The last beautiful day of 2008

Easy simple days at the cottage in Dalsland and its surroundings.

Axel and Agneta were definite about it, the small lake is over here somewhere...maybe...or over here?!
So we carried around our bags and the kicksleds through the woods. And laughed over it.

Suddenly it was really there, Jägerudstjärnet, and it really had ice!
Could it possibly hold our weight already?

No problem, the ice must be thick. Let's start with a fika after the long walk. Coffee, hot chocolate and
freshly made scones with cheese or ham. Yes, it's even more tasty outdoors and when you've earned it.

And then some kicksled racing in the crispy -6 C / 21 F clean air.

Back to the pit to change for skates. Axel's spoiled? Yes, absolutely.

The King of the Ice!

Always try to remember to tape some video to. The camera is always with me, everyday, everywhere.

Click the picture to get a BIG one. A tarn ice of our own.

A last fika in the early sunset before going back through the woods down to the warm cottage.
A wonderful time on the ice.

New Year's Dinner in the cottage.

Agneta had worked since yesterday with a special moose reciepe and it was just fabulous together with
warm chanterelle mushroom stew and lingon berry and boiled potatoes and Undermat sauerkraut and...

...snaps! I discovered a very nice dill-snaps!

Then we were ready for the New Year's celebration at midnight! We spoiled Axel and surprised him
with rockets because he has worked so hard in school all year. Normally we have now joined
the no-rockets movement, but we had to give in at this time...
This must be a perfect light shot! The rocket is ignited but hasn't lifted yet! A clear 0.000 Rection time!
Yea I'm so good! But I had five rockets to try to catch and this was the last one.

January 1 - 2009

Axel, 11 in February, tasted his very first drops of alcohol when we gave him a very very small amount of
1986 Pol Roger Champagne. We just couldn't keep him on the "outside" at this moment any longer.
But he would choose Julmust just as well. I got this Champagne from my ol' Umeå-friend Jörgen
Blomqvist and "his girls" Marita, Ewa and Agneta when I turned 40 years, not that long ago...

On the first morning of 2009 I woke up with a bat-signal of the golden raven, which I've designed myself...

The Raven is the Bird of Dalsland and therefore Agneta's brother Michael and his son Mattias once
made these window shutters with cut-out Ravens.

In the morning we took a gentle ride around some small roads around the Lake Svärdlång - Long Sword.

Not much snow, just frosty, but beautiful anyway. This is at the beginning of the Lake Svärdlång.

This was mostly a report for Thore and Sonia, Agneta's parents and Axel's grand parents,
who stayed home in Gothenburg for this New Year's celebration.
But thanks for reading and A happy New Year to you all!