Midsummer Feast - Friday June 22 2007

First a Midsummer Lunch at home with our guests. Lisamarie Bergqvist (yes, the daughter of Lennart
"Bagarn" and Birgitta) and her Dave were brave to tryt just about everything. Also we heard that they
had strict orders from Birgitta back home in Orlando to try it all.

We also had Lars-Inge Johansson and Ann-Sofie Karlsson as our guests.

Then we had to go to a traditional Midsummer Fest with the silly dances around the Midsummer Pole
to the live traditional music from a traditional band with accordion and traditional such.
We went to Gunnebo Slott were hundreds and hundreds of people had gathered! It would have been
thousands in a better weather, of course.

Always the biggest question of the Swedish Midsummer: Will it rain
or not? This year it did rain, and only at Midsummer - not in the
weeks before or after! But nothing can stop Swedes on Midsummer!
THAT impressed our American guests.

In the afternoon we continued to eat and drink (the two most important components) with all our friends
in TBDGIT. Closest to the camera is our latest member Oliver with his daddy Goofy to the right.
The deal was that all should bring all their own things to eat and drink and spread the richness on the
tables with all the others, then Agneta should have fresh dill-boiled potatoes for everyone since that is
the hardest thing to carry, and the only hot thing. Hey, everyone still brought their own potatoes so
we just wonder about the level of communications in our garage???

Lisamarie of course had to check out the Autoshopped Blackout Impala SS.

And since she is a kinda famous dragracer (on behalf of her daddy - late "Bagarn" - but also for working
daily with her mom Birgitta at Autoshop, Orlando) she was welcome to sign the Stairways to Heaven
at TBDGIT. And I've been at Midsummer Fests before so I was well prepared.

Time for fresh air! Agneta invited to the classic Great Potato Run. Four teams.

Patrick, Tony and Goofy, with Oliver.

Lars-Inge, Lisamari, Agneta.

Bostic Bolero, Lotta and Simon, testing something new.

Danuta, that's cheating! Oops said Ann-Sofie. Brådis looked guilty...or?

Aha! This team used Loctite between the potato and the spoon! And they were happily bragging
about it afterwards!

Axel was inspired by the Potato activity so he quickly arranged a station where you just
went to grab some candy and icecream.

The Thriller family of Patrick Wikström's sneaked away to work on their OFAB Camaro Pro Mod as often
as possible. Much work to be done.

Goofy's Volvo. We also use to put branches of birch in the front of the car. After a while our girls
can do the most remarkable things, like the table-edge removal of beer caps with karate hits.

And our bathroom had its premiere at Midsummer! Tommy Aga's wife Fru Olsson both picked the
wallpapers and put them up and then Tommy himself almost killed himself to finish all the plumbing
before the party. Girls love the bathroom most.

Lars-Inge is a great dancer, the girls found out. So he was busy all evening. Specialty: Lindy hop.

Then late night came the storm. Åza. Professional director of film, dance, drama dance, dance theater
and more. She both shouted and danced so even Lars-Inge was a bit stunned...

Then we remember more.