on the left.

First part of the evening was for the families and the ol' people and
the last part was for the friends of the same age - with less light,
louder music and dancing. Strangely, Agneta came home much
later than me!?

Agneta helped with a lot. Like the wedding cake - of course - since
she have had cake manufacturing as a speciality some years ago
together with two the colleagues Ann-Sofie Herlogsson and Anki
Sande in the firm Snits-A'na. These cakes are AWESOME!

Everybody thought that Natta and Anton were very recognizable,
when standing there on one of Anton's longboards.

December 12 - 15

The Bilbao Experience

Go to our Vacation page to read the whole story - even
though this wasn't a vaction! Fobbe and I had a mission!

A tip on how to file photos that no one will ever see again...
>Travel >Flight >Right wing >Sun >Other flying objects

A tip to everyone about rental cars...

A little tip about filming from Fobbe...

A tip about an especially good restaurant...

A tip or two about the fantastic Guggenheim museum...

"Tulips" is made by Jeff Koon, the guy who married Ciccolina...


This one I loved most. I understood it directly!
Totally blacked out, but with a glimpse of light. That's our racing!

Airport in Bilbao, as far out as the rest of the city!

Check out the whole story by clicking here:

December 9


I went to IKEA for a quickie. Meanwhile the heaviest storm of the
autumn was building up and it was so bad that all traffic was stopped
over the Älvsborg bridge! The re-directed traffic SLOWLY went
through the Lundby tunnel and that alone took 1 hour!!
After 4 hours I was back home!
One storm and we're totally handicapped! Two enemy tanks
could do the same block! However, no one believes that we have
any enemies, and, when I have told this story to people I know,
most questions afterwards are like: "Why did you go to IKEA?"

December 6

First cry

First snow this winter was over us on December 6th. Axel was
cheering loudly while I was crying. Luckily it had disappeared
next day.

November 21

Self-aligning ball bearing

In the middle of Gothenburg. Here lived Sven Wingqvist and surely
he must have worked a lot of late nights here when in 1907 finding the
solutions to the Swedish patent reg. No. 25406 for a multi-row
self-aligning radial ball bearing - which meant the end of the
troublesome ball bearings made in Germany since the 1880's.
This was also the start of the Svenska Kullagerfabriken - SKF - still
a giant company today with some 40,000 people around the world!
Good idea!

November 19

The Village

The gingerbread village is now finished in good time before Christmas.

Agneta and
Ann-Sofie Herlogsson worked all this weekend to create
their village. Just for fun and for keeping up the chops. Their work
together within bakery and confectionary goes way back.

Besides the
prefab gingerbread walls you need this stuff to
decorate the houses.

Some laughters were heard in the beginning but most often it was
dead quite when they concentrated on the decorations.

The Village is for sale at the UNDERMAT booth at the annual
Julmarknad (Christmas market) at Torna Gård in Väröbacka a
couple of miles so
uth of Gothenburg. Saturday November 26,
opening hours 10-17 (10am to 5 pm).

November 17

Pro ET to Tierp!

Like an early Christmas gift, Speedgroup announced
that the NDRS
series now will include the two "english" dial-in classes Pro ET and
Super Pro ET in the season of 2012! That means that all NDRS races,
like them at Tierp Arena, welcomes all racers that hasn't built their cars
especially for the super classes with fixed dial-ins - Super Street,
Super Gas or Super Comp. Like us, who needed to run in Super Gas
9.90 to be able to race at all at Tierp.
The open dial-in classes are already available at the SDS races since
a couple of years - called ET Pro and ET Super Pro - but hasn't been
run within NDRS until now.

Maybe we'll see our friend Carla Pittau from London bringing her
awesome Camaro to race in Pro ET at Tierp this summer - while
her husband Rick McCann races Stock/Super Stock in
the blue 1984 Camaro.
Back home in England both Carla and Rick always seems to be in the
top ten of the UK Pro ET Championship and Rick actually won 2011!
Pro ET must be the tightest of all classes
and hardest to qualify in!? I have managed to qualify everytime but
that isn't given in a 32-car ladder with a 0.03 bump spot...
I know that a group of English Pro ET racers are discussing this
now at their PRO ET forum in trying to form an English team.
So I hope that we will welcome them with a big group of racers
from Finland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden?

Thanks Speedgroup!

November 14

Good evening ladies!

Thomas Öhman i
s still out cruising his Thunderbird every day thanks
to the warm autumn and late winter! Here he was seen on
Rådhusesplanaden when saluting Solveig and Anita.

November 13

Father's Day Race

His gift to me was to having me to take him to the go carts...OK!

I'm a little bit sad to announce that this was the absolute last race
where I had a chance to beat him. Well, I managed to set one better
lap time but his average is better. From here it will just take off more.
I'm glad for him but it was my Father's Day gift
! Thank you!

November 9

- Can you see all the
way to heaven?

No scare of hights at all, Agneta must be part American Indian?
That came in hand
y when we changed our antenna to a HD-prepared
one (this is the old antenna)
I refuse to stumble about up there! There are much more heroic
ways to go than falling off your roof...

At least I worked from the ladder which was unstable and scary
enough. When the pole was lowered Agneta could change the
antenna. Thereby we saved SEK 3500 which a professional
firm would charge us for the same job. We haven't yet decided
where we will go for the money saved... maybe the Seychelles?

- Agneta, when up there you might as well change some

November 8-12

Lars-Inge do America

Camarillo, California. On his way to visit Wilwood Disc Brakes at
Calle Bolero 4700 he stopped to take this photo to me.
That's what friends do.

Friends also send pictures of cool B-bodies like this Caprice found
at El Mirage. No names, no s
peeds...but at least a picture!
Lars-Inge and his company were on their way to the Pomona
Raceway for the final NHRA race of the year.

A visit to legendary Edward Iskenderian who Smokey Yunick called
"The Henry Ford of Hot Rod". Lars-Inge could verify the old legend
stating that Ed always has his new Cadillac filled with "scrap" in the
backseat - camshaft, catalogues, notes...
- It was now also filling the passenger seat, reported Lars-Inge.
Every year when a new Cadillac model is presented Ed buys it and
just move over all the things to the new Cadillac. But it seems that
it have been harder to do so for Ed in recent years since Lars-Inge
found two more filled Cadillacs in the backyard.
Please Google Ed Iskenderian...

Not the first time they met, Chip Foose and the Uddevalla version
Lars-Inge Foose. I know they had something cooking here with
a Lars-Inge project. Yes, please Google Chip Johansson too...
I think it's fun that all these Americans got a chance to
meet our legendary Lars-Inge Johansson who still is as hot
as ever in building and customizing cars in Sweden.
There is only one Lars-Inge. And the Americans thinks
that "Johansson" sound like "handsome"

November 7

Golden Earring

is is what the kids in school do for the moment to follow their own
style. But only Axel showed up with an Impala in his ear. He used
one of the pair I once bought for Agneta...


November 6

Gone fishin'

Axel likes to get down to the infamous Red Rock to do some fishing.

He hasn't yet got any fish but he likes the practice
and to bring
sandwiches and hot chocolate. I like that to. I'm glad that I don't
need to kill a captured fish or even release one.

Just so you don't think I'm weak with fishes'n'creatures I must show
you the Cowshark I landed in Namibia a couple of years ago (1995).
This unique shark fishing was done from land, from the sand dunes.
The shark was all muscles and it was tagged and released within
the WWF-programme we filmed for. Expedition Namibia was aired
in Swedish National TV in 1995.

# % @ $ [ = £ / &

Leak down percentage: 100 %
Exhaust valve in No 2 has gone hotter than the rest, and probably
the valve is bent? That last overheated run at Tierp Arena...
Of course it has something to with the broken spark plug as
seen lower down at October 15. So the heads are
coming off this winter. Sigh...

November 5

Carburator day

Sometimes you just have to put your
fuel injected LT1 aside and
let a carburator be the hero for a day. Even if you barely can breath...

Carburators need good nursing and cleaning once in a while. Let's
say at least once a year. Axel brought home
his PW 50cc from the
cottage because it didn't start no longer. Since the spark plug gave
sparks it was a good reason to take apart the carb and clean it.

It worked,
but *cough cough* we have to blend another 2-stroke fuel,
this is too rich of oil (which Axel likes because of...the smoke!)
I could now see an obvious reason why the problem had arised
in the first place.

