Glen DaStumpy Jenkins Koenig and Pat Gish. Winner and Runner Up in The "HOBO"-class (Heads Up
Bolt On) at the SSHS4 in Commerce Georgia November 6 2004. Running just 100's of a second apart
at the 12.9-bracket Pat was DQ'ed when lining up for the final because of water dripping (he had used
it for cooling just minutes earlier...). Stumpy noticed that but wasn't allowed to back up and wait.
Stumpy went a 12.8 in this solo Final. Sometimes that t-shirt brings luck!

Stumpy has now left Pat Gish for Celeste as you can see in these updated pics. Celeste has
some Blackout t-shirts but forgot them on this trip. But an Autoshop t-shirt is OK, it's family.

It's nice to know that a Blackout t-shirt now has been on the edge of Zion canyon in Utah, USA.

- Basil?