The Blackout Full Size Parties!

May 17th - Norway's National Day - and my birth day...

Clock is ticking - no one can escape - not even me! 50 years...well, who cares anyway?
Thanks Lars-Inge Johansson and Ann-Sofie Karlsson for this beautiful Blackout-clock!
Lars-Inge actually began with welding it together! First class!

The drop-in party - a Garage Open - was of course backed up by a
serious import of beer and wine from Burg in Germany. Free
drinking for everyone is important in the Blackout Full Size World!

Since it was a drop-in all people didn't visit at the same time, giving me a little better chance to talk to
all. You can see how cold it was this evening, we couldn't be outside as planned and the garage door
was open - so it was as cold inside... The kids wanted ice creams anyway. It's always fun to see the
mix of relatives, neutral friends, work buddies and race buddies.

"What me fifty?" When having friends like Rickard "Hawkeye" Waltgård you'll never get short of good
music! This is probably his 10th tailormade Beaver compilation CD for our team (where he's always a
member) with hand picked music for the occasion. Thanks Hawkeye for your impeccable taste
and good entertainment at all our parties and race trips, always!!

It's wonderful with long distance visitors even if it's only a hot dog hangaround, like Lars-Inge and
Micke Westerberg from Stockholm and Örebro - - who are not racing this year:
Here they chat with Top Fuel Thore about the importance of flowers in the spring. Old Umeå-friend
and also SS-friend Ola Åbergh also came from Stockholm with the whole family Jaana, Amanda
and Victor. They stayed over, picture is taken at home the day after.

Sören "Fixarn" Fjällstedt gave me personal number plates for the Impala! Expensive in Sweden! I would
never have invested in those by myself, so thanks Sören! Thanks also to the crazy gang Vesa, Junior
and Hawkeye from for the "Super Smoker" with a refill box!

The kids always have a nice time if people with imagination are around, like Agneta with the "fishing
pond" where "Trollet's" cute Pontus just got a soap bubble kit - and Åza Rydberg who staged a
"radio interview" with them, which revealed a lot of secrets about their parent's behavior...

So this is what my friends think I shall do - drink and weld! And smoke a couple of cigars!
I have no problems with that! Thank you! (Welding gear from Alholt and Krille, NOS energy
drinks from Jöran Persåker). Mmmm...what a richness! I should've turned 50 long ago!

Jonas Alholt and "Krille" are discussing Intercooler technique while Micke Westerberg is trying to find
something that's already cooled. Sound artist and Porsche 911 driver brought some HOT hungarian
"beer sausage". Wooooaaaaw! Breathe, breathe, breathe...drink, drink, drink!

I told you, Axel is always the b-b-q master whenever he sees a grill! This time he had assistance of
Perra's daughter Elin. Tony's son King Rickard takes a spin awaiting the boiled Bullens hot dogs
since he is one of those who choose boiled instead of grilled dogs.

"Tjocka släkten" as we say in Sweden - means "the fat relatives" - they found their own corner sort of.
from left: Agneta's dad Thore, brother Mikael, mother Sonia and Jessica who is with Mikael's son
Mattias to the far right. The two latter ones are engaged in heavy biking.

Anton came by and tested little brother Axel's bike (and to show off for his new girlfriend...) Thanks
Mikael, Susanne, Mattias and Jessica for the coming pit hit of this season (if we ever come to a
race again?) A 12V cooler (and a warmer) for cans with brews that taste better cold...

Great friends. Jöran Persåker (just turned 50 himself) sent a lot of funny stuff, and Kenneth Feldthusen's
Team Northrace gave one hour at a chassie dyno! Work buddy PeO found a funny moped in Spain on
a recent mission - an Impala 2! Now I have to find one! He wrapped the pictures around a fine Martell
Cordon Bleu! Mmm. Lennart and Birgitta from Autoshop in Orlando sent a card and promised the
gift later "whenever we find a way to send it..." Can't a Pump Gas Master 509 ci be sent by air? =)

Work buddies from Dockhouse Film & Television Christian "Skåne" Holst and Johanna Thorngren
always find it amusing to discuss with music composer and friend Perra Winberg.

Bolero red wine. Found it in Germany. Actually very good. They said.

Early morning...The flower shot! A traditional 50 year's party picture, at least in Sweden. Who could
have thought that it ever would happen to me...Note the carefully chosen background.

Thank you all!