Found some old Quaker State oil from the Whiplash period (1979-85)
and thought that would mix a good 2-stroke oil with VP 109 octane...
And it did. Notable is that Axel is only dressed in t-shirt in November!
Yes that is this extremely warm autumn. Lovely but scary

All Saints' Day

Later on the evening November 5th we went to the memorial to lit
our candle and have a moment to remember family members and
friends that have passed. I usually have
"discussions" with late
friend and engine builder Lennart "Bagarn" Bergqvist when working
on the SS, to still keep his special spirit and good momentum alive,
so I guess this is the "amateur evening" ;-)
All Saint's Day is
an event which grows bigger and bigger every
year, there are lit candles spread all over the normally pitch
black cemetery. It's actually really nice.

November 1

Watch SS porn video

When watching this excellent video I wish I had a stock Impala SS
I regret that I rebuilt my car, no I don't. Yes I do, No I don't.
Must I buy a stock Impala SS too...? Yes. No. Yes. No.

youtube.com/Stock Impala SS

October 29

The Playhouse

If I was in the County of Västerbotten in the north of Sweden today,
I would have driven to the open house at the "The Playhouse" which
is a nice garage I have only seen in pictures and on videos.
It has a lot of American cars and is inspired and furnished with the
American culture that belongs to the cars and era. It's created
by my Facebook friend the-one-and-only Lisbet Olofsson, her
brother and her late husband.
Lisbeth is opening it up again and she hope that it will be a place
for fun people to have fun conversations about their fun vehicles!
Öhman said he would take his Thunderbird and go there.
I wish I could go as well. Maybe I'll get a report?
This is her very popular blog!
Pics from Lekstugan here

October 26

Intelligent life form found!

I took this picture myself.

This is the telescope I found it with, or is i
t a rectoscope? :-) Well,
it depends on where you look and what you find...
This is a Pro Vision 636 fiberoptic Borescope. Two 1.5 V batteries
feed the light at the end of fiberoptic and is turned on when pressing
the blue button on top of the body. Lucky owner SycloneRobban
offered me to borrow it to check out cylinder # 2. Thanks!

I opened up the
exhaust valve to get extra light into the No 2 cylinder.
The Borescope went in via the sparkplug hole here, but I also entered
it via the exhaust port beside the valve into the cylinder.

At the end of the 36 inch long and 1/4" thick (5.6 mm) fiberoptic you
can s
nap on a little mirror to view in more angles.
Anyway, I found out that piston and valves were OK in # 2 cylinder
so I don't have to take out engine of car and rebuild it.
Good tool indeed! I will also do a leak-down to be sure!
So...it ain't over yet. It's never over!

October 22

Some couldn't wait

A week before time Axel couldn't wait anymore. He worked that
pumpkin like in an animated Donald Duck scene. The pumpkin
meat just was spread like
hit by a tornado. :-)

October 15

Crucial check-up!

I choose a sunny and fairly warm day to check up the water leakage
of the Blackout SS that stopped us in Tierp Arena 14 days ago.
One of the reasons to back the car into the garage was if I would
find that I had a blown head gasket or something that force me to
take out engine/trans to repair. Then I would just need to push the
car outside and do the lifting there with a small crane truck.

Filling water again...the headers were demounted to "see which
cylinder(s) the water comes running from". In the pit in Tierp I saw
water running from the passenger side headers...so this is it!

But the water came pouring from a place that was impossible to find
in the dark pit in Tierp! One of the hoses to the heating had come off!
Yiiphii! It wasn't a blown head gasket! So the engine can stay in car!
Phew! Lucky me!

Ouch! It ain't over yet!

Then when checking the all the plugs, I found # 2 to be badly beaten!
DAMN IT! "#¤%&/)@
The question is of course how it looks inside the cylinder?
Piston, valves? Must check that before any start! Do I need to
take out the engine to renovate
it after all?!
There are Ups and Downs...mostly Downs lately.

Axel's new tattoo

Albert was as shocked as us parents when Axel showed his new
tattoo. That's what kids get nowadays from the candy store. Axel
"did some time
" in a candy store as a PRAO - the school's practial
working test days for the pupils out in different kinds of works.

October 9

Burned the balls

A Sunday morning out with the work buddies from Vingaland Film
our families. At least half of the staff. Mission was "brännboll"
which means "burn ball" and is like rounders, baseball with tennis
balls. We were in classic and popular Slottsko
gen - the "Central
Park of Gothenburg". Fun for everyone, especially combined with
the breakfast we brought.

Jan "Fobbe" Forsberg won the first competition "Longest hit" with
52.2 meters (172.2 feet)
and Anders Haraldsson was runner up.
Yours truly came in third and Carl-Johan Wolmesjö fourth. It was
on Carl-Johan's initiative that we had this activity and it was because
we all wanted to try out our skills compared with our Alana da Silva
who is a driven soft ball player - but she had to cancel in last minute!
Well, we are still going to see on a later date if she can hit
longer than 52,5 meter!? Seriously, I doubt it...?

Then we had the actual game with two teams and one of the teams
won over the other, but all had great fun in the sun.

October 5

Moose Encounters of
Third Kind

Even though our adventurous Vingaland film maker Alana da Silva is
from Toronto, Canada she's never been so close to a moose like
here at the moose
park half an hour north of Älmhult in Småland.
Yes of course,
we were on a IKEA mission this day.

My first limousine

On our way home from Älmhult, I had a heavenly moment when I saw
my first car again! In Halmstad. And I see that all modern
cars now strive to have the same look...
A black Volkswagen
1200 Limousine with a 1.2 L 40 hp aircooled
gine. Weight of this mini Blackout is only 712 kg which is much
less what Blackout has on its rear wheels...
Top speed was 115 kmh / 72 mph.
That VW was a 1962 model, only made in 925,747 units that year,
however, the above one is from 1965 and I can't spot any difference.

Once in 1975 I bought it for 1200 SEK from a "horny housewife"
as Öhman and I fantasized that she was (as we did about most
good looking mature women more than 30 years old back then).
Öhman now and then still reminds me of when that special lady
asked me very kindly:
t you going to bargain?"
"Yes" I coughed...standing there with my open drooling mouth...
I also remember one winter when my right foot slipped on the ice (!)
on the brake pedal - to the accelerator pedal - in a parking garage
which had the VW to accelerate into a slowly moving Mercedes
and my first girlfriend Lena Marklund knocked out the front window
with her head and there were blood. Those were the days.

Last race

Click the banner above it if you want to see what happened and not
happened in one of the best and worst drag races of the year!

Öhman's complaint

My friend Thomas Öhman in Umeå just dared to call me (October 19)
and complain about the slow update mode of www.blackout.nu at the
moment and I tried to explain to him that I also have a real work that
take a lot of time, since I'm now into four different film projects.
- Is that more important? he asked.

Of course not, but that also need a little time now and then. However
I can understand that many of you wonder
what's happening, and
I can assure you that the race report from the last race of the year,
Night of Fire" at Tierp Arena will soon be released, I'm almost done.
Meanwhile you can check this little film from Tierp which was filmed
by Ståkkhålmskjelle on Kent Edin's camera 320 x 240 pix:
(as always, turn off site music first)

21th Century Schizoid Man

Best story yet

Axel wrote a report on his iPad for school about our weekend in Tierp
and I think it sums up it all! So maybe this is it, maybe now I don't
need to write my own report from this race? What do you think?

"We were at Tierp Arena racing.
My dad broke the car 3 times.
On the last day I became sick.
We pushed our car up on a
trailer and drove home."

...okay, I may come back soon and fill in some details and pictures.

September 27

A picture from Umeå...

I wonder what Kent Edin is trying to say with this picture taken
at his home street in Umeå? Can it be something around
that white Saab Combi Coupe over there, in reminding me of when
I was a welder at the assembly line at S
aab in 1974 and
worked on that first 900 Combi Coupe?
Beats me...

September 26

Kent's also ready

My Friend and First Enemy Kent Edin in Umeå ordered a tailor-made
converter for his SS / TH400 combo from one of the best names on
the market - Neil Chance
. Via Birgitta at Autoshop of course.
Hm...it also seems to have an ET guarantee on it,
even if the spelling is funny...?

Vigilante vs Neil Chance! Two good performers looking totally

Kent needed to make space in the cross bar for clearance to the
transmission, which is rather interesting since I didn't need to
do that. My guess is that his cross bar has a greater diameter?
I will check in person at Tierp Arena in a couple of days...

Kent noted that the splines of the yoke on the drive shaft that came
with the TH400 package didn't exactly compare to the 4L80E splines
and the TH400! I didn't reflect at all over that since it slipped on
easily and I took for granted that these had the same splines!
Delivered TH400-yoke's splines were more "slanted" while the splines
of the 4L80E yoke were "squarish" and fit better on the TH400.
Kent solved that with taking his 4L80E yoke and mounted it on the
TH400 measured carbon fiber drive shaft. But it was too long and
pushed mama in the belly so he had to shorten it a bit.
- Never take anything for granted! Measure, measure and measure,
said always Lennart "Bagarn" Bergqvist to us.
I also noted that Kent used his Lumber Jack jacket today, the
"Evening Pit Fashion" for SS racers,
presented by Kent Edin in 2008. Was it cold in Umeå today?

