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December 31

Happy New Year!

It was stormy at midnight, the firework rockets which still had enough
power to climb above the houses were drifting. It was no idea in even
trying to fire up and send away a Khom Loy / Thai lanterns.

We were out already at 5 pm to see the big traditional firework from
the local Göteborgsposten morning paper. We saw it from a
distance and the weather was calm at that time.

We could even send away a Khom Loy.

We choose Khom Loy instead of fireworks now. Last longer, less
expensive and animal friendly. And not dangerous.

December 30

Congratulations Tommy!

Eldsjäl 2010 - Driving Spirit of the Year! Tommy Månsson - the boxer
who have had a long journey from being ranked 5th in Sweden, to
being a total drugs and alcohol outcast, coming back and starting a
boxing club BK Revansch (Revenge) to take care of youngsters.
Sweden loved him for that and voted him # 1.

Have a look at our films
Filmed by Chris Condor, directed and off-line by Bostic
Bolero, on-line by Niklas Johansson and Anders
Haraldsson, Vingaland film.

Tommy Månsson, Boxing

Carin Jönsson, Horse jumping

Börje Gustavsson - Glider flying


UNIK - Club of the Year

Gasarna Speedway - Young Leaders of the Year

These films were shown in Eldsjälsgalan TV4 December 30th.
To watch the whole 2 hour show click on this link (it is
only up until January 6th):

We were there! Back row: Bostic Bolero (director from Hell, away
somewhere?) Ann-Sofie, Axel, Agneta. Front row: Alana, Jenny,
Sacharias and Felix. We all played Bingo and were close to
the millioooooons!

Grand Finale! All artists and all winners singing Happy New Year!

Axel thought it was a terrific night out with dinner first so he proposed
a toast in coke! And his new blues brothers tie read:
On A Mission from God

Click the bar

Depressingly fun reading...

Don't miss it tonight!

There will be some speedway action on Swedish TV4 tonight 20.00!
And a lot of action from other sports too!

Working class hero! Not only should Chris Condor compose the
picture, keep the camera steady, focus and listen to the never ending
nagging and giggling from the director ;-) He is also the technical
director and is responsible for the expensive equipment. That's the
glamour you'll find behind this highly successful business filmer and
photographer! I'm so glad that everyone have a chance to see a
glimpse of his work tonight on TV4 in five films we've made together!
Niklas Johansson and Anders Haraldsson at Vingaland did the
on-line work. Don't miss it!

Boxing trainer Tommy Månsson surrounded by Anna Broberg,
Eyeworks and Bostic Bolero, Vingaland Film. Tommy in Sölvesborg
is one of the Eldsjälar (driving spirits) contestants who will be in
tonights TV4 show. We've made a short story about Tommy.

Elvis? Don't think so, but a wide range of artists will entertain!
Agneta, Axel and I and some friends will attend the show tonight
so we will play Bingolotto for the 5 million SEK that are up for grabs!
I need the money for some Impala SS parts...
We'll wave to you from Section F!

El clicko:

December 28


On our way to Axel's older brother Anton, to borrow his game
Grand Theft Auto IV (this is the truth!) we were "attacked" by
another car which came too fast down the icy road a couple
of blocks away from our home!
The unlucky youngster panicked when he saw us down there so he
locked the brakes in his old Volvo, changed lane unwillingly because
of that and just t-boned our dear Dodge even though I tried to escape
by steering up on the side-walk and into the snow on the side!
B O N K !
Driver's door and slide door was broken and slide door opens only
if you open the driver's door first. Luckily no one was hurt!
What do we learn from this? Yes, drive carefully.

Talking about Mantorp...

I have told you earlier on this NEWS page about when we were driving
home from the problematic Bilsport Action Meet race at Mantorp Park,
and how I was chased and wrestled down by the Highway Patrol.
Only because my car was not following the "standard". Just recently
I received both still pictures and a film from the chase!

Over 1.3 million viewers! Add yourself to that list and listen to when
radio staff and the helicopter pilot are discussing this car... :-)
www.youtube.com/Impala SS higway chase

December 27

Bad Belt Blues is Back!

Our friend Kjelle "Ståkkhålm" was stunned to see that the Blackout
SS once again was suffering from the the Bad Blower Belt Blues!
It happened at Bilsport Action Meet August 6-7 and the Gates
carbon fiber belt wasn't to blame...
I'm working now to finalize the report from Bilsport Action Meet.

December 26

Time for New Year's cards. This sharp collage is from Chris Condor
who very often works with his friends Irony and Satire to get us
smiling. This time the smile freezes a bit, doesn't it?

It's a....Skoda...again!

