Sharkman - the star photographer of now well dressed!
Like his partner Tog he's working with this in his spare time! Together they do just
wonderful and entertaining coverages of drag racing in Europe, mostly in the U.K. of
course. Sharky is one of the best photographers of drag racing anywhere and I think part
of an explanation of that could be his lack of respect for the respectful moments, he's
jumping the walls to run over to the other lane and such. He's everywhere! He knows where
to get the picture and he gets the picture in the right moment. And, like Tog, he's a very
nice and funny guy! You can witness that yourself at his funny page "Sharkman's School
of Excellence" at his site where there's a gallery of photos you shouldn't show anybody.

As my friend Chris Condor always says:
"A good photographer doesn't show his bad pictures".

Sharkmans own:

Bonneville, Utah USA August 2008

He did it! Sharkman is at Bonneville salts in Utah USA dressed in his Blackout t-shirt and all!
Nice looks buddy! Must be hot with a black outfit in that sun...?

He's here for the Speedweeks of course and sent these pictures from his hotel room.

This is the Turbinator of Don Vesco which currently is the fastest wheel driven car in the world!

And Sharky, please keep an eye open for John Madeley and his
200+ MPH Impala SS with 572 BB! More about him here!

Thanks for the pictures Sharky!