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1983 - Hot Rod Magazine / May

Got a crazy idea, and the officials said OK! So I raced a camping wagon during a lunch brake at a
drag race on Pite Dragway in 1982 and it was published in All Mighty Hot Rod Magazine in May 1983!
It had to be very special to make it into that mag of course...
NOTE; please scroll further down to find an update in the Hot Rod April 2006 issue! =)

All my videos here:

2000 - Power Magazine / No 5
By Kjelle Gustavsson

(My own translation...)
On Sunday the ET class was won by the ever-so-youthful,
wonderful and almost unthinkably intelligent
Anders "Bostic" Envall. This is his first race since 1985
when Bostic drove 9.85 @ 140 mph with his
"Whiplash" Camaro.
He marked his returned by coming second in the ET class
qualifying with his '96 Impala SS and the reaction times
of a Cow.
Plus a bit of luck when the opponents were in too
much of a hurry.

Same magazine, same event:

(My own translation...)

The return of Bostic to Dragracing after 15 years "out in the cold" became a jamboree.
The Swedish Government sent flowers and a horse.
Bostic's rampage with the Whiplash Camaro is remembered by all that were there - including
the editor who got spanked at the Mora Airfield. Envall (profession: fighter pilot) came
to Mantorp in his computer tuned '96 Impala SS and qualified second in the class. Sure he
had some luck along the way - including in the Final against Lars Madsen (65 Chevelle) who
red- lighted with a pitiful 3 thousands of a second. Lars (who finished 3rd in the Nordic
Championship) was also No 1 qualifier with a perfect 0 in reaction time! Third was Tomas
Steen from Karlstad with a '69 Pontiac Firebird. 39 cars entered the qualifying.

2001- Bilsport Magazine / No 24
By Gunnar Ljungstedt
Headline: BOSTIC - the fairly true story
In Swedish only.
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2001 - Power Magazine / No 5
By Kjelle Gustavsson
Headline: The Affect of Hook

(My own translation...)
Bostic Envall has worked
his Impala SS.
The big Chevy did
wheelstands and got
12.57 - with just a little
tuned 350 stock engine
and a little nitrous.
Quite good.
Then they had a party
gobbling Carlsberg
"Sort Guld" - Black Gold.

2003 - Impala SScene / Jan-Feb

By Karl Ellwein
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2003 - Bilsport Magazine / No 21
By Stefan Boman
Headline: The Swedes that struck at Santa Pod

Click on the heaviest car you can find...

2003 - Bilsport Magazine / No 22
By Stellan Åberg
Headline: World's quickest Impala SS

(My own translation...)

Former Bilsport co-worker and extremely good looking billionaire Anders "Bostic" Envall
from Gothenburg has the world's third fastest Impala SS.
Over 200 Impala-owners are competing in the list and Bostic was 47th last year, so things have
moved fast. The host of the list, Karl Ellwein, revealed that the top two don't drive their cars on
the street. So Bostic's 4-doors family car is the world's quickest Impala SS still on the street.
The team is called Blackout Full Size Racing and notched up 10.80 sec at Santa Pod with a
totally destroyed drive belt, not a single tooth was left by the finish. The burnout had a 20 psi of
boost and only 7 psi were left at the finish line. There's a 9 sec ET hiding in "Jesus" - the 396 ci
built by Lennart "Bagar'n" Bergqvist. But then the belt must last all the way.
Without the blower the engine had 498 hp on the dyno and it should in theory give
1000 hp at a maximum of boost.
The Impala SS is driven between all the races and to the day care centre every morning with a
very happy 5 year old, Axel, in a
carbon fiber child's car seat. Axel always wants his teachers
and the other children to come outside so that he can proudly show off daddy's car.
If you want to see more visit which is only about Bostic's family car.

2003 - Wheels Magazine / Nov
By Olof "Professorn" Svenningsson

(My own translation...)

Bostic - "Fastest in town" in Umeå and the well known racer with the "Whiplash" Camaro.
After a considerable number of years away, Anders "Bostic" Envall (now better looking than
ever before!) has started to race again. As usual the Devil's horns have sprouted and the family
Impala was transformed into a project with two faces. On the strip the daily driver changes its
shape when the belt connects to the ProCharger blower. Then the fuel valve shifts to the fuel
cell containing race fuel, the slicks come on and the fullsize is ready for 10's.
The big cubic smallblock is built by "Bagar'n" in Florida.


2004 - / Feb
By Sharkman
Hey, it's all in English!

2005 - Impala SScene / Jan-Feb
By Karl Ellwein
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This is a fun flashback for us who were there. And it is fun to see that writer Karl Ellwein and
the editor "Rustic" also managed to present our friends Patrick Wikström, Kenneth
Feldthusen, Rick McCann and Carla Pittau and more.