Agneta's new car became another Skoda! When my work buddy
"Fobbe" wanted to get rid of his '99 Octavia, Agneta showed her
interest and gave away her '00 Felicia to her son Anton. Now she
have a "modern" car which will suit her business better, until we
get a custom built and custom painted Ford F-100 or something in
that line. It was a cash-and-carry price on this Skoda Octavia, or
rather a cash-and-dig-and-jumpstart-and freeze your ass off price...
But thanks "Fobbe"!

December 24

Our traditional Christmas
package report

For Christmas dinner Agneta made something she has thought
about for many years - Goose! Yes, it was terrific indeed! As usual
my dear wife can work for hours in the kitchen just for the love of
cooking and experimenting. Everybody just loved it, Agneta's
parents Sonia and Thore, Axel too. A first for us all! A total success
combined with Brøndums snaps...for the grown ups.

Another speciality from Agneta is Levain bread of sourdough! Wow!
She had just gone through a course to learn how to make it.

What we noted about Tomten in 2010 was that he must have been a quick dresser,
and he also had the same plastic ring around his thumb as Axel. And Axel missed
Tomten again! Anyway Tomten delivered very nice gifts!

We wish you a
Merry Christmas!

Keep your eyes open!

December 23

More Christmas cards...

Photographer Stefan Boman takes help from 8 lit candles and 8000
horsepower! A Top Fuel dragster!

A gingerbread arena just like the one they're building in Tierp! Great!
See the Christmas gift to all of us: http://www.tierparena.com/

Mats "Masken" Karlsson from Umeå. He got 1400 SEK in winning
the SDL Super Gas cup in 2010! Mr Thomas Öhman pointed out
that this is equivalent of 75 beers at the Nailheads bar in Umeå.

Ulf Skytte & team sent a card of their cool '69 440 Road Runner!

Bo Bertilsson's ghost sent this card from his beautiful red-flaked
Hot Rod. We go way back to the 70's when he invited me to write for
Colorod and Dragstrip magazines. He's from Stockholm but now lives
in California since 25-30 years and is exporting photo articles to
automotive magazines mainly in Sweden and Europe.

This should explain it...

This is our "year card" and it shows approximately half of our film
productions in 2010 and it should give you a hint of why we were so
busy! And why I had so little time with my Impala SS, drag racing
and web site this year! We have had an absolutely terrific year
with our film company, again. Hit it to find out more!

Vingaland christmas card

Hit it!

December 19

This is our family's christmas card. Hit it!

December 11-12

A hide out for grown up Swedes!

Morning train to Copenhagen from Gothenburg. It takes less than 4
hours and then you are in Denmark. We started our party already on
the train with some big shots of Jägermeister. And beer. And wine.
Agneta, Klas Insulán and Ann-Sofie Herlogsson. Good friends in
the field of partying...

In Copenhagen you're free to walk anywhere to find a kro (restaurant)
any time of the day. Many times. We become like teenagers again!
That's what Copenhagen do to many of us Swedes.

And this is of course the ultimate goal - smørrebrød with snaps and
beer! A table filled with all these typical Danish sandwich dishes
which are their National Food. Mmmm for hours! Cheers!

Funny sign! All over the world we see Carlsberg use the slogan
"Probably the best beer in the world" but here at home they must
show respect to Tuborg (same owner)... :-)

We stayed at Copenhagen Plaza and it seemed that all famous
people of the world have stayed there! Here's one of four pillars
filled with names like Frank Zappa, Ac/Dc, Stanley Clarke...

Even Santa is shopping in Copenhagen. This country is really
"overdesigned"! It is actually hard to find a "normal" thing, everything
is screwed a bit. But we like that. And Santa too.

This guy knew exactly where to sit at the long "Ströget" pedestrian
street to get some attention...

Disco helmet. See what I mean, Danish design! Expect anything!

Next day same thing before going home. Just start with a hot glögg,
"mulled wine" to keep the warmth. Danish do their glögg a bit
different from us Swedes but as good as ours. And you are supposed
to eat apple slices to the glögg, that's a local thing.

December 8

A Paradise Attack

Finally Ulrica Hydman Vallien's new book arrived! Such a wonderful
book with 95 % pictures! Amazing! Two of pictures are mine!

It is wonderful with her personal note of course! Thanks Ulrica!

December 3

Bye bye again!

Once again FedEx had to come by my garage to pick up my broken
ProCharger to get it to Birgitta at Autoshop in Orlando. So she can
send it to ProChargher in Kansas for a guarantee repair.

Unit was drained by its 0 synthetic oil before shipping but I left all of
the grinded metal pieces from the gears. Well, it's kind of "normal"
with some fine metal slush, but the big problem is the serious
jagged gears inside which stuck now and then. It broke during
a burnout! (More about that later in the report from Moholmen...)

November 30

Too much work...