Now it's all there and ready to go! It will be VERY interesting to see
how this Impala SS Gentle Giant will take off at Tierp Arena!!

Also this Cheetah shifter wasn't ready to go! Kent had to order
another wire to have it to work! And the first wire was located in the
wrong place in the shifter?
Anyway, Kent managed to have his start-up tonight checking all
things and found out that he has no Reverse in the newly rebuilt
TH400! He'll look into that tomorrow.
The SS guys doesn't give up that easy - do they?


Night Of Fire has a fantastic start field for a race so late in the season!
On the other hand there are normally no races so late, but they
promise Indian Summer with clear skies and big suns!
No less than 33 cars in Top Doorslammer will battle out (there are a
handful of loaded Pro Mods in there!!) - this should be fun
to watch if we get the time? At least we will have time to enjoy
the BIG fireworks and the BIG season ending party for all
racers, crews and officials!
Even Axel have a permit to enter that party with me!
Be there!

(Click here for more information about this race)

September 25

Phew! Happy!

Haha! I managed to fix the computer myself! Unbelievable! The truth
is that I found the other battery and tested to start it with that and it
worked! Connected in the car it's also hooked up to 12V but the first
battery must have had a meltdown or something?
It's gone!
And this happy solution made me to enter the "Night Of Fire" race
at Tierp Arena next weekend! Class ET Open with Kent Edin, Jöran
Persåker and the others! It will be a terrific end-of-season race
as the weather is promised to be sunny and warm! See you!

Happy! Sad! Damn!

Start-up 2011 V.2 V..

All went very well! Jeesus started instantly
and felt smooth.
He choked a bit when still cold when I tapped the throttle a little.
Much gasoline now! But when hot he responded like that cobra we
used to have under the hood! Quick and BIG! Assisting Axel just
jumped around in the noisy garage with a big smile on his face,
which also is a good indicator, because the ¤=!/%)!# laptop screen
died on me! Strange, it's only from 1995...hahaha! But it has that
multi contact that my old FAST from 2004 need. Maybe the
FAST doesn't like an operating system newer than Windows 98
either? So now what to do?
Is there a "We-fix-your-ridiculously-old-computer-while-u-wait"
shop in Gothenburg?
Most important: Blackout SS is super, however useless at this
stage if I can't log and tune. *Sigh* A beer? Absolutely!

September 23 - 24

Just checking!
"Live report" ;-)

It's soon time for st
art-up again and now with rebuilt transmission
and fuel system, so I better check everything rigorously.
And while at it, also check other stuff...here is most of it:

Mounting of new
injectors V..
Mount fuel rail on engine V..
Mounting of new fuel pump
Mount new fuel filter
Mounting of fuel hosing,
including a newly made one V..
Fill gasoline in fuel cell, check for leaks
Adjust values in the FAST system for 160 injectors V..

wires to fuel pump V..
Mounting of new membrane for the Automotive regulator
Extra seal
ing of regulator V..

A little sealant on both side of the washer and thread tape will seal
this regulator. Impalakungen Mr Al Holt found out that this regulator
was leaking 1 PSI when he pressurized it with air and therefore he
sealed it like this, before we went off to Santa Pod to run our
string of 9's in 2006 so I like to do the same trick again...
Mount regulator V..
Mount and connect coils V..
New ground wire between body/engine and the coil
s bracket V..

Check spark plug wires V..

"He who seeks finds!" Like
the melted #5 wire...Still too much heat!
Make a new #5 spark plug wire V..
Torque bolts of driveshaft V..
Torque converter bolts (need an extra hand on the crank from Axel) V..
Mount converter cover V..
Torque transmission oil cooler lines V..
Mount extra oil tray (after first start) V..

Fill Mopar +4 ATF oil in rebuilt GM 4L80E transmission (gulp!) V..

I wait with this for last! Filling Mopar +4 ATF oil into my dear GM
transmission! Raymond at Alexandra Engineering ran my 4L80E in
his bench before the delivery and he uses this +4 oil because it is a
bit more harsch than the Dexron III so the clutches engage better.
And it's fully synthetic.
He drained the transmission after the bench run but maybe there
are still two quarts of this oil inside so I will defintiely stick to
the same sort even if it means that I break the style rules!
But I think that blew away already when mounting a big
yellow battery from China!?

September 20

Helpful Patrik

Today buddy Patrik Jacobsson helped me to get a 10 cm longer
fuel hose for my updated fuel system. It do
esn't at all hurt that he's
working at Hydroscand which is The expert company in
hydraulics'n'stuff! Thereby I have all stuff needed to put it all together
again for a test start of the SS coming weekend and race at
Night of Fire at Tierp Arena next weekend!
Thanks again Patrik!

This is where we normally meet Patrik, at a dragstrip like Tierp Arena.
Here he talked to media host Patrik Larsson. It had been ridiculous
if Patrick Wikström had come by...or especially Patrik Sjöberg who
has nothing to do with dra
g racing (beside beeing a Facebook friend
with me). With 2.42 metres (7 ft 11.3 in), he holds the Swedish as
well as the European record in men's high jump. Sjöberg that is,
not Jacobsson, Larsson or Wikström.

Patrik Jacobsson is of course most known as an excellent
photographer with motorsport as a special interest and especially
drag racing. Very kindly he have given me the
opportunity to borrow
his pictures to use on this website. You'll find his work from almost
all races that Team Blackout Fullsize Racing has entered.
Take a dive:

September 19

"I give you Sweden!"

Kinky MagnaFuel EFI pump is here! Ready to work for Blackout SS!

Patrick Wikström and Tommy Aga checked if the MagnuFuel pump
fit their Thriller Pro Mod Camaro...

...before it finally landed in a perfect spot under the SS. Who said
I work slow? Just need a longer hose from pump to filter (white
arrow) to finish it and I'll get that at Hydroscand,
so see you
tomorrow Patrik Jacobsson!

September 18

Party in Paris

He almost got kicked out from Crazy Horse last night, m
y new fuel
He sent some pictures and film clips from his iPhone and
I think this means "Damn it! Sit down you stupid fuel pump!"
My new
kinky MagnaFuel has actually been on its way since a
couple of days thanks to the always super quick service of Birgitta
at Autoshop! But on its way - weekend happened! Luckily in Paris
so he could party a bit like a real soldier on his way to the
battlefront - before installing for war in Blackout SS!

The party weekend in Paris is over, Le Pump has arrived in
Stockholm with a hangover but that's gone upon arrival
in Gothenburg tomorrow, when his new work begins!

September 12

The Day of the Triffids!

My father-in-law Thore is surprised himself of the length
of his
Sunflowers! Thore is 173 cm + 3 cm for the shoes = 176 cm tall
which is 5 feet 9 1/2". So this Sunflower must be at least 12 feet?!
He just called me after measuring the things and it was a whopping
3 meter and 33 cm! That's 10.92 feet, even if I think
it looks much taller than that!

Worn out! Again!?

The six steel rollers
(background) which are building pressure and
increasing volume while rotating in this electrical motor, have worn
out the specially aluminium alloy surface!
The 0.011" (0.28 mm)
separation have of course lowered the pressure due to the passage
of gasoline
, besides sending aluminium particles to the filter...
#11102 will go to service (since the manufacturer
refuses to send separate parts due to their liability insurance).

Kinky pump

For a couple of reasons it was time to step up to this EFI fuel pump.
Birgitta "The Queen" Bergqvist of Autoshop recommended this one
which is the same that Kent Edin uses in his Gentle Giant SS.
MagnaFuel MP4103 has a kinky color scheme but in their ad they
promise that this EFI fuel pump will support 2.500+ horsepower!
However, when you read the small print it says: "Power ratings are for
naturally aspirated engines running gasoline." Anyway, it's
almost double what Aeromotive promises and lies about ;-)
The most important reason for the change of pumps was that the
Aeromotive was on the edge for what the Jeezus engine needs
to deliver 1100 + horsepower!
Now...we can just hope for quick shippings so that I will get it all
together before Night Of Fire at Tierp Arena...?

The 96 lb/hr
injectors may have come to the end of the road - together
with Aeromotive pump - for what they can deliver to the engine.
The flow rate of 96 lb per hour is 1000 cc per minute
and 160 lb per hour is 1680 cc per minute.

