Halloween 2008
Not too scary days in our cottage in Dalsland

Axel made the pumpkin.

This is Agneta's greenhouse where she likes to be most of all, preparing the plans and plantations of
her new company Undermat (Wonderfood).

Axel couldn't wait until dark. He wanted to transform to Count Dracula early.

Doing the last part himself with the blood and such in the restroom.

Knock knock! Oh, it's you again! "-Bus eller Godis!?" (trick or treat).
There are times we miss kids in the same age of Axel at the cottage so they could be a team.

But he have his loved 4-wheeler here and he uses it like the pro he has became, slides around and
does all sorts of tricks. Yes, he had to use his helmet after this picture was taken.

And he can test drive our cars as every kid can do at the countryside. Here he takes our Dodge for a
spin. "Look to me Axel so I can take a picture!" "Ah Agneta is over there, honk the horn to her, and
look here again......Tjonkl!....what!?"

"Axel, you shouldn't have looked at me or honked the horn to your mother! No no, you should have
concentrated on your driving!"

November 1

Morning of 1st of November. First frost. It's beautiful.

Agneta's temple from the inside.

Amazing thing.

My lovely wife and her hat is fun! We bought our hairy hats in Jokkmokk this summer in during our
Norrland or Bust Tour.

Axel's best friend in the closest house to the cottage - Arvid - sadly passed on just recently, and with
him his cat Pissen disappeared, also a good friend of Axel's. But Axel could now hug Tyson which is
with the new family in the house, Mattias and Jessica and their cute daugther Miranda here. Mattias
is the son of Mikael which is Agneta's brother so it's family.

"Ok Axel, where is your little 4-wheeler? Let's race!"