Sorry for my absence!
Yes, I have been too busy working at our
Vingaland Film! Again.
However, it was a wonderful project which you all can watch if you
have the Swedish TV4 channel and time over to spend looking at
Eldsjälsgalan the evening BEFORE New Year's Eve, on the 30th.
Eldsjälsgalan = "Festival for Driving Spirits"

I'm happy that we got the one and only Chris Condor aboard this
project to shoot our five films that will be shown during this
Eldsjälsgalan! That means top notch footage! See for yourselves on
the night before New Year's! Here Condor prepares to film from a
"chipmunk" built in 1950! The XD Cam didn't fit entirely inside...

The objective? To film one of the show's finalists Börje Gustavsson
who is a very skilled glider pilot... Börje is helping Condor here with
the chute which also is your seat in a superlight glider aircraft.

Carin Jönsson is another contestant of the three finalists. She is a
driving spirit in her local rider's association. A lot of horse power here!

The third contestant is Tommy Månsson, boxing trainer. I had the
opportunity to show him some alternative tricks from Umeå.
The TV-viewers will have a chance to vote for these three "driving
spirits" during the live Eldsjälsgalan by calling in.

...so, don't forget to watch the five films we've made for
Eldsjälsgalan! December 30th. TV4. Or live at Lisebergshallen,
Liseberg, Gothenburg. Enjoy!

November 23

First snow!

Axel took the snowracer down to the school this morning! This night
the first serious layer of snow fell.

Gäddhultarn for Dakar!

I followed Chris Condor to our old buddy (we once found him!) and
legendary race car constructor Roland "Gäddhultar'n" Gingtorp.
In his big workshop his latest project is being built - Volvo XC60
in Rally Raid Mod!! That series that has The Dakar Rally! Condor
is working along the team to show the progress. Here a fiber glass
test body is fitted before the real body is made in carbon fiber...
You can follow it here: www.pewano.com
And Gäddhultarn's own site: www.g-rexsweden.se

Sorry that Gäddhultar'n did show during our quick stop by, but I
couldn't miss this! He now have a Snap On tool bench!
In black! I want!

Volvo V60

Down the road we also shot the all new Volvo V60...

November 11

Undermat Road Show

Agneta is working hard in her beloved company Undermat. Beside
the ongoing and growing production, she has put a lot of time and
effort in entering different markets around the west coast and south
of Sweden during this autumn.

A speciality this year is her "Julfavoriter" candy. Mmm...too tasty!
"Christmas Favorites" are all made by her of good old reciepes and
they are Ischoklad, Julknäck, Tjongkola and Chokladmandlar.
I haven't succeeded in translation of the names other than that
Chokladmandlar should be Chocolate (dipped) almonds...
Made by Love - sold for 60 SEK a pack...

Another special was this gingerbread house which she just donated
to the lottery of Hallandsjul christmas market!! Note the baskets of
red and white cabbage on the left there...

Agneta is skilled with detailing.

"Gårdsbutik" - farm shop...that's what Agneta is dreaming about...

...and then we will have a couple of spruce branches to wipe off the
snow from our boots before entering the house, a basket of carrots
and a bundle of garlic on the bench. And of course a christmas
chaplet on the wall...I don't see any SS stuff in this dream...hm...?

November 8

Black Tulips!

Before first snow and frost I managed to plant three Blackout tulips!
These are a trade from my Facebook friend Rigmor Bjørnerem in
Norway who got Bolero tomato seeds from me. Of course I will
report back to you in the spring of 2011 on how black they are...?
Thanks Rigmor!

November 6

All Saint's Day

Alla Helgons dag - All Saint's Day - is getting more and more "popular"
every year in Sweden. I believe it has to do with a growning market and
popularity for the more international Halloween. This is the Memorial
place at Västra Kyrkogården in Gothenburg where we lit candles for
our missed family members and friends.

November 5

Shootout # 10 on it's way!

Heavyweights from all over the USA are on their way to Atlanta and
the 10th Southern Super Heavyweight Shootout this weekend!
I got these pictures from Bill DeBlasios Facebook with the text:
"More have joined the party! SSonics and Hamiltons and Erik
da Lawyah. We are in deep PA approaching Pennsyltucky.
Stumpy's an hour behind us as usual".

Maybe we can expect some reports here at the event's page on
Facebook? - www.facebook.com/SSHS10/event

"90 mph fly by. Safe. Efficient." Sure... It can be a long haul for
many to Commerce outside Atlanta. Remember when I won the
"Long Distance Award" in 2005? I wish I was there now...again!
Good luck to all you Heavyweights!

October 15

Persåker to race Top Fuel
at NHRA Finals!