2005 - BILSPORT Magazine / September
By Gunnar Ljungstedt / Jarl Asklund
Headline: Camping vacation in 16 seconds

Too bad for those who can't understand Gunnar Ljungstedt's Swedish writing,
foreigners and Swedes alike. Click it to make a try!

2005 - Classic American / October
By Dave Smith

This is a very classy and enjoyable English magazine! And as a stroke of luck this issue
also has a good biography on Smokey Yunick! With pictures as well! Get it!
El Clicko El Reado El Grande Texto

2005 - Allt om Husvagn & Camping / October
By Susanne Landin
Headline: World Record in Drag racing with camper

Of course the leading mag in the caravan and camping business
recognized the record runs. Click on article to get a biggie.

2005 - BILSPORT Magazine / October
By Gunnar Ljungstedt
Headline: "Bostic goes to USA to race his Impala
- My wife forced me!"
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Well, our adventure in bringing Blackout SS to SSHS5 in Atlanta is
exposed nationwide in Bilsport Magazine!
So nothing must go wrong now!...

2005 - BILSPORT Magazine / November
By Bostic Bolero
Headline: "Gone With the Wind
Click it to get a large readable version!

...and of course something had to go wrong!
The hurricane Wilma stopped the containership with our Impala and went to Panama!
We got to the race in Atlanta without our car but had a great time.
Also read more about it here.

2006 - Hot Rod Magazine / April

Once again I'm published in the mother of all automotive magazines! And once again it's about
the camper trailer racing. Scroll to the top of this page to compare with the note in
Hot Rod 1983. Hahaha! It's 23 years between the issues and they show different cars,
different trailers but the same maniac.


2006 - Wheels Magazine / May
By Sören "Fixar'n" Fjällstedt
Headline: "Staking High

(My own translation...)
"Pushing the envelope, is what counts for Anders "Bostic" Envall in Gothenburg
and his hotted 1996 Impala. He consults his son Axel on how to get his ten second
Impala down to nines in the 2006 season. The goal is as usual very modest when it
comes to Bostic...the aim is only to be the fastest in the World 2006! The Impala
has been on a round trip to Florida (thanks Bilsport, Nordtrafik and Autoshop!)
during the winter to get the car checked and the engine tuned by Baker at
Autoshop. Read more about the
adventure of these two guys at"

Thank you Sören "Fixar'n" Fjällstedt and Wheels magazine for the attention!
However, the goal on building the quickest SS is since 2001, and we were
closer back then! Also we sent our SS to USA to SSHS-5 race in Atlanta,
a plan which got stopped by the Wilma hurricane. To tune with Autoshop
was the bonus, which at least we made happen! We're very happy for that!

2006 - / Sept
By Andy "Tog" Rogers

Laser sharp predictions - for once =) ..Click it to read!

2006 - BILSPORT Magazine / September
By Stefan Boman
Note headline: "World's Fastest Bostic!

You can imagine how I feel when reading this note in Bilsport!? After years banging head wind,
up hill slopes and fires I can finally read the confirmation of my goals in the
best automotive magazine. Wow!

My own translation:
Former Bilsport co-worker and extremely handsome Anders "Bostic" Envall drove his
Impala SS (a total of 460 miles back and forth) to Santa Pod. here he changed tires,
unloaded the bagage and drove 9.84 with wheelies in the 2 ton (!) heavy car
to be 8th Qualifier in Pro ET(!).
However, the picture shows when he got beaten by a Monza Funny Car with only
5 hundreds of a second. The goal with the trip was mainly to be the fastest street
driven Impala SS in the World which happened. Only a trailered and lightened
car have been faster according to the Impala SS World Ranking List in USA.

Read my report from this race here!

2007 - BILSPORT Magazine / September
By Stefan Boman
Veidec Festival 2007

Initiated photojournalist Stefan Boman covered it all for the best and quickest drag racing
magazine of Scandinavia! I could read a whole fat magazine looking like this,
from every race, every day!
We were of course especially glad to see that 2/3rd of all projects in TBDGIT was noted!
Both Patrik's new premiere in Pro Mod and even my troublesome appearance in Super Gas!
If you click above magazine you'll get to read the whole spread - in Swedish!
It says something like this:

About Blackout SS:
"SLIPPING. Good looking, and now also in a wonderful slim body, Anders
"Bostic" Envall has gone 9.84 earlier in his Impala SS 1996 locomotive.
With more updates it was going to be quicker at Mantorp but the
transmission was slipping and it only went 11.05
(10.96 ed's note!)
New try at Bilsport Action Meet. Follow it at"

About Patrik Wikström:
"TEST DRIVE. The Champion of Pro Mod two years ago, Patrik Wikström,
hasn't raced since then and had his comeback at Mantorp. The car is partly
the same but much updated and hotted in an orgy of chrome, carbon
fiber and paint. The race was considered a first test which ended with a 6.45"

2011 - Wheels Magazine / # 8 August
By Olof "Professorn" Svenningsson
Sweden Internationals 2011

Old colleague Olof "The Professor" Svenningsson noted Kent's and my fight in the huge
buzzing of Sweden Internationals - the largest drag race in the Nordic countries.

