Björn "Bamse" Andersson to the left tell the story himself:

"OK, here he is: D.J Albi, D-J Percussions & Bands. I met him at The-End-Of-Summer-Party
at my friend Torsten, member of Poverty Riders of the World, (all money go to gasoline, food
is a wordly problem...) in Göttingen, Germany, only 25 meters from the old DDR-border.
He sat and played congas to Led Zeppelin when I made the entrance in WBT-S (Worlds
Best T-Shirt). He woke up from the dreams and shouted that he just been at Santa Pod
and had seen The Blackout SS, The Broads, The Bostic!!! He had been in London and was
invited to go to Santa Pod. He couldn't remember that much from the event but he strongly
remember Blackout because of the name and how good it suited himself he thought!"