As the first Swede in Top Fuel my old street race friend Jöran
Persåker will compete at the classic NHRA Finals in Pomona,
California in November 11-14! He will rent an 8000 hp car and team
from Canadian Barry Payton! Above picture is from last year in Vegas
when Jöran was a proud sponsor for Danish Stig Neergaard. Now they
will race each other! Good luck to both of you! Check entry list:
More here over time:

Ulrica Hydman-Vallien

She's one of the most talented artists in Sweden and one of the
most wellknown in the world! We just bumped into her working with
her glassblower assistant at the Åfors glassworks in deep Småland
today. We were there just to film any glassblower...

Her art themes with tulips, snakes, cats and faces are as popular
as wellknown and expensive! I just bought a small bowl to Agneta...
I had to buy a memory of this meeting!

Her equally wellknown husband Bertil Vallien wasn't there today but
some of his large (2-3 meter) cast glass boats. Items like these
is bought by the Mick Jaggers around the world for hundreds of
thousands! My brother Sune was here in the 80's and had a chance
of buying such a boat for 15.000 SEK...but couldn't gather the sum!

Big totem-pole by Ulrica! Totally awesome!
More of her here: www.uhv.se/eng
And him: www.bertilvallien.com/

In another "hytta" we met another big name in glass art, Jan-Erik
Ritzman in Transjö
(left), Our guide Anders Malmkvist, photographer
Krister Angenfelt and myself were amused over that Mr Ritzman
had some of his art displayed outside in the nature...

...like mushrooms!

My brother Björn Envall is also a glass artist and makes awesome
things! Popular too. Björn also works with glassblowers in "Glasriket"
(Glass Kingdom) in Småland. This picture is from a 2008 exhibition.
Björn is looking up to Jan-Erik Ritzman and his work.

October 11

After six years...

...it was finally time for Tommy AGA Olsson to take his BIG Lincoln
out for a spin! Last thing he finished was the the 3,5" exhaust
system. Patrick Wikström was very engaged in filming everything!

WHAT!? Red oil? From the transmission or the steering? Aha, it was
from the steering! Phew!!! Just tightening the lines and back at it!

Patrick Wikström was a mechanic for Tommy tonight. Friends in
the OFAB Motorsports team who trade places to help each other.
This well tuned Ford 467 will be boosted by nitrous oxide...

And suddenly Top Fuel Thore showed up in his Mustang "Sally" and
burned rubber! Even over the well cover! Thore knew that October 11
was the "Cobra Day" and that it was Tommy and himself
who decided that!

WHAT! Hot water spewing!?!?! Well, Thore drove this Ford a very
long distance before the burnout! At least a 3/4 mile and that is a
new record for this millenium! This engine is a 357 Cleveland (351 +
.030 bore) once built by legend "Lampan" in Stockholm for drag
racing. Too much power on the street will fit Thore just fine...

National Cobra Day? Tommy, what Cobra-things do you and Thore
have in your engines, really? "Nothing at all, but we are "The Ringön
Cobras" and the thought alone is enough and is making us strong!"

That ridiculously large 1978 Lincoln Mark V "Great White" just flew...
Watch out all smaller cars! That means everyone!

A fraction of the evening captured for YouTube... Click the picture
above to see and hear it! Congratulations Tommy and Gothenburg!

October 8


Finally is the third and last part of our special tour done and
uploaded! The story about this long adventure including Karl Ellwein
coming here from Maryland U.S.A. to race his Impala SS in Piteå
and Skellefteå! And as I promised Karl, my friends, my family, relatives
and you - it's a (sometimes) detailed road trip in Norrland and Sweden,
to make us remember this fun part of our lifes. Because my
website is - as you know - for all of these people.
I have worked on this story a small piece at the time, and often nothing
for months, I have had many other priorities so it has taken two years
to finish it. But it was worth it, and hopefully you can enjoy
something of it too. Take your time...
Please click on banner above to get to the three part menu!

A small part of our Norrland or Bust Tour is actually from The Veidec
Festival at Mantorp in 2008. Because I'm telling the story of our trip
back home as well! At Mantorp Leif "The Nitrofather" Helander
saw that my tomato plant needed water...

Tierp Arena!

Amazing things are happening in Sweden right now! Check it out:

October 5

Part 3 soon to be released

I'm finalizing the last of the three reports from our "Norrland or Bust
Tour" in July 2008. Here Karl Ellwein from Maryland USA is driving
his 1995 Impala SS on the E4 from the race in Fällfors to Umeå...
Welcome back soon for a looooong report! =)

September 28

Gone fishin'!

Our film company Vingaland have had a hectic and successful period
so we took a day off to go fishing in the Lagan river in Laholm which
is filled with Salmon this time of the year. Hundreds of people from
Sweden and also Germany, Denmark are standing along the river
bank all day and landning big salmon of up 10-17 kg's - 22-37 lbs!
However, that didn't happen to any of us 8 happy amateurs! We
saw them but we didn't feel them even once! But we had a great
leave and a fantastic day out!