The new 160 lb/hr injectors are mounted
. The only thing missing
around the engine now is the fuel pressure regulator which awaits
a new membrane. I really hope to get some test runs with this
new fuel system setup before the snow!

September 10

The fuel system issue

Draining the fuel system of VP109 Octane makes not only your
garage to smell like a chemistry industry, but all li
ving things on
the block are fainting since you have opened all windows and
doors to survive... It's really awful! How can it be legal? ;-)

Yep, the membrane in the Aeromotive # 13110 regulator had three
holes, from wear I assume. So of course I had gasoline on the
uum side. I hope Mr Aeromotive can post one direct in an
express envelope to Mr Envall on Brandmansgatan in Gothen
I'll sure talk to Birgitta at Autoshop in Orlando to make
that happen with the right people...

A hole that gasoline loves. (Sorry about
my not-so-perfect manicure).

my filters will be taken care of. The 10 micron to the left will
be changed to a new while the 100 micron filter to the right (before
the pump) will be clea

This filter after the pump...is its capacity enough?

In this post-p
ump filter I found a lot of aluminium debris on the inside
which forces me to take apart the Aeromotive fuel pump as well...
...which I had planned anyway. And which I did in 2006 and found
out that it was worn out, even under my record runs...

The "Fak ju" premiere!
Scroll down to September 1 f
or a closer look at that!

September 6

No test in Malmö

The car was alm
ost ready to race again and we was planning to go

to the Malmö Raceway on wednesday evening September 7th for
some testing on the 1/8 mile. An important part of the test was to
see the change from the 96 lb/hr injectors to the new 160 lb/hr ones.
In that work to mount the new injectors I loosened the fuel pressure
regulator Aeromotive #13110 and when the vacuum hose came
off I got sprayed by gasoline! Maybe that's normal (?) but I thought
it was awkvard to have gas on the wrong side!

It was a reason enough to take the regulator apart
to look for a
possible leakage, which I didn't find. However, I found a "lot" of
small aluminium fragments like here around the membrane.

And that was reason enough to begin the big clean-up through all of
the fuel system, beginning with the regulator, and then the pump,
filters on both sides of the pump... instead of going testing
at Malmö of course.
Still aiming for Night of Fire and their class ET Open where
Kent and I can meet again together with cars from 7.5 and slower.
That means dragsters charging in the rear view mirrors...fun!

September 3

World's quickest Volvo at
6.84 and 6.85 @ 322 kmh!

Congrats Krister Adeen
for a long hard work that finally paid off!
Do you all remember that I "warned" about this Volvo already at the
Sweden Internationals race at Tierp Arena when he was closing in
to the 6's with a 100th of a second at the time...
"...Volvo 850 with a Volvo 2.5 L 4-cyl engine on alcohol and a
sound that changes the color of your ears! Liberty 5-speed and
a 9" rear. Runs low 7's in CT/A. Has an earlier PB of 7.095..."

...and now at Alastaro in Fi
nland, he just jumped with two 10th
something down to an absolute best for any 4-cylinder full
chassis door car! Suddenly they hit the right button...
The drag racing world lift
its hat for these stubborn Swedes!
322.29 kmh is 2
00.26 mph!

Check the video of the not so straight run!

A bit straighter:

Glad I didn't...

Kent Edin's friend Janne Norberg in Umeå disassembled our TH400.
It was the first time in years
these things saw daylight. Last time
must have been before Karl and Nab raced with it in Black Wolf?

And...Janne found a lot of aluminium in the pump! Big chunks too.
So we think there's no idea to even try to repair the Edge converter.
Point is that it was a good idea in not taking a chance with these
parts and start it up. Janne and Kent is aiming for getting these
stuff ready so Kent can race at the Night of Fire at Tierp Arena
September 30 - October 1.
And I will welcome them...with my open arms, a repaired 4L80E
and 160 lb injectors...

September 1

The "Fak ju" premiere!

Axel made major changes to his casted iron VW pickup and
brought parts from many other cars. Finally he had to grind both
the front and rear of cha
ssis so it could wheelstand.

But his mother said no to the name even if he had tried to spell
it in an artistic way...

Finally it was t
ime to test it in the warm summer sun of September 1.
So don't forget the water in the burnout box...

August 29

Egyptian slave trick

When it's time to mount the 4L80E in the Impala SS all your friends
suddenly disa
ppear and you must use ancient ideas to go forward.
Like building a pyramid, lifting the big stone blocks
in some
cases...I suggest using the oldest trick in the oldest book.
Really, you have limited power laying on the floor here,
first when
wrestling this elephant transmission over the rugged concrete floor
into the middle of the car, whic
h will make you exhausted.
Then you need to get the jack under the pan to lift the transmission
into it place. But how? Like this, plank by plank.

August 27

The broken shaft

It's difficult to get a good ET with the
input shaft to the left! I did try
at Tierp Arena last race, but it snapped just after the second gear
activated and it snapped at the "usual" place - the sharp profile you
see at the arrows. After this I've learned that t
here is an updated
4L80E input shaft with a round profile which is said to manage the
torque/weight better - the one to the right - which now is mounted in
my transmission! I still think it's strange since the actual break
is in the middle of the profile, not in line with an edge? Anyway,
I'm no expert and I'm happy that experts give a tip now and then.
And I've heard that there is an even stronger one...

Comparison between my "old" input shaft and the new updated one
that is recommended for people who abuse their heavy Impalas on
the dragstrip with a lot of torque. Another way to recognize the newer
input shaft is that the oil channel in the middle is going through
the axle, while the old just had that hole on one side.

Larger pictures at this page >4L80E

August 26

Grenholm Transports

Brothers Kalle and Sven Grenholm from Umeå backed up Sven's
1999 Chevy Silverado Z71
to my garage so we could load the TH400
and things that now Kent will install in his SS. Grenholm bros was
just briefly in Gothenburg in helping their daug
hters moving things.
Other than that neither Kalle or Sven are involved in transports. In
Umeå they are wellknown in the cooling business ever since Kalle
started Grenholms Kylservice in 1973 (sold it in 1997) and now
Sven is running Umeå Mobilkyla which he started in 1997.

- Where is it? asked Kalle as soon as he arrived.
They wanted to
see the infamous Blackout SS of course. These brothers are
real gearheads!

When Sven told me had been on a fantastic NASCAR-
trip in
Charlotte USA (organized by Ted Westerfors) Axel had to show him
Daytona 500 race in his Playstation 3.

This is the latest project in Sven's garage, a
1957 Chevrolet Pick up
built inside out in an impeccable condition. A show winner. See why:

Kalle and Sven were pioneers in SHRA-Umeå and Kalle
actually had
a real beautiful 1969 Hurst Olds back in the 70's which he ran low
14's at the Hudik and Piteå dragstrips in original shape! I know I
have a lot of slides of his car in my vault, one day I'll publish them!

Another 1969 Hurst Olds supported by legendary Linda Vaughn, a
lady which can brag about that she have met me! This is a fantastic

site with lot's of historic pictures, not only the Hurstettes:

- Buy it, we can tow the Impala
with it, said Axel. Z71 has a 5.3L
gasoline V8
. It was really fun to meet the Grenholm Bros again after
so many years! Bye bye and thanks for your help!

Rest In Peace Kenta Persson

Legendary Top Fuel driver Kenta Persson passed away this
after losing the
battle against cancer. Ironicly this is the first picture
I found of him on the internet - with the Hurstettes also mentioned
above (note his t-shirt!). It's from an old Colorod Magazine.
Kenta was an easy good guy that always had the time for a chat
and a laughter. He was from Borås but in my picture vault I have
pictures of him from every race at every dragstrip.

Kenta was a pioneer in many ways and has a lot of "firsts" and for me
he will always be the Star in the Junior Center sponsored Top Fueler
because that team had such an impact in the sport when they
showed up. But I guess he will be most remembered for the first
4-second run in Europe which happened 1997 in Hockenheim in
Peter Lantz' Optima Top Fuel dragster, and in the "real"
distance of a quartermile. Kent was 52 years old then!
Read about it here: eurodragster.com/the_first_four
See and listen to it: youtube.com/First_Four
Kent, I'm glad I met you and got to know you!

August 25

A short meeting

4L80E meets TH400.
- I'm back again, what are you doing here shorty?!
- Absolutely nothing, I don't understand your master's ways...
- I do, move along now!
I could lift the TH400 myself into a transport box and I wouldn't
even try that with the 4L80E.

Too heavy for a straight skateboard transport, I had to use Agneta's
little Undermat trolly. Then the project stopped here as I understood
that I wouldn't have a chance to make the SS ready for race at
Moholmsstrippen this weekend. It's more than mounting a
transmission. Maybe a test in Malmö on a Wednesday night race?

