The Blackout Full Size Parties!

Burg, Germany. Vesa and Bamse and 2352 beers for the upcoming 2Black 2Party.
It takes a whole day to make this trip to Germany and back, but it's worth it.
Especially together with friends like these.


Anton, Gustav and Mahir did some of the hard work.

And could cool down later.

Da beers! - buried in ice! Finally the Blackout Full Size Party 2 was running!

After the lottery: -Jaanus, I didn't won the ride in the Blackout SS...
-I'm so sorry Tommy, but it's "didn't WIN the ride" not "didn't won the ride !"


- Neigborrrrugs änd all, can I bay potatos from jou Kenneth?
- Solly Bamse, we only grow swedes...

- Will it be any striptease at this Blackout party Mikael?
- Don't know David....or one more Whopper?

Film director Åza loves to dance.. We all love her! She makes dragracing films...!

- Hawkeye, do you know what a motion control
crane is?
- Something we'll need soon...
-Jaska, listen here! I started it this morning...
- Hmmm...I recognize that sound Jörgen...I know Audi V8...

"Helt Black" - a rock cover band with hand picked musicians from other bands to well known artists in
Sweden, like Lill-Babs and Tommy Nilsson. If Lill-Babs would be our counterpart to Dolly Parton (but
Little-Bobs) Tommy Nilsson would be our Michael Bolton. Friend and colleague Perra Winberg
put them together for this party. Thanks! Helt Black (means Flat Broke):
Martin Fürst/drums, Perra Winberg/bass guitar, Lasse Granath/guitar, Tomas Edelgård/keyboard

Thank all of you 90 blacked out people who came and partied - at your own party!
And thank you for all the fun, creative black gifts! Here are some of them:

A nice compilation from Jöjje, Lena and Kim. Click it!