September 9-12

-Wave to the camera!

What a race it was! The European Finals at Santa Pod in England!!
...and I was at home of courseI But what a nice coverage you got via
Eurodragster.com! Not only Tog's fabulous ultra-quick report on what
really happened both in figures and of his judgement, but now also
live webcam! And add to that Nitroz FM with the speakers! It was full
time at the laptop. To this I open a plastic jug of track bite to get the
right feeling. Patrick Wikström and the OFAB team didn't go the this
race because they didn't get their engine parts in time, but we saw
Top Fuel Thore helping Urban "Ubbe" Johansson from Gotland
to qualify 9th in Pro Mod on a 6.28.
Everything about the race including pictures to be found here:

Eurodragster viewer stats
Eurodragster.com FIA European Finals viewer stats
by spiritual manager Andy "Tog" Rogers:
Race days:
Unique visitors: 72,566
Hits: 6,569,926
All coverage including race, Test Weekend and Pro Peak
Performance Day:

Unique visitors: 113,845
Hits: 8,978,666
The live webcam - which has been an unqualified hit - is hosted on a
separate server for which I can't find stats but it does put up a number
whilst it is broadcasting and when I shut it down on Sunday I noticed
that it had had over nine thousand viewers that day.

Young guns dominated!

Adam Flamholc and Johan Lindberg!

European PM Champions!

First year in the FIA Pro Mod series. And first year with this car. Still,
The New Generation clinched the Championship! Congratulations!
The driver Johan is 27 years. The Crew Chief Jonnie is 21!
An additional source for entertaining information during a FIA race is
at their fantastic website where team member Patrik Larsson does
everything right and updates the blog with nice pictures
and inside stories - and also the evolving ladder!

New ET record and win!

Adam Flamholc and his team solved their problems with the broken
rear axle and finally the performance showed up! 5.967 was backed
by the 5.984. And Adam won the Finals race! Congratulations!
Michael "Gullan" Gullqvist ran a 5.911 in Finland in July (in Melanie
Troxel's borrowed Camaro) but never backed it up, however his top
speed was 395.52 kmh / 245.76 mph which still stands as the
European speed record of Pro Mods!
All records here at the hub of European drag racing:

September 11-12

Jordens mat

Agneta had another successful show, taste and sale of her own
Undermat products - crisp fermented vegetables at the Jordens
Mat (Food of the Earth) this weekend. Her mother Sonia had to
help out on Sunday.

The Jordens Mat exhibition has a free entrance and is getting larger
every year. Many thousands of guests are having a day out,
exploring the growing market of healty ecological food.

The Legend

The magazine Street & Strip had the good taste of wanting to
make an article of late friend Lennart "Bagarn" Bergqvist. Mr
Togga Liljedal interviewed Birgitta (Autoshop), Kines-Tore and
myself, and we also pitched in the pictures from our albums
mostly never before published images, funny too! So hurry
to the stands to get a copy! Thanks Togga & Editor!

September 4

Sweet isn't it?

Who wouldn't just love a scoreboard like this?

...and allowed to drive the big "grown up" go-carts!

September 1

TV Star

My dear wife Agneta is working hard with her own business
Undermat which is growing slowly but surely. Good products and
good reputation have resultet in more and more resellers and larger
orders. It has also resulted in a larger demand of courses where
Agneta is teaching "How To Ferment Your Own Vegetables"
It is spreading like circles on water, every course she have is giving
more demand! In the picture she's packed for going by train across
the country to Gävle where she had a course on "Valbo Street"
Suddenly TV showed up! Check at 7 min into this news program:

Media famous

Three spreads in the August issue of Hälsa (Health)! Agneta is telling
all about the health effects of fermented vegetables and is backed up by
a professor in this article. Agneta is a Degree of Master of Science
in Biology herself. Sorry, not a word about the Impala SS here but
you can still pick up a copy at the stands! August issue!
(Yes, Birgitta your copy is in the mail to Autoshop!)

August 30

Hi! I'm Albert

A six weeks old budgie baby moved in and is filling our house with
loud and happy chirping! Gone are all the small silent hamsters and
the hamster graveyard is full. We hope that this little bird will
become tame and keep us smiling.

August 28-29

Broken again!

Damned it! It's just impossible to reach the starting line at the August
race at Moholmsstrippen! Last year it ended in the pit, this year it
was much better - it ended in the burnout box after a half a burnout!
I promise you a funny report from the last race of the season... even
if this experience was far from funny!
At this weekend Kent was in Piteå for his last chance of the year
to lower his personal best of 9.99 and to beat my 9.84,
but it was too cold and it rained off ...

August 20-22

Welcome Kent Edin and Gentle Giant SS to the World of 9's!