August 24


Out. It was really close! Sorry TH400 that I didn't get the chance to
you with manual shiftings, transbrake and all that glory!
Your former daddy Karl Ellwein really wanted that to happen too!
Blaime your Edge converter and
its strange sounds!
Now say hello to Kent and see to that he can have his first ever (!)
run with a good functioning transmission! Of course he have to order
a new converter, more
suited for his weight-power configuration!
So, see you installed in Kent's Gentle Giant SS at "Night of Fire" at
Tierp Arena September 30 - October 1!

In. Welcome back Bad Boy 4L80E, after your luxurious spa and
health weeks at Danielssons Bil and Alexandra Engineering
in our c
apital city Stockholm!
Thanks all involved in the special transport! The informer Mikael
Hukka and Jörgen Johansson and AJ Transport for the service!
4L80E - now we hope that you can behave yourself! It was so
close that you were replaced by an much lighter, American
built TH400, manually shifted and with transbrake
So...put out that cigar and stop smiling please,
it's still in Sweden...

August 23

B r o k e n ?

What the bloody xxxx is this sound from the Edge converter?
Well, I can't go to a race and load 1100 horses into it anyway,
without knowing what it is! Last user Karl don't know, he have never
heard it before and it was meant to be his reserve converter while
he was here himself racing in Europe. All other reactions among
the people I've asked are the same. No idea. Do you know?
So, instead of starting up and load our transport for the race at
Moholmsstrippen this weekend, I have to take it all out again!
The TH400 adventure is over for this time, before it started!
Thanks! :-(
Good news: My ordinary 4L80E and converter is repaired,
checked in dyno by Danielssons Bil and Alexandra Engineering
in Stockholm and is ready today, but will not be in time in
Gothenburg so I have a chance to race at Moholmstrippen!
That's racing! Or no racing!
Click image above to listen to the sound...

August 21

Fitting it

Transmission Cross Member. Smart of me to keep the brackets
for the 4L60E even if I knew I would never go back to that original
. I didn't know then that the TH400 was almost the same
position of the transmission mount! But these lower rusty bolts for

the extension housing stopped the cross member to come up
in position. Had to go.

A visit in Kenneth Feldthusen's garage/workshop
solved it all.
Thanks Kenneth!

Done! And the drive shaft also fitte
d without any problem! Time to
wrap it up and start! Or? Maybe I have to take it all out anyway...

The whole detailed story with more and larger pictures
on new page: >TH400

August 20

All are invited!
All are talking about it!
The summer just got longer in Sweden!
Click the image to get a larger one
, and more here ww.racestar.se

from Monday August 22 - when it's official! ;-)

August 18


TH400 - that was a small, light and easy-to-install transmission!
I did it myself underneath the Impala, me and my jack! The trickiest
moments were as usual some of the bolts to the engine and that
#%¤&(/) transmission blanket,
just like with the 4L80E!
However, the biggest problems with the 4
L80E are its size and
weight compared to this TH400. This was nothing!

August 17

- Dad, have you seen
my skateboard?

"Sing la la la lalala...whi
stle whistle...hum hum..."

August 15


Edge converter seems much smaller.
Karl said that my 5-clutch
Vigilante may be stronger for an overweight SS but I'll definitely go
quicker with this one! With or without transbrake...

Original shifter looks and feels simple compared to the Cheetah but
is doing its job without any problems in the SS. Now I put it on
the shelf for a while...

OK, somewhere here...how to get that flexible wire underneath...?

"The Wheel" in chromemoly from JW Performance Florida now awaits
the little Edge converter and the ex-Black Wolf TH400....

August 13

Bath of the year!

Ah! It was wonderful
to take the annual bath! Yes, I don't want to
exaggerate, I think en
ough is enough! It happened a bit north of
Gothenburg along the coastline close to the Tofta Mansion where
we celebrated Agneta's mother's birthday. Congratulations Sonia!

August 12

The autumn begins

You notice it by the mushrooms baskets. Then you know that you
must plan the last races of the season.

Two days!

Thanks to Birgitta at Autoshop in Orlando FL USA I got my new
shifter and other stuff in only two days! Sent Wednesday, here on
Friday on the doorstep! I like! Thanks Birgitta!

I was just done in this area of the car and was so satisfied!
Now I have to take away everything again to be able to mount the new
Cheetah shifter! But I'll keep all the stuff because I probably go back
to the 4L80E this winter - when Kent take over the TH400 project...
But I want to test it first, now that I have a chance!

August 10

Input shaft broken

Lucky me that Mr Syclone Robert Pothorcki had a used
one that I
could buy! It saves us a couple of weeks and some money too!?
"Tucken" at Danielssons Bil informed me that the input shaft was
broken in my 4L80E and the 2nd gear clutches was burnt.
A broken shaft explains why the acceleration stopped...
Robert points to the place where they "normally" break, in a
rectangular groove close to the splines. "It happened to me once too,
then I changed to the updated shaft with the round groove, and after
that I have had no problems with the 4L80E whatsoever, said Robert
who is very curious about my TH400 testing and thinks that "the
biggest difference between the transmissions is really the weight,
and the overdrive".

That Monster Syclone! No one comes close to it anymore in that
USA-dominated Sy/Ty world!! If they ever did!? A turbo V6 that
Robert built himself which gives something like 1300 horses!
And 1400 Nm / 1033 lb of torque which sends this black
barn door of 1750 kg / 3858 lb through the air to
8.76 @ 262 kmh / 162 mph!! And counting.
And his 4L80E can handle that...so I can't give up mine just yet...
More hardcore from Mr Syclone here: YouTube Mr Syclone

Robert had just been a week in Greece to help up their economy
before he
sat on a flight home again. Then I got a phone mess "I'm
just outside Venice, Italy but 10.000 meter above". Shortly
afterwards I got this picture from him in the mail as to prove there's
really internet on the charter flights today! That's good so you don't
have to be without www.blackout.nu too long!

What happened this time?

Click bar above to see our vi
ew on our second race this year!

The real Blackout!

This is exactly what I planned for my Blackout SS - hence the name,
but I didn't dare because of eventual treatment by the highway
patrol and at the inspection. This guy dared and the result was
outstanding! At Impala SS Forum he just got voted
"Ride Of The Month" of July and on the forum he calls himself
"MoreThanJake" and lives in Omaha, Nebraska, USA.
Here is his whole story with pictures of the rebuilt of what he
calls "Murdered out 94 Caprice" which was a police car,
then a cab and then he bought it for $1000...
Congratulations "MoreThanJake!"

August 9

What was the meaning...?

Lars-Inge Johansson was only the last one in a long chain of
helpful people that had to involve themselves in a totally unnecessary
problem of transporting this carbon fiber driveshaft
back and forth in Sweden!
(This is a boring reading, jump off alread
y now!)

It began when Karl Ellwein shipped his Impala SS
from Maryland USA to Sweden in 2008 to race here and surprisingly he sold it here afterwards! Karl also left some back-up things: race prepared TH400, Edge converter and this drive shaft. BTW I once sold to Karl a Mark Williams carbon drive shaft exactly like this one, shipped from Gothenburg to Maryland! Crazy!


. .Patrick.. . . . Tommy
These things had been laying around for three years on the second floor of TBDGIT for Patrick and Tommy to stumble upon. "Bostic can you get rid of this stuff?""No I can't, 'cause it's not my stuff" So, Karl gave me this stuff just before we were going up to Nats II at Tierp Arena!!! Thanks!

All this because Kent Edin wanted these things very badly since he really have had problems with his 4L80E transmission. He have never had a single run with satisfied function of the transmission!!!
It is the very same TCI-built (once) transmission
that I use in Blackout SS with... "minor problems".
Kent have always started on 2nd gear. He believes.


Kent have rebuilt the 4L80E to manually shifted, he have changed to
4.10 gears (too low?) in the rear end
and been using Overdrive (!) over
the finishline and all sorts of shake-head adventures.
So Kent was eager to test this TH400 with all the parts, and Tierp
Arena - exactly in the middle of Umeå and Gothenburg - was a good
place for the handing over.
(Stop reading now before it's too late!)
Problem was that Kent didn't plan to get to that race at all so he
asked Super Street racer Ulf Skytte from Umeå to take the things.
All were OK with that. I took the driveshaft with me and Patrick
Wikström would take the TH400 and converter from their
TBDGIT - The Best Damn Garage In Town.
Now, the Pro Mod Team Boss Blowers' Patrick Wikström had
to throw in the towel the night before, and stayed at home...


