Another happy part of my life!

My first streetrace. Ersboda in Umeå 1979. A typical 16-car ladder to decide who will win the much desired t-shirt with the
message: "Stop talking - I'm the fastest in town". In second round Thomas "Fredde" Frediksson takes the start with a two
foot margin and holds it over the finish line 1/8 mile away. "Freddes" 1970 Oldsmobile Cutlass 442 with the W30 455 ci
engine had more torque than anybody else, and still 4-speed! Truly a beautiful car that also won the t-shirt this year.
My '67 Camaro's first V8 was a mostly stock all iron 350, with a 4-speed Saginaw. A couple of them, actually...and then
a couple of Muncies as well...and also a street 5-speed Doug Nash. But then the race version of the 5-speed Doug Nash
was the gearbox that finally could take the abuse in Whiplash.

My first sketch of the paint design. 1980.

The first four winners. Streetracers in Umeå still race for the t-shirt today! Lennart "Bagarn"
Bergqvist is now (2006) gone after a short but courageous battle with cancer. Thomas "Fredde"
Fredriksson is an owner/operator of a building demolition company in Stockholm, Inge Hägglund still is
an engineer in Umeå and backs up his winning daughter in Super Comp.
I'm in Gothenburg.

1981. Planning a street race in Vasa, Finland, the neighbor city over the water to Umeå.
In Umeå is where organized street racing with ladders and an official winner at the end of the day
actually began in Sweden in 1978. Yes, I may have had something to do with it. Then we took it
all over Sweden through the awake BILSPORT Magazine, where we put all city winners to an Super
Final in Mora - in the middle of Sweden. Girlfriend Mia in red/white and me in blue in the middle of
everything. Bagarn and Birgitta was also in the middle of it, even if I don't see them in this picture.
BTW, here you can see a piece of the best car I ever have owned - a 1970 Volvo 145. I really used it
like I hated it but it was there for me everyday.

We had a great summer in 1982 with a lot of racing everywhere. Here going back from Pite Dragway. It
was especially fun when Hazze Lindholm, Benke and Lasse from Stockholm joined. And our friend
Linkan from hometown Umeå of course (I guess I had borrowed his Mickey Mouse heads for this race?)
And Kiosk-Ella, a friend of Mia, my girlfriend at the time. Note Bagarn and Birgitta who already
back then were running the Autoshop business and now some 23 years later are named "The King and
Queen of Orlando" by Popular Hot Rodding after their clean sweep at the 2005 Engine Masters
competition! Click picture to get a much bigger one!

From that race at Pite Dragway 1982. Lasse, Bagarn and Hazze Lindholm making Whiplash ready.
Class: G/SA (Street Altered). From Lycksele Åke Morén's black Camaro next to us in the background
with an Bagarn-built Autoshop engine as well (and the Smokey Yunick designed intake!).

First five

I found a funny notice from Bilsport magazine # 25-26 1982 on the "Acc-plock"
dragracing news page, by Editor Stellan Åberg.
"We got a picture to forward to the readers. A Christmas wish and wishes for a faster '83!
From left Bagarn '78, Fredde '79, Inge '80, Bostic '81 and Tore '82. All of them secret winners
once in Umeå's annual streetrace shootout of the t-shirt"

Going home from Seinäjoki, Finland in 1983. (Through the small village of Koskenkorva!)
No trailer queen then either.

Eero Pirtinen is a strong memory from those days when we raced the Finns, well it was only him! He
drove this 440 Challenger 15800 miles (1000 mil) a year and at the strip he managed an 11.43 @ 122
mph as the best in the early 80's! He also came over to Umeå from Vaasa to race us, and to Santa
Pod to race all of us! We also remember that all of these finnish drag racers had the cutest young
ladies in the world, that always fixed the best food and everything for us all the time! We couldn't
believe it! Thanks again! Nowadays Eero lives in the capital of Helsinki and has just bought a
Chrysler 300 with Hemi and 4WD.

I found one of Jan "Putte" Lundmark's shots from Pite Dragway in 1983, or 1984? The Autoshop
Whiplash Camaro just flies towards another low 10-seconds timeslip! You can either click this
one to get a bigger one, or click the banner below to get to the report from our race in Pite last year,
where I now have included this picture, and see how Pite Dragway looks nowadays.

Just another cool picture from my friend, the master image creator Chris Condor. Probably from
a race in Mora with the magazine Power as an organizer. Click picture to get a bigger one!

In my garage in Umeå. I guess 1983? "Kines-Thore" sits in engine bay and "Fjuppe" is leaning. I'm behind the wheel.
Note that front tire! I remember them front tires were old even back then and felt like it was made of stone.

Working on the plastic front. Nice glasses... Thanks for the memories Condor.

Sure... =)

Dale Vaznaian (middle) from NOS came all the way from Cypress, California to Umeå in
the north of Sweden to say Hello to Lennart "Bagar'n" and Birgitta at Autoshop Racing
Engines which was the northernmost NOS dealer speedshop in the world. We showed
him our "elephant leg warmer" - the 12 V heat blanket which we used in my Whiplash
Camaro to heat up our nitrous bottles with. Dale loved the idea and took it back to NOS.
Today it is a standard in the industry.