Finally! After "only" four years he nailed his first 9 second run with
the Impala SS he built for this goal. Well, the goal was sctually to get
a quicker ET than the Blackout SS - 9.84 - but the 9.9981 was close
enough for a celebration! Phew... :-)

Proof! First run on Friday! Then over the weekend he never reached
the 9's again, but he backed it up with the unbelieveable string of
10.03 - 10.04 - 10.04 - and a 10.04!

If you feel like a target at 9.84 like me? Yes certainly...
Kent has locked in on this target and while hunting he climbs the
world list, now at #11: www.ImpalaSSdynamicTopETlist

Kent's Impala SS Gentle Giant and its Karl Ellwein built LT1 383
engine "King of Spades" has a BIG sound and attracts people
wherever it is started.

Kent lost in second round of Eliminations on Sunday but was happy
anyway. Finally he reached the 9's and is breathing down my neck!

Very noisy tree!?

"Bank bank bank Saw saw saw..." Much noise from the cherry tree!


Axel and his young friend and neighbour Kevin building a tree house.

The view is magnificient! Our garage in the middle here.

August 13

Congratulations Kenneth!

It really happened at August 7th but then the Team North Racing
and Nilfisk ALTO was racing at Gardermoen, Oslo, Norway.
So it was celebrated on the August 13 - Kenneth's 50th's birthday!
And "everybody were there!"

And if the kids are there, some test sitting in the Altered will occur.
Axel already in cockpit here. Alexander Palmér (right) waiting for...

...his turn to put his son Hampus in there!

August 6-7

Too much Action thanks!

Bilsport Action Meet at Mantorp was our best chance of the year to
get traction for a good ET, and we also got the best performance of
the year before extraordinary and never before seen problems took
us out from the competition...again...Blackout style...

The Safety staff at the top end even came running at one time...
All about it in my report later.

August 2


This website has been down since August 2 and I have no idea how
this happened, but I'm glad it's back! And I know many of you are
too. Thanks all of you for your concern! See it like a vacation...?
I'll be back soon with the latest updates, Kent's first 9-second run
would be interesting to read about, wouldn't it!? And our own
ordeal at Bilsport Action Meet that ended with a ticket from
the Police...

July 29 - August 1

Insane Rain

I now think the days are over when Swedes are trying to make funny
jokes about rain and Santa Pod, England? I think Mantorp Park in
Sweden has at least as unstable weather!? This was not the first time
the big FIA race rained off on the last weekend of July. But this time
it was of "biblical proportions" as Tog wrote on Eurodragster.com
Above picture is from the web cam at the finish line, minutes after
first round of Top Fuel on Sunday!

This is the web cam from the 1/8 mile! This new live multicamera web
broadcast of Nitroz.se was the good news of this race! Cameras were
edited live along as the cars and the bikes moved up the strip! And the
feed from the speaker's PA came along it on the web! This really put
forward the coverage standard of all FIA-races (at least). This together
with the Eurodragster.com detailed live report - which you can't be
without either - makes us happy! Us - the viewers who couldn't
attent in persons.

Most of the days rained off but they managed to get at least one
qualifying round in all classes. On Saturday evening first round of
Stock/Super Stock eliminations was executed and Rick McCann
from London in his Heaven & Hell As Well 1984 Camaro was up
against wellknown class star Ari Körkkö 1969 Camaro - who was
pushed back after the burnout! So in this bye-run Rick set the
Eurodragster.com/Speedflow Perfect Light Award with a 0.0006
RT! And drove a 10.2762 on a 10,27 dial in! I think Ari had been
surprised? The English are very good on dialing in their cars, racing
many weekends in a long season. Rick and wife Carla normally
races their Camaros in PRO ET in UK. Next time it's Carla's turn
to race abroad - in her Heaven & Hell Camaro, at Hockenheim.
Hope you had a safe trip driving back to the UK!

If you click this picture you'll see the web TV page in full size. And
you'll see Jonas Alholt in the burnout box web cam, dressed to the
teeth with his camera equipment, tri pod and high speed cameras.
(Looking forward to see his result!) And again, on this Nitroz.se web
TV page you are not only presented with a lot of web cams angles
but also constantly updated qualifying lists in all classes and
finally the ladders too! But again, you must also enjoy the nitty
gritties of all the facts and the highly professional notes of each
and every run done by Andy "Tog" Rogers of Eurodragster.com
And, you can always go back to these pages to get your info!
Thanks to both Lelle Olsson of Nitroz.se and Tog at
Eurodragster.com for your work!

July 18 - 30

Le Big Mac Tour de France

I will soon be back with a short report from this remarkable 505 mil
- 3138 Mile - road trip in the middle and northern Europe. That's
actually around 300 Miles longer than between NY and LA...
Among other very important things I can then reveal what the burgers
at McDonald's in France are called... Is it "Le Big Mac" or not - as
said in the motion picture "Pulp Ficton"? Please have patience...