At least I handed over the driveshaft to Ulf Skytte. Then I went out on the Tierp drag strip and broke MY transmission! Snapped the axle in the 4L80E and sighed. We took it out and left it with Tony Jönsson for destination Danielssons Bil. First when I came home I got the idea - DAMN! - I should of course test the TH400'n'things myself! Now was the chance!

Kent doesn't need it until next year anyway! This winter that is!
And I have an opportunity to test this combo right away!
So I went to Patrick and Tommy in TBDGIT and got the TH400
and converter and was starting to wonder how to get
that damn driveshaft back? Phew! Ohhhh!!!
This driveshaft is a bit longer because the TH400 is shorter than the
4L80E. Well, I called Kent and asked him if he had got it from
Skytte yet but Kent said that he was out on a vacation with the
race bus until the race at Kubbe outside Örnsköldsvik, an
hour south of Umeå, where they should meet.
- OK, Kent, listen very carefully now...
(No more reading! zzz Z z ZZz zzz)
- When you get it, first open it up and measure the c-c and call me
so I know it will work in my car! Then send it back to me ASAP!

Meanwhile I started to research if there was a better and quicker way to get it from Kubbe to Gothenburg
than via the Post Office, DHL etc? "No braky drivy!"
I bothered Jessica Fält on Facebook with this world important issue! Asked if any racer from the south of Sweden was there? She was helpful, even if she had other things to think about as one of the organizers...


Johanna. .... ....Annelie

When I happened to talk to Lars-Inge about it, he said that he was actually
going to be working at the inspection at the Orsa drag race same
weekend, and up north in Kubbe he knew that Johanna Niburg from Mora
(close to Orsa) and Anneli Lindbäck would work at inspection. Aha!

- So if they come away from Kubbe on Sunday in good time,
I could wait for them and the driveshaft before going home to
Uddevalla? said Lars-Inge. Thanks buddy!
Then Kubbe rained off totally! Johanna and Anneli came
away early from Kubbe! Still Lars-Inge had to wait a couple
of hours before he could take the driveshaft from his
colleagues and head home!
Today, Tuesday, Lars-Inge came after his work in Gothenburg
and left the Karl Ellwein drive shaft to me, after a completely
unnecessary route and transaction!
Thanks to all of you who helped in and - excuse me! ;-)

(Now you can open your eyes again! Good that you
missed this because it was really about...nothing!)

August 8

When we were little...

Isn't it wonderful how drag racing
allows you to be a kid as long as
you want? Build funny things and do funny things! Just to be going
around in a mini F100! Everybody loves it! Kids too!
Drag racing is a wonderful and free world for all our sences.
More from this special world soon in my report from the
NDRS Nationals II at Tierp Arena in July 28-30.

August 5-7

Successful rain off

The Sunoco Drag Challenge at Gardermoen in Norway was a very wet
event and ended as a rain off on Sunday! However, Saturday was hot
and sunny so they qualified until after the sunset. Robert's Smart-TV
had more than 11.000 guests (!!) who could enjoy the direct
streaming feed of 6-7 cameras in 1280 x 720 pixel video on their
The bad weather and an internet link that got choked
now and then kept Robert back from experimenting with full force
on his equipment, but click on the picture above and you will get an
actual size screen
dump where you not only get to see that little
bird better but you can even see the rain drops. That's proof of
high quality but I hope we never see that again...

Up in the right corner Robert has put in the scoreboard (cropped from
one of
his cameras). This was a last check up and drying the track
on Saturday morning. Sten Br
unnström walks there with tri-pod and
his phone where probably a friend called and shouted "I see you!!"
Impressed people were heard everywhere, not at least on the blogs,
boards and Fa
cebook. E
ven happy voices from Australia were heard
where they could enjoy the live stream and have a Saturday beer
cheering their man in "Attitude Racing" Mark Ashelford who qualified
2nd with a personal best 6.61 @ 346 kmh in Super Twin!

When it was raining on Friday, Robert
sent his raw material that he
filmed at Sweden Internationals at Tierp Arena which of course
was a success too!
Norwegian Pope Ronnie Krabberød and Swedish
Cardinal PiPPi
made a wonderful pair as speakers which of course was conveyed
into the Smart TV broadcast!
The speakers easily swapped to
English when it was the international UEM bike classes.
With all these happy viewers all over the world, happy organizers
and happy promotors, sponsors, drivers - I believe we now have a
new standard in the world of drag racing and this time Europe
is ahead of the USA. Thanks to Smart TV and open-minded
race organizers.
Who can possibly be against it? How could we settle for
anything less now?
(More about Robert and Smart-TV further down, August 3)

August 4

Early Christmas gifts!

From Doctor Karl Ellwein
in Maryland came his race prepared
TH400 with transbrake and high RPM converter...

From Professor Robert Karström
in Mölndal came this
B&M Quickshift...

Thank you both Karl and Robert, but is the meaning that I should put
this together in my fin
e street SS, just because my ordinary 4L80E-
transmission is at Danielssons Bil's rest home for burned-out
at Ekerö with a spa and health program?
I couldn't do that...could I...?
It feels so yellow and duffy.
Honk your horn if you think I should go ahead and use a proven
solution and start at 5000+ RPM (instead of my normal 1700)!

Honks by email, phone and facebook:

Put in that 400 and slay those goddamn windmills
once and for all for friggin' sake!"

...........................- Rickard "Hawkeye" Waltgård

"Hooonk Hooonk! With that TH400 you'll run at least
@ 226 kmh. Quicker than that is not
recommended I've read somewhere..."

.... ...... . ..... .... . ... .... ... .- Kent Edin, Impala SS 9.74 @ 227 kmh

ONK HONK!!" ;-)
..... .... .... .. ..... .... ... ... ....- Tobbe Ekström, Moral watcher, Finland

n the door Anders! What are you doing in the garage?
Anders! Anders! I know you are in there!

.... ... ..- Agneta, wife (still).

"Of course you must test that TH400, the second best for race after
the Powerglide. That Electronic box you can use on the highway
or wait for 10 years until someone has developed it ready for
racing. But now follow a good advice from "an old racer"
- Please do not use a B&M shifter! He gave it away... go figure!
Please find below the only automatic shifter that should be legal
and approved to sell! I have one myself...

Turbo Action Cheetah SCS TAC-70002B
.... ... .... . .. .... . ... ... . . .. ... .. .- Mats "Masken" Karlsson, Super Gas champ.

"Better listen to the string that broke than never stretch a bow"
"Bättre lyss till den sträng som brast än aldrig spänna en båge"

. .... . .. .... . ... ... . . . . ... ....- Verner von Heidenstam Swedish poet.
... .... ... . . . .a n d and novelist via another one:.
... .... ... . . . ..Per-Erik "Perra" Winberg

"...I would test the TH400, but you have the ball! What's most
important for you - going fast or going fast "your way"?!!?"

... . . . . .. . . .... . . . . .. . - Oscar Zettervall, long time supporter

"I think Mats Karlsson sounds like a wise guy..."
... ... . . . .... ... . .- Peter "Barbapappa" Karlsson

"1150 HP takes its tribute"
... ... . . . .... ... . . . . ... ..- Anders Göransson, Facebook friend

"Test the 400! Honk honk!"

.. . . . .... ... . . . . ... .... ..- Christian Rosenqvist, smart engineer

"Put in that proven 400 and you may have a little driving..."
... .... ... . . . . ... .... ... . . . . .- Thomas Hermansson, Whiplash Camaro

"I don't understand the question?"
... .... ... . . . . ... .... ... . . . . ... ..- Christer Abrahamsson, drag racing speaker

"First I should buy a motorcycle or washing machine for Agneta,
when they open. Then block off one of the exhaust halfs in the
turbo and put in the 400!!!!"

. . . . . ... .... ... . . . . .. . . - Kim Hoffmeyer, Danish Tractor Puller

"Ah-oo-gah-go for it Bostic!"
. . . . . ... .... ... . . . . .. . .. . . .- Eero Pirttinen, street/drag racer Helsinki

"You should listen to Kent!"

. . . . . ... .... ... . . . ... .. .. ... . . . - Karl Ellwein, Dr Impala SS, Ellwein Engines

"Two tonnes in combination with a transbrake
sounds a bit mean I think"

. . . .. . . . . . - Kjelle Ahl, "Ståkkhålm"

"Of course you should go on Anders, we can't have
Kent ahead of you in the ET-list... ;-) "

. . . .. . . . . .. . . .. . . . . .. - David III Johansson, cocky supporter

"Gött mos! Go for it! You never beat an oldy 400. Prove me?"
. . . .. . . . . .. . . .. . .. . . . . .. . . .- Robert Pothorki, 8-second Syclone / 4L80E

"TH400 is the best transmission you can have! I have always been
using it. Even heard that the TH400 is on its way into
Pro Mod in turbocars!"
. .. . . . . .. . .. . . . . .. . . .. . .. .- Lars-Inge Johansson, custom car builder

"The Cheetah shifter is on its way together with a MSD shift light
and several different RPM modules to it. And some surprises.
As you know Autoshop meets the prices of any other sales depot,
and service too! So it's really soon at your doorstep!
Now, let's have a race!