Hit it!
Just an unbeatable Camaro!

Look what I found in an old box in my garage! The 1983 ladder for
the annual title streetrace (illegal) in Umeå - "Quickest car in Town!"
which I of course won in my Whiplash Camaro! But the most
interesting is the semi-finals if you
read the names, three of them
races Impala SS today 25 years later - Kent, Ola and Bostic!
Especially fun if you take a look at our race in Fällfors in July!
Also interesting is no 7: PA Challanger, that's the same guy
and car with 440 engine who won Stock/Super Stock at the
Veidec Nitro Festival in 2008! His Challenger runs in A/SA.
If you want a bigger pic of this ladder which is a lot easier to
read click here!

1981 and 1983 winner in the annual battle of who's the fastest Street
Racer in Umeå. This is the moment after the final in 1983. Nitrous
injected 355" engine is still sounding from the heat and the winner
takes it all. All 24 racers put in 50 SEK upon entry.

Agneta did a big clean out in the attic and said that she found so much junk to throw away. I am glad
that I asked to have a look at that junk. Because I found - and kept - sweatshirts with historic values,
like from my first win of the streetrace in Umeå in 1981. We printed t-shirts to the winner with the
winner's car on it, and we also printed a sweatshirt and some extra textile
prints for the winners to frame.

I won in 1981 and in 1983 so I have two prints! I designed the prints for the winners as long as I was
involved. It all was financed by the racer's entry pool, typicly 32 drivers x 50 SEK each. Of course
I had good connections with the studio Teknisk Illustration so I could make the originals to a minimum
and also the printing shop Umeå Reklam for making "the most important job" of the year.

The Whiplash garage the winter 1983-84. Showed major changes on the Camaro for my competitors in
south of Sweden. Aluminium Brownfield heads, new 180 degree headers, front moly bars by
Roland "Gäddhultar'n" in a cleaned up engine bay awaiting new Michael Anderbrandt plastic front, new
improved nitrous bottle, Koni shocks for new ladderbar rear end setup, new slicks.
Can you find the rubber hand? Scary piece... I guess I wanted to have an intimidating look on this
picture... and succeeded...sort of...especially concerning that old blue moped helmet
and "Texas teeth". Hm...

What a sound through these megaphones! Advanced headers built in 1983, inspired by Smokey Yunick
as well as Roger Andersson's dragster from Gothenburg who ran a Big Block with 180 degree headers
and it sounded like a big in-line 12 cylinder! Roger, he had the "easy" way when building them over his
engine, while mine should fit in a '67 Camaro. I got them to fit all right, but had to remove the better part
of the oil sump in the oil pan - so sudden oil pressure drops was the result! Had been perfect with a dry
sump system, which I couldn't afford so I sold them to a guy in Denmark.
Anyone knows what happened then with these headers??

I also had to remove "that hand"...

Part of the ferry line in Gothenburg when we were going to the big adventure at Santa Pod in UK in 1984.

My friend Thomas Öhman in Umeå said that he found some old photos in his albums, from our very
successful trip to England and Santa Pod in 1984 (where he was licensed to drive Linkan's Suburban
with Whiplash on a trailer)
. I begged him to scan and mail. And now I'm just politely wondering if this is
the only picture you've got from that historical adventure - me discovering that beer was only 5 SEK
(0.5 € / 0.6 $) on the ferry?? Thanks, but I hope you've got more?

My mentor "Bagarn" and the unbeatable Camaro "Whiplash" at Santa Pod in September 1984 where
we did a clean (a very very clean) sweep. We won everything. Click it to get a bigger picture to lick.
Front fender showed the killings (so far) during the unpainted era:
Chevy '55 454
Mustang 289
Escort 289
DeTomaso Pantera
Kjelles Power-Cobra
Mustang 351
VW 1890 cc
Edlunds 2.4 L PV
Satellite 344
Persåker HEMI
Corvette 454
Olds 455 W30
Plymouth GTX 440
Dart 340
Nova 350
Valiant 331
Mustang 351
Camaro 454
Dart 383
Chevelle 327
Mustang 466
Dart 344
Olds 455
Nova 331 turbo
Super Bee 383
Challanger 440
Camaro 350

Hit it!
THE Highlight of my Whiplash Camaro racing

Santa Pod Raceway, England 1985. My final version of Whiplash. Sold it 1986. Kept the engine...

The last race. My God! Look at me! What a stupid grin! But small belly. And that helmet... oooh dear! =)

Mantorp Park, October 1985. The very last race with Whiplash. Then Lennart moved with his family to Orlando and
opened Autoshop Racing Engines Inc. I moved to Gothenburg and just forgot about racing.