July 18

Une pause bien méritée

Look what my wife came home with! Just load and GO!

We are looking forward to this long planned vacation around France
including walking in Paris. An adventure for the whole family with
Agneta's parents as well. Agneta and her dad Thore have their big
birthdays coming up and it was their wish for us to make this road
trip. We have made conservations on campings that provide Wi-fi on
the dates of Veidec Festival at Mantorp so I can follow the Live
Coverage at Eurodragster.com. Yes, I'm an Eurodragsterholic.
Our party consist of five where four is chefs and one just a lucky
consumer / driver - ce moi! =)
Agneta has packed piles of her cookbooks that shall be packed
inside the kitchen cupboards in our hired mobile home.
Will I gain or lose weight?

TBDGIT report

A quick spy raid into The Best Damn Garge In Town!
BOSS will be back at Mantorp! Patrick Wikström is presenting a new
engine with new Quain Stott heads and his own new blower with
further developed design. I was forbidden to take photos of the new
Crown Jewels, the new pistons! Wow! New here and new there.
We hope that Patrick soon enough will find the new set up tune
for all these goodies - to make One big harmonized goodie of it!

Tommy has started his 467 engine! All OK! He's welding his exhaust
system for the moment (when not working on Patrick's car). But
Tommy's Lincoln Mark V is that close for a first show, maybe at
Säve Depå July 24?

Don't miss Mantorp!

July 29 - August 1

The largest race in Sweden. The FIA sanctioned race that is third in
turn in the European Championship before next FIA-races in
Hockenheim, Germany and the European Finals at Santa Pod in
England. Now Mantorp Park has new asphalt, new Time Tree timing
and new scoreboards and a giant field of racers from all over Europe,
and tuners from USA. If you can't be there - you're lucky that
Eurodragster.com is there for you!
And accept that you are an Eurodragsterholic!
It will probably be the best live coverage ever from a euro drag race?
Beside the excellent service from Tog & Team at Eurodragster.com
there will be LIVE VIDEO FOOTAGE AND SOUND from the race
and you can find all of it via the hub of
European drag racing:

You can already now go here
to read that enormous entry list!
11 Top Fuel + Monica Öberg I know!
35 Pro Mod! Fun to see Patrick Wikström again!
13 Pro Stock! Jimmy is back from USA in his own car!
42 Stock/Super Stock! One is from England, our friend Rick McCann
of course, in his converted Camaro '84. Carla and team is there
to back him up in his dream-come-through - to race in S/SS!
Good luck to all of you!

July 17

How was our racing at

Well, we had some blackouts allright! Click the red framed bar
underneath to follow to the page that will give you the story

July 16

Beware of the Camaro man!

David III remember the story from 1979 when I bought my Camaro
and made a collage of pictures of myself and the Camaro. Then I
printed a bunch of papers of that and distributed them in person to
all owners of streetracers that I knew in Umeå, posted them on
garage doors and so on. This proclamation had some headlines too:
"Beware of the Camaroman - he's looking for you!
Last warning - clotted blood!"

Now David III Johansson has his own Camaro and thought it would be
proper to repeat that ol' favorite warning. One of his boys, Emil,
followed dad on this important mission when showing off the car with
an orginial LT1 and all. We can only congratulate you David III.
And I'll try to find that original warning-poster...

July 10

Power Meet

My brother Sune who lives in Västerås sent this picture from the
cruising at the Power Meet which is the largest car meet in Europe
with more than 10.000 cars! It's also the largest meet in the world for
American cars! Visitors from around 25 countries. But I haven't seen
these three visitors there before - Hans, Maggan and my sister Inger!
Hans is married to Inger and Maggan to Sune. You know that Power
Meet is really adopted when you see visitors like these! =)

No straight deal...

It wasn't just to mount the renovated ProCharger in the SS and take
it from where we left off. At Moholmsstrippen we had our hands full
with new riddles to solve. It's difficult when two or more problems are
appearing at the same time. One day testing with four runs wasn't
enough for us. I'll be back with a small report ASAP.

This time no tow truck from Moholmsstrippen! I proudly drove back to
Gothenburg in the SS which is short for Super Sport. I took this
picture during the ride, it is Jonas in his Volvo S80 - which is
short for Smile.

July 5

Woff! Woff!

Jeezus engine is started with the ProCharger F1R V.2. It sounded
terrific! Click on above picture to see a short clip of it!

New internal gear drive makes the ProCharger sound smoother, with
less "rattle" than before. Click on above picture to hear it!

July 4

Outdoor gocart premiere

An exciting moment for Axel waiting for the gate to open. This is the
first time he could drive gocart outdoors.

He's been driving outdoors before but only with small gocarts. This
time it was a big gocart! What...no socks...?