. .. . . . . .. . .. . . . . .- Birgitta "The Queen" Bergqvist,
. .. . . . . .. . . . . . .. . ..Autoshop, Orlando Florida USA
(WOW! The parcel took only from Wednesday to Friday! Thanks Birgitta!)

"The 4L80E is a TH400 with 4 gears so it must be a little better!?" ;-)
. .. . . . . .. . .. .. . . . . .. . .. . .- Kenneth Ståhl, KS Performance, Örebro
. .. . . . . .. . .. . .. ... .. . . . . Rebuilder of the Blackout SS 4L80E

August 3

Web-TV Revolution
this weekend!

Robert Karström from Mölndal, Gothenburg, Sweden can't find time to
finish his Pro Mod/Top Doorslammer Mustang project based on a
Vanishing Point chassie (welded and reworked by Robert) and a 521
blower engine or was it a twin turbo engine? He hasn't decided yet,
as he has been "interrupted by his work" as a technical consultant
at the TV-company Eyeworks in Gothenburg.

However, work is now drag racing live via web-TV and in HD!

The race bus we borrowed for Swedish Internationals has became a
TV-studio for SmartTV web-TV.
Robert Karström is now offering live HD-quality 8-camera coverage for
drag racing! Watch the Web-TV from Gardermoen in Norway this
weekend! Robert is proving his point and is hoping that the industry
will bite. His team partly consist of wife Anna and son Dennis.
ead all about it from Eurodragster.com:


in High Definition 8-camera Web-TV for FREE!

As an offshoot
from his everyday TV-work he has also been doing
small live multicamera shows with his own company HqTec / SmartTV
for different local sport events
such as horse jumping, figure skating
and other smaller youth clubs that haven't got so much money to
pay for such coverage. Robert's vision is that a sponsor could pay for
it and not the viewers!
Viewers must have easy access or else you can lose them, if they
even come to you, and if you got the viewers you have all the
opportunities to fund it with a good sponsor, says Robert.
This year he wanted to show this project within the sport he loves
most - drag racing. And Highest Quality is the name of the game!
- It must absolutely be in HD, since we have that quality in our
hands today. You can't cover a race with surveillance cameras
anymore. I'd rather turn that off and listens to birds in our garden.

Blue tit to listen to in Robert Karströms garden.

- Many call their video for HD just because the picture format is 16:9
but we provide real HD with 1920 x 1080 pixel video signals and
we are feeding out 1280 x 720 at this stage.
- We can and will deliver full HD signal when the net and the reciever
can swallow it, which people are working on as we speak.
He was recently at the drag race at Moholmsstrippen in Sweden to
prove his point and showed what can be done with five HD
some static installations and some with cameramen.

All directed from his giant bus
which was originally built for his
racíng but now looks more like a TV-studio!

Robert got a lot of credit for this show which viewers at home by
their computers around the world could stream both HD-picture and
sound, at quality never before seen!
- Molholmsstrippen was actually first in the world with
real HD live
Web-TV coverage, says Robert with a smile!
- Every day the technique is getting better and faster; this wasn’t
possible to do last year, and the cost has come down for streaming
too. So if you’re smart you can really find a
fast and cheap way to go.
Robert company HqTec / SmartTV have the streaming servers
in-house so he is self-contained to get a live event online.

We asked Robert's view regarding the issue of
organisers who want people to come to the
event - when they could stay home watching
free web-TV?

- If one stays at home, I believe four others will come! If not that
weekend, maybe next or next year. Drag racing is selling itself
so showing it is promoting it!
-And as everyonel knows nothings compares to the real life
experience at the drag strips with all sounds, smokes, fumes,
people, colors, vibrations and all that explosive stuff!
-The guy who stays at home watching web-TV misses a lot, and he
knows that himself, maybe he can't go because he's ill, or can't
afford it or whatever?


- Those who can't really come to your race, and that is people
all over the world actually, they must enjoy the best quality!

- When we aired Moholmsstrippen we had people on the net
discussing - not only where the heck this dragstrip was because
they wanted to drive there - but they also had discussions more
around the track preparations and traction and so on, because
they really had the track up close on their computer
screens, loud and clear!

Gardermoen Raceway, Norway

- It will hopefully be even better at Gardermoen this weekend
, since
I have prepared us better and have more staff and we have a
solution to get HD-feed even so far away as from the finishline!
HD-signals will also be transferred with radio waves locally, which
is a brand new technique too.
- And thi
s time it will be eight cameras, says Robert.
- If all this works I certainly hope that people will love it.
- If no problem arise we will be broadcasting following the NDRG
schedule, Friday to Sunday from 9:00 in the morning to the end of
the day. If it starts to rain we may come up with
interviews or something, I don't know yet.
fans are welcome to www.smarttv.se Click it and enjoy!

July 28-31

Blackout unloaded...

Highway patrol said:
Overweight! Park your trailer here, and pay or go to jail".
There seems to be a growing trend for us with difficulties to even
make it to the races. Thanks to patient friend Kenneth Feldthusen &
Team Northrace we finally got to the Tierp Arena.

At Tierp we got 1 run! Or at least a couple of seconds.
That was enough to know that "it" was back! Best 60 foot in five
years and even a wheel lift again...with 1100 kg / 2425 lb of
front weight....before the transmission broke!
We got it out of the car and since we met the converter builder
Tony Jönsson in the pit, we asked him to take it to his work at
Danielssons Bil in Ekerö for some exorcism. I think I heard a sigh
of relief from Kenneth Ståhl in Örebro? ;-)

is is a riddle. How can the SS be parked on top of the upslope
just outside my garage again. Without transmission. No winch.
And no pushing help from my neighbours?
I will soon be back with a report from this "Nationals II" race at
Tierp Arena which was filled with amazing stuff!

July 27

Blackout loaded...

...in more ways than one!
This car has never before been more ready to race the quartermile!
Goes for the driver too. But this is a secret, do not tell anyone!
See you at the Tierp Arena pit Thursday.
Qualifications Friday - Eliminations Saturday.

July 25

More Media!

There has been more written about Blackout SS lately in our
Swedish automotive magazines. And now also Kent Edin
shows up! Click MEDIA on the blacked out row to the far left.
Or here: >MEDIA

July 24

Lars-Inge aquaplaned!

Lars-Inge decided to take a cross country
ride from Uddevalla to
Stockholm for a registration inspection of his Chevelle '66 since
he missed to do
it in Uddevalla. A neat night drive of 450 km /
280 miles and almost 6 hours. Just quick stop'n'go fueling like
here at 10.30 PM in Brännåsen before Örebro. Everything was
working just perfectly, but the rain increased by the hour and
slowed him down to speeds like 55-60 kmh / 35-37 mph!

Nevertheless, a couple of hours later Lars-Inge lost control in a
dreadful aquaplane! The Chevelle hit the wire separation between
the lanes and wrecked the fiberglass flip front with headlights, also
the radiator and more! Lars-Inge was OK but of course angry, and
had to call the Police and a towtruck in the middle of the tropical

rain! Lars-Inge really had been working to keep off the (too deep)
tire grooves on this highway but suddenly the nature won.
We're glad that you are OK Lars-Inge and we hope that you
get the car back to Uddevalla in an easy way.
2012 will have a better summer for this car anyway.

July 22

Rest In Peace KP

We got the sad news of the tragic death of Krister "KP" Pettersson
at the same time as the unbelievable massacre in Norway. It was
the darkest
evening in years. KP had a lot of humour and was an
allround American Car guy that always were busy on the drag strips
helping racers. Here he (left) showed me how to shoehorn a KB 526
Pro Mod engine into my Impala SS with the help of engine owner
Patrick Wikström, in May 2005. Fun days. KP was in Patrick's
team for a couple of years, also in Lindahl twins' and in Urban
Johansson's team and more.
Yesterday Krister Pettersson was hanging in over a customer's
running V8 engine and something loosened and hit our
friend so bad that his life couldn't be saved!
Vila i frid KP!

Too late to gate!

