SS-related friends
Top ET list - climbing it is hard and expensive Dynamic Top ET List
Impala SS Forum - all SS-maniacs in one place!
Autoshop Racing Engines - Our USA - Sweden race parts connection
SSHS Southern Super Heavy Shootout - Minimum 4000 lbs or bust!
Clear Image Automotive - Dan Ferraro builds the best headers for the SS
Street Trends - the name says it all. Lot of interesting B-body Make Up
The Heavy Eliminator - Karl Ellwein, a sharp Bracketracer and Gen II engine builder

Karl Ellwein - 383 stroker/nitrous: 10.67 @ 126 mph. NA: 11.40 @ 118 mph. More of Milcarek:

Other important friends
Eurodragster - Your Guide to Dragracing in Europe. And they've got good reactions!
Tog's Drag Racing - Tog is the journalist of Much dragracing in here!
Sharkman's Top End Tales - the wonder photographer of You'll laugh here!
Racebilder, good photo coverage from American car activity in Sweden:
Roger Gorringe, staff photographer is always there with his cameras
Peter Donaldson, another good English photographer
Vingaland - my everyday wonderful work
Blackrace - legal streetracing
Kenneth Feldthusen - outstanding allround technical knowledge
Bilfixar'n, Sören Fjällstedt - he'll fix anything
Heaven and Hell Racing. Nice couple Rick McCann and Carla Pittau and their Pro ET Camaro.
Bilsport - Sweden's largest special automotive mag
Gates Corporation - the best belts in the World
LE Lubrication Engineers - the best oils in the World
ATI ProCharger - world's most powerful intercooled superchargers
House of Boost - My friend Erik is collecting hot projects from the Wild World of Boosters
Förenande Motorsport - my license association
SHRA-Umeå - my old home town licence association
Pro ET, the biggest class, the tightest fields and loveliest bunch of racers in UK. Our class.
Smokey Yunick - a true legend is gone. I met him several times. Will always inspire!

Henry "Smokey" Yunick, Daytona Beach, Florida. R.I.P.

Very interesting stuff
Hej Bilist - when you're completely out of ideas...
1/4 Mile ET calculator
Horsepower out of weight /ET - maybe not the most accurate
Horsepower out of weight /MPH - more accurate
Tire size calculator - when it works it's a fantastic help - a lot of good stuff in there, besides cheap tires
Automotive links - large!
The Cloud Club - Pelle is a great graphic viz
Strange Engineering - a lot of rear axle magic in here too
Light driveshafts that can handle the ridiculous torque-weight-length combination of an Impala SS
Dragrace Central - follow your favourites from qualifying to Finals at any big US dragrace
Aquamist - world leaders on sophisticated racing water injection systems
FAST Fuel Air Spark Tecnologhy - the engine management system I bought - just fantastic to see all these customized B-bodies
Chevrolet of America - Mother of Impala SS
NAISSO - specialized in SS-parts for a car which production stopped in 1996
The International GM B-Body Association - I hope it will open soon again
Junk Racing - Fun! The gallery of cars that was killed by Vesa Ollila
It's time for a revolution in your factory car...
And here comes even moore
Hugger '69 Camaro and other nice stuff from Umeå
These guys bought back my old Whiplash '67 Camaro from Norway



Patrick Wikström at the European Finals 2002 at Santa Pod U.K.

Axel loves it!

One of Axel's best friends at the races is Ruben, son of Tattoo-Michael who was a crewmember for Patrick Wikström
when this picture was taken. Now Tattoo-Michael is racing himself in Competition Eliminator in Patricks former
Pro Mod - Nova.

"Patrick! Patrick! So what RPM have you set the second shiftlight at?"

Stop it Hawkeye, soon there will be more V8's, says "Jöjje"

Spring 2002. Sören "Bilfixar'n" Fjällstedt is cleaning his loved 1965 Pontiac Catalina - a real "raggarbil" which also is
loved by Axel. One of the reasons is that he always is allowed to sit in the front sofa with Sören when cruising. They
play rock-n-roll and sing out loud. This Pontiac is in a used but untouched shape and is just ticking.

Anders Stålklint owns a rare 1969 COPO-Camaro with a 427.

International Speedway Star - Chris Condor. Long time friend and a colleague at work.



Thriller boys