He easily kept the grown ups behind him. Weight advantage was of
course part of it. I also believe Axel got a new personal record in
"own-generated" speed. 50-60 kmh (30-37 mph) with this machine is
faster than both his moped and 4-wheeler. And he loved every minute
of it, every lap on this beautiful, long, open and hilled Torslanda
track. Congratulations Axel and "welcome to the grown up world"!

The Two's Club

Congratulations also to Micke Gullqvist (right) who became the
second member of the European Pro Mod 5 Second Club with an
astonishing 5.911 in "his" R2G2 Camaro! But it didn't back it up, so
Mats' 5.988 from last year is still the European Record standning.
However, Micke enforced a new European Record speed that will
erase Mats' 388.81 kmh / 241.59 mph and that is a fantastic
395.52 kmh / 245.76 mph! Micke drove this Camaro to a NHRA
victory earlier this year (also the same Camaro that Melanie Troxel
drove at Main Event Santa Pod). Micke did the tuning calls in
Alastaro himself and won the final over Johan Lindberg and you can
read all about it at Eurodragster.com. Micke and Johan are
now also No 1 and 2 in the Championship going into Veidec
Nitro Festrival at Mantorp Park at the end of this month...
Martin Lundqvist also bettered his performance of his turbo powered
pick up truck to a 6.907 @ 325.41 kmh / 202.2 mph!!! That is a neat
1.193 second under the 8.10 index, and yes, Martin won
Competition Eliminiator at Alastaro in Finland.
You can find also this story on Eurodragster.com


Also congratulations to the USA and to all
my American friends!

July 1

ProCharger mounted

Went to Kenneth Feldthusen at his work Nilfisk ALTO to have a cup
of coffee and his help to heat the hub so it could be slipped onto the
shaft. This hub is something new from ProCharger since I bought
my F1R-model in 2003. The pulley sat directly on the shaft before.

My own bracket was of course cleaned and polished before it was
mounted to the supercharger with a new set of flat hex 12.9 screws

Gulpa gulpa...burrp! Also bought more ProCharger oil which
comes in 4 oz bottles. One bottle for each change.
More about this here: >BLOWER_MOUNTING

"Six & Martin" Lundqvist

301 cubic inch small block Chevy! The turbo is somewhere in the
back of the pick up. A rather low turbo pressure...30 psi. Martin
Lundqvist is of course No 1 qualifier in Competition Eliminator at
Alastaro in Finland...with above ET to the index of 8.10. And No 2 is
an old military buddy of mine, Per-Erik "Perka" Lindgren in his
altered powered by a 2.1 L four-banger alcohol-drinking engine with
a ProCharger with an 8.459 @ 255.58 kmh (158 mph).
Fantastic cars built by their owners and drivers!

Tog in Finland

Dragstrip is a 21 letter word in Finland! That didn't stop Tog and his
team at Eurodragster.com to find Alastaro Dragstrip to do their
live coverage from the 2010 FHRA Nitro Nationals this weekend,
starting today Thursday! This is the second race of the FIA
European Drag Racing Championship. Tog's eurodragsterholic team
this time is Christer Abrahamsson (pit notes) and photographer
Markus Ek. Link below will take you straight to the coverage:

June 30

My weapon is back

Back from repair and overhaul at ProCharger with some new updated
things. It's now like a completely new supercharger with all the new
modern items, like the hub which goes on the output shaft to mount
the pulley wheel on. Back in 2003 when I bought my F1R the pulley
went on directly on the shaft.

A change from my old 38 tooth pulley to the new 40 tooth pulley is
absolutely necessary to take down the spin / boost pressure of the
supercharger a bit, since the new internal drive have a ratio of 5.40
(instead of 5.00 before) And we want to avoid to spin the ProCharger
above 70,000 RPM, right? =)

June 28

On its way back today!

My ProCharger F1R is factory repaired and on its way back to us!
It was indeed an intenal wear of the 6 gear drive wheels so a whole
overhaul was needed. In that process it also has been updated
with today's internal gear drive which ratio actually make this
model spin 4000 RPM more! That together with a new external
pulley and some more new accessories from ProCharger
points towards even more power delivery!

...thanks to Queen Birgitta

It was Birgitta Bergqvist at Autoshop Racing Engines - my high
performance supplier - who again pulled some of her strings within
the American Automotive Industry! This time she managed to speed
up this deal with ProCharger so it went through in no time! She has
been well attached within the industry since when she and Bagarn
opened Autoshop in Orlando in the mid 80's and made a lot of friends
like Top Fuel driver Joe Amato (left) and late NASCAR-driver Neil
Bonnet (right). I don't remember who the guy in the middle was?
Anyway, thanks Birgitta for your awesome string-pulling!
(Photo above is on the wall at Autoshop)

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