Thomas Öhman, Västerslätt, Umeå
One of my oldest friends. We remember our
mopeds even if we didn't were that close friends in those years.
We became much closer in the 70's when
SHRA-Umeå was founded and we were drag racing pioneers!
Since then we have had a good contact even
after I moved to Gothenburg in 1985. At least once a week we laugh when we talk to
each other by phone.
Öhman is probably the largest fan of Blackout Racing. He supports in all kind of ways, from cheering to truck driving and buying batteries!
And he follows every step on this website with funny comments, so it's amusing to present this page of his own - now when also he has relapsed
to the good ol' times and has bought a T-bird
after such a long abstinence!

May 19

Back at the Love Ranch!

Finally the 1962 Thunderbird arrived to Umeå after 2.5 long months!
Thomas Öhman and Marita Sundin
are in love again! Also Marita remembers the carefree days of the early 70's in his earlier '62 T-bird.
Now they have a fresher T-bird to cruise around in!
- It was in even better condition than I had expected, said Thomas.

"Gubbdagis" means "daycare center for older men" and that would be appropriate for this afternoon
when all of them gather to bring out from the containers the cars from USA they bought on Ebay the
last winter. Relapse is very common these days and it's understandable!
Congratulations again Thomas Öhman!

February 5

Congratulations Öhman!

Finally he did it, he bought a Thunderbird again! He has talked about
it for a long time, and he wanted the same model that he owned in
the 1970's! Now this beautiful cruiser is on its way to Umeå
from Phoenix, Arizona, USA!

This is Öhman's earlier 1962 Thunderbird
in a photo from 1974 with
Lelle Järvenby leaning on it. We were on our way to Mantorp.
Look for more of this material further

This is the ad he found it in and this is what it said:
"Another beautiful Tbird! This one is a 62 landau emberglo/
metallic chestnut with a white vinyl top. Clear AZ title with box
A under 98,000 miles, orginal black plate california DSO car
(I have the plates). Very nice car, although not perfect, but all
original. 390, most power options, slide away steering wheel, etc.
Paint and chrome are in good shape, no rust! Interior is also
in emberglo and nice. Mostly detailed engine bay. runs and
drives great, fun car to cruise in!
The car also has real Hollywood Movie history! It was actress
Helen Mirren's personal car in the Movie "Love Ranch" starring
her, Joe Pesci, and Sergio Peris-Mancheta. I have the signed
document stating its use in the

Click this You Tube link to see the trailer! There is very long
scene with the Thunderbird at 1:35...

I know that Tommy "Aga" Olsson will wonder why Öhman didn't buy
this Lincoln Pimpmobile while at it? From the same movie,
a Pimpmobile worth its name, that

Thunderbird memories!
From one of my old photo albums...

On our way from Umeå to the biggest Drag race of the year in Sweden, the Drag Festival at Mantorp Park. A trip that
took a whole day back then but we chose to drive via Stockholm. Our group was going in Öhman's 1962 Thunderbird
and Lennart Öberg's customized Volvo 164 sleeper with the small Oldsmobile all aluminium V8. Late arrival
to our capital, we slept like cowboys in the open, in Bollmora! We would NOT do that today...

Before heading to Mantorp we went downtown Stockholm to cruise the Hornsgatan street to show off our cars! But the
only ones having any interest was the police! I don't remember why Öhman was called "Melker" back then? Lelle
Järvenby, the blonde, was a friend from the same block. He was also the one with that Willys Overland EPA tractor
that engaged us after our moped era (check Memory Lane page in the Galleries).

The policemen were genuinely interested in our cars, especially the V8 in the Volvo! The big city girls who stopped
on the sidewalk were more interested in us and were hitting on us - but we were more interested in drag racing
so we drove to makes me think about the sacrifices we make for this sport in our lifes!