Lars-Inge Johansson managed to get his car re
ady in time for the
registration inspection of his Chevelle '66 V.2. Almost! The exclusive
LS7 fired up on first revolution and everything worked percfectly!
Except for the old shifter that Lars-Inge tried to fix in a hurry but
that stole so much time from Lars-Inge that he just missed
not only the appointment but the open hours. It was closed when
he arrived which can mean a long wait in a new que for a new time!
Lars-Inge had planned to show at Power Hot Rod Reunion this
weekend but since the Chevelle didn't got legal yet he just
had to back into the garage again...
Blackout Full Size Racing still salutes Lars-inge with a big
congratulations for the very strong work of getting all this
ready and rolling in such a short time!

The staff of the inspection station Bilprovningen quickly got away on
their way home as soon as they heard Lars-Inge was on his way.
More about this if you click this picture! :-)

Ye ol' postcard...

I received an old postcard from Thomas Öhman and Marita Sundin
from when they were driving
the "Wilderness Road" in Lapland to
show their 1962 Ford Thunderbird from Phoenix
real snow.
This was on the way to Gäddede from Stekenjokk. The road he
is 900 meters (2952 feet) above the sea level and that mountain top
of Slipmehke is 950 meters (3116 feet).
Animals here are: bear, wolverine, lynx, arctic fox, lemming, reindeer,
moose, elk, beaver, kings eagle, birds, wolf and a thunderbird.
picture? Yes, I got it in my telephone this morning.

Click this map to get a big one - to check out where the
Thunderbird is cruising around in the Stekenjokk area going south.
From Umeå, pass Dorotea and Vilhelmina to the North-West and
you'll find it close to the Norweigian border.

July 21

I'm in full control!

The radiator fan, Stewart extra waterpump and the two pumps for the
two different fuel systems are now controlled from the mid console
and not from the hard-to-reach clove department!


July 19

Report from a Milestone race!

Four wonderful days at a very special drag race! Click banner above to get in!

July 18

I too have a boat!

My dear brother Björn told me that he also have a boat. He had
seen our pictures of Axel's new aluminium boat (June 25) and said
he have had his boat for a long time and sent this picture.
- Why don't you fix the hole so you don't have to
scoop it all the time, I asked him?
- No never, this is my best exercise!

July 16

LS7 ready to start!

Lars-Inge in Uddevalla works a lot and goal-oriented to get his
Chevelle -66 on the road this summer. New LS7 engine is ready
to start, all hoses are coupled, oil dry sump too. But he won't start
just yet, there are more things to do before playing.

July 15

Working on it!

This guy must definitely have been training a lot at the Polar Circle!
I'm working on the report from our racing at the inaugural Sweden
Internationals at the inconceivable Tierp Arena in June. It's so fun -
and a true luxury - to have the confidence to use also pictures from
friends Patrik Jaco
bsson, www.racebilder.nu and Kirstie Tramm
of Eurodragster.com to edge the report! I have now also shots
from the Safetygroup at the top end! More pictures - more work,
so you just have to wait a little more... :-)

July 14

Congratulations Albert 1

Albert turned 1 year today on the National day of France. He is a true
member of the family and we talk to each other every day and he is
often flying free. Visitors have noticed that he is totally tame as they
have him sitting on the shoulder and picking the cheek.
Today Albert got extra cheese.

Better and better logic

This will be a neat solution of many years awkward and self
constructed problems! It would had been finished many days ago
if it wasn't for the hot Florida weather and vacation and...and...

July 10

Married at last!

Hurray! The marriage between the Chevelle from 1966 and the LS7
engine from 2011 is a fact! However, the priest Lars-Inge Johansson
said it wasn't an easy ceremony
at all! The 40 some years age
difference between car and engine
was shown when he had to cut
out a large part from the subframe and lower it because of how deep
and wide the engine and oil tray went! And the headers went into
the frame on both sides so he had a lot of counseling to do
before the actual marriage!
Congratulations and good luck to all of you!

July 9

This shit has to go!

I'm sorry, but who made this disaster? Did I?! Ok, than I'm even more
sorry! And I'm sorry for all you team members over the years that
needed to kneel in here in the line before start and switch on and off,
because I couldn't reach the glove box when strapped for race! Stupid.
That yellow cable was for me to switch off the radiator fan when
going towards Pre Stage, to save the system 25 amp during the run...
I once thought that "as soon as the roll cage is done I'll make a
switch panel on top of that, in the middle."
Other things happened of course, but I have no excuse!

Maybe something like this? Under the lid in the middle consol...hm?

July 3 - 4

2 in Aero 8 V8 for Big 4

Kenneth "Knego" Lundberg and Patrik Jonson on a long road trip
from Umeå made a pit stop at our place for a night. Patrik's
Morgan Aero were "more comfortable than you would expect"
according to old Ragger Knego who had a Chevelle -66
back in the days.

Morgan models are still hand built. Patrik's Aero is built by the one
and same engineer during two years time! Official year of make 2002.

BMW 4.4 L V8 is really filling its place! Behind that a 6-Speed
Getrag transmission.

It is of course not that roomy. But it's light and cosy.
If anything breaks you just call the personal builder at Morgan and
he starts to build a new part!

Morgan is known for having ash wood in the body structure, so my
guess is that this also is ash? Gaze like a kid on the top speed! :-)

The reason of visiting Gothenburg was of course the gig at Ullevi by
"The Big 4 of Trash" Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax,
beside - of course - having fresh schrimps and cold white wine
served outdoors in the warm sun at the parade street of Gothenburg:
Kungsportsavenyn. And all the cherry picking...

All-you-can-pick! In our backyard we have a tree that every year
give loads of cherries. And this year more than ever! (Actually it's
the neighbors tree with most branches hanging over on our site).
Knego and Patric filled a nosebag for the trip to their next stop:
Oslo, Norway (it reminds me of the TV-series "Snobbar som
Jobbar" or in original language: "The Persuaders"
If Knego is Danny Wilde, Patrik is Brett Sinclair :-)

Grand daddy Thore had a more professional approach and that is
because at their heaquarter grand mother Sonia is waiting for the
berries to make a 50/50 jelly with strawberries! Mmmmmmh!
(They are Axel's grand parents, just to be clear).

Of all the cherry species on this planet this must be the sweetest!?
They are in Swedish called "bigarråer", in English sweet cherries.

Nice with a rest. Thore filled two buckets and was satisfied with that.
He could have filled many more but the rest was for the magpies,
which is too bad with a price of 119 SEK per Kilo on the market...


July 2

Nope, no cops here!

Wheels Picnic North in Umeå. Thomas Öhman lived it like it was
American Graffitti, now that he had his new Thundertbird -62 and all.
Öhman wanted to take a "routine control" picture with "spread 'em"
but the police couldn't care less...they left him like this! :-)
The police
walked away to enjoy all the cars during the cruising
like the rest of the citizens of Umeå.

Kent Edin drove his 9 second Impala SS there with open exhaust
and papers not in order.
Wheels is only once a year, take a small
chance. The big sound of Karl Ellwein's F2-blown 383 gathered
people from all corners..

Bror Danielsson for instance! One of the very first profiles of hot
american cars in Umeå where he started SHRA-Umeå in 1975
together with a group of other enthusiasts with american cars.
ror was my mentor even before late Lennart "Bagarn" Bergqvist.
We were always at Bror Danielsson's home! So much fun!

Daughter Jeannette is not a little girl anymore, which she was the
last time I saw her! Now she have two small girls herself, Evelina
in the corner here...

..and Kitty looking into the camera here. Their dad Leif at least has
his knees in the picture to the right and layingf on the ground is
friend Jocke. The Danielsson camp during Wheels Picnic.

Still good looking after all these years! The 1956 Pontiac Starchief,
and Liessen and Bror as well! Bror have had this Pontiac as a
renovation project but as many of you now he have always been a
Pontiac man and once built the fastest Pontiac on the drag
with his 1974 Trans Am with the Super Duty 455 which entered the
streets from the factory with 390 Hp SAE net! It was "the last" US
musclecar before the world was hit by the oil crisis and the "smog
engines" concept. We the hot rodders thought all fun was over!
That car still belongs to the family and is
secured in a garage in original condition. A true collector car.
One day I will search for my archive pictures of Danielsson's
T/A SD 455 and show you!

First pike from the boat!

Well, it was on net but Axel was so proud! Grand daddy too and
Agneta as well who took the picture and sent it. The pike meat will
be grinded and become fish balls (because of too much fishbone).
They also got two whitefish which will be fileted and bbq'd.
According the report straight from the cottage.

July 1

Check it out!

The report from the first race at Tierp Arena is done and you are
welcome to take part of our family's approach and
our first happy
impressions as paying visitors
at this fantastic arena and premiere!
It has its own headline in Galleries, please click here:

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