Kent is getting the Top Banana handed over by the in-this-particular-picture-tremendously-
fat-looking guy! The Top Banana of the fastest Impala SS in Europe that is! My translation:
Kent Edin from Umeå stole everything from his friend Anders "Bostic" Envall to the
right (we are very sorry for our cheap camera which made Bostic look much bigger
than in real life!) Both is running 9's in Super Gas with their -96 Impala SS and
supercharged stroker engines. In the Eliminations Kent lost while Bostic
was hit with technical problems.

(Editor's note: So far Blackout SS haven't gone 9's in Super Gas).

Read my report from this race here!

2011 - BILSPORT Magazine / # 14-15 July
By Stefan Boman
Sweden Internationals 2011

Bilsport do justice to their name as usual - "automobile sports". This is the motor
magazine you'll best follow the series, partly because it's a fortnight publication
and partly because of photojournalist Stefan Boman with initiated reports,
like the one below.

"BOSTIC. Former Bilsport co-worker Anders "Bostic" Envall qualified 16 in Super Gas
with his street driven Impala and he was very surprised that he wasn't qualified 1st!
Time was 10.46. He went to the timing crew and bothered them for hours to get him
a time slip that he could live with and threatened them with a clenched fist and -
"I know Tog at Eurodragster and I'll tell him about your bad work!" - before they
threw him out. A fuse to the fuel pump burned just as first round started,
which unfortunately stopped the rampagings".

Read my report from this race here!

2012 - BILSPORT Magazine / # 17 August
By Håkan "Molle" Molin

August 8

Roaring laughter memories

"Best of Bostic"... Because of its 50th Year Anniversary Bilsport Magazine is looking back all
year, and again mentioned my work as a journalist together with the photographers Christer
"Chris Condor" Ljungaeus and Putte Lundmark in the No 17 issue. All lovingly remembered
by Bilsport journalist Håkan Molin. Thanks "Molle"!
(Click to read Swedish)

2012 - August 23
By journalist Christina Bodén.

The Book
"The Legends That Created The History"

Can you imagine - late "Bagarn" Bergqvist and myself got our own
chapter in Christina Bodéns newest book on Swedish drag racing!
332 pages and 13 chapters of REAL good history! Fun and interesting!

Our chapter is # 10 "From Best in Umeå to Best in the World"

We're in very good company of real legends from the
early years, like Sillarna, Rune Lindholm, Calle Hansen, Olle Löfven,
Inge Ellburg, Ola and Lasse Nigell, Björn Andersson, Tage Hammerman,
Roland Larsson and Åke Ryman - just to be mentioning a few - and all
the way via hundreds of other wellknown profiles up until today and the
last chapter on how Tierp Arena was built!
The book was released on Tierp Arena during the Scandinavian Internationals.
You can click the book above to read some of it, but surely you need to buy
the book because you want to read all the pages about all the people!
And your kids need that too! Think about it! Merry Christmas...

This is one of the pictures of "Bagarn" that was published in the book, which I found deep down in my
archive. It's 1979 and 29 year old "Bagarn" curses loudly because he have to weld a roll bar into
the 1966 Nova streetracer he had. It was the rules of drag racing and he wanted a timeslip badly!
But he only found thick wall pipes in Umeå so he had to put on some serious weight in the car!
At the next race in Piteå he crashed violently! That roll bar saved his life. (More about that in the book!)

Here's a picture only for you. I wish "Bagarn" had lived to read it! Birgitta loves it and says "Bagarn"
would have been so proud. Thanks Christina for thinking of us when making this book
and for all the work you have done with it!

2013 - BILSPORT Magazine / # 5 February
By Håkan "Molle" Molin

February 21 - 2013

Whiplash - the Camaro that took off

Whiplash is not forgotten.
Bilsport Magazine journalist Håkan "Molle" Molin have a series - in the magazine's 50'th year anniversary
celebration year 2013 - called "Molle Remembers" and in No 5 / 2013 he remembered one of the
dominating street racing cars of the 80's, my 1967 Camaro "Whiplash". And my newer project Blackout
SS is also mentioned. It is fun to see the Camaro project in a compact story like this! Thanks "Molle"!