The baby that never was forgotten. The Whiplash Camaro '67, a fairly rebuilt and stiffened but street legal '67 with Doug
Nash Race 5-speed and a 5,14 Ford 9" rearend hanging in ladder bars and adjustable Koni shocks. Powered by an
extremely, yet endurable Autoshop, Baker-built NASCAR 355", Brownfield aluminium heads, Victor intake, single 850 dp.
This screamed to a competitive 725 + horsepower level on NOS cheater nitrous. It took the 2800 lbs. Camaro to a
9,85 @ 140 mph (226 kmh) at it's best and won the unofficial European Championship for streetracers in England in
1984, before it was sold in pieces in 1985 (except the engine which still is kept for future adventures...)

What can I say? A Danish guy built a streetracer Nova back in the 80's and I was a
target in my 9-second street-Camaro. And Rambo too. Cute. I would buy that
trunklid today...
Breaking news - the lid is found! A danish man emailed me that he had it on the wall.
Now awaits hard negotiations on the price...

Click MEDIA to find old and new magazine articles.

May 23 - 2009

Whiplash born anew!

Whiplash back at a drag race - in his right suit again. Lotta pushes
Thomas in the lines at Västervik on a non-prepared airfield.

Ooops! No third gear in the TH400 transmission and engine misfired
around 5800 RPM. Some plugs were wet black. So another riddle
machine is on its way...

"I didn't check ET's and stuff" said Thomas. Sure.
"But we got 1.7 something at the 60 foot, at least 4 tenths too much!
It only spun. Experimented with the tire pressure but it was no
traction at this place. Even though, we had the quickest car out of
the lights which means OK chassies"

"We're going to race at Kjula, Aros Nats and Veidec. Maybe also at
Säve so we can meet Blackout?"
Thomas, I would be delighted to meet my memories...and to feel
how it was back then to see that Camaro just disappearing...

For the first time the long survivor Whiplash was up against a Dodge
Viper! How did it go? Click picture or here
More pictures from the Västervik race here:

More about the new Whiplash here:

Flashback -
last minute with Whiplash!

This was the moment when I sold Whiplash and handed over the keys the new owner Kåre Sigerset
from Molde in Norway. I have just pulled out the Camaro from Chris Condor's barn where I had it parked
since I moved to Gothenburg in 1986. The 5-speed Doug Nash was earlier sold to Gotland and the 355"
engine shortblock and special headers with AR- cones was pulled out and stored for future adventures.
However, the clever guy storing the things for me, both raced my engine in his own car and then sold it,
without even telling me! I can't still believe it's true! More later...

So what happened to Whiplash in the hands of Kåre and his team of Trond Hoel and Tor-Helge Husevold
(thanks for the pictures!!)
Here's from Gary's Doorslammer Nationals at Santa Pod in 1988 (The race that we won with this car in
1984, and broke a driveshaft in 1985 in losing the semi to David Pollen who had a yellow... Zephyr?)

Now Kåre went all the way to the Final to meet - Dave Pollen (!) Opel. Yellow must have been highest
fashion in 1988! Kåre lost already in the burnout when he killed his engine (had to rev-limiter).
Dave went on to win and eventually ended up in Pro Modified in the 90's.

Lennart "Bagarn" Bergqvist at Autoshop had built him a 540 BB on a Mark IV block, Brodix heads,
roller cam and a 1050 BG carburator. Some 700 hp without NOS nitrous, and closer to 950 hp with it.
Kåre ran 9.6's with a powerglide and a 4800/5000 rpm converter.

February 21 - 2013

Whiplash - the Camaro that took off

Whiplash is not forgotten.
Bilsport Magazine journalist Håkan "Molle" Molin have a series - in the magazine's 50'th year anniversary
celebration year 2013 - called "Molle Remembers" and in No 5 / 2013 he remembered one of the
dominating street racing cars of the 80's,
my 1967 Camaro "Whiplash". And my newer project Blackout
SS is also mentioned. It is fun to see the Camaro project in a compact story like this! Thanks "Molle"!
Click this page >
MEDIA to find this article and more.

August 7 - 2013

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Bilsport 17
Less than a week from the Summer Meet event you could read about it in Bilsport Magazine,
subscribers like myself got it in the mail. And between August 8 and 21 others can find it at the kiosk!
Not that big thing. But kind of fun. Bostic together with Whiplash again. Number 17.

July 26 - 2013

Welcome back!

Summer Meet
A lot of funny things will be reported here in a while, like my own report from Bilsport Classic
Summer Meet at Mantorp where
we at last could listen to my old Camaro Whiplash, now with a 406, F2 ProCharged 1200+ hp!
It was also nice to see Chris Condor on duty as a photographer on an event like this! I don't know
anything about the guy in the middle, but I wonder why everyone else have grown so skinny?
Whiplash owner Thomas Hermansson on the far left is not at
all an exhibitionist but I think he likes the hullabaloo this car creates. After all that is why he bought it.
He and his friend pedaled the bikes to Summer Meet as 16 year olds and fell in love with this Camaro
and after four other owners in between us, he drove to Norway and bought it back ...